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Oh, I trust you. Just digging at the 'culturally liberal “Generation Y” cohort of Americans who seem especially loath to follow the path their parents took in life' special snowflake-ism in his profile. "Generation KY" maybe?

Which reminds me, one of the better dates I had was when we went to see a Western film I kind of wanted to see, but due to an amusing set of translation mix-ups, ended up seeing a Japanese film with a very similar name, which turned out to be quite enjoyable. If memory serves correctly, afterwards followed the ubiquitous sitting-on-a-bench-in-a-park chatting about all kinds of stuff, mainly in English even though I might just admit to speaking a teensy-weensy bit of Japanese.

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Posted in: A movie date? No thank you See in context

In my comment above, for 'Or maybe you "Generation X" dudes tick differently?' please read 'Or maybe you "Generation Y" dudes tick differently?'.

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Posted in: A movie date? No thank you See in context

Umm, do you ever actually "consummate" any of your dates, or is it all intercultural language exchange with a peck on the cheek at the station? When I read stuff like this:

But, I find that the table talk at the ubiquitous post-movie dinner or coffee can suffer from a lack of understanding by one party or the other at a concept a film presents to audiences. In the few times I've chosen a movie date in Japan, the conversation afterward seemed stilted - like we were both grasping at straws for something interesting to put forward.

it makes me imagine your dates thinking something along the lines of "why is this guy trying to dissect the film like a poncy movie buff instead of subtly working in the question 'your place, my place or the place round the corner with the short stay rates?' into the conversation?" Save the film talk for the post-coital glow. Or maybe you "Generation X" dudes tick differently?

Mind you I've never met a Japanese woman who would consider "a lazy afternoon watching Japanese variety shows or the Japanese news with your partner" anything like a fun date, maybe I'm doing my flowcharts wrong? Do I need one of those plastic stencils? Please advise.

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