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Posted in: Hot dog See in context

Nothing really special. In fact Takamasa has been doing these easting stints throughout Japan all the time, some timed, some not. It's crazy, but I must say, he's still impressive. Just watch his YT channel and see for yourself......

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Posted in: Nozomi Sasaki to play newscaster in upcoming drama See in context

25 already!?? Unbelievable...

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Posted in: Fugitive Sea Shepherd founder hands over reins See in context

Agree with his move... given the circumstances it's better for him to get low.

However, he should still be alert at all times and fight for his life whenever necessary, as there are still enemies out there (whether personal or jurisdictional) who might still want to off him.

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai's ex-husband arrested again for possession of stimulants See in context

Not sure why this man didn't wrap up his act and try to humbly work in his pa's outdoor sporting goods store.

BTW, what exactly is this Alpha-Methyltryptamine?

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Posted in: Police question ex-Aum fugitive Kikuchi about her 17 years on the run See in context

One goes down... another force rises.

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Posted in: Porn star Sora Aoi draws crowds of crazed Chinese men like few others can See in context

I wonder what her real name is...

Some online forums mentioned "Suzuki" something......

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Posted in: White Day wedding for Yu Yamada and Shun Oguri See in context

This stint wouldn't last long. Let's see when and how it would end eventually.

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Posted in: Taiwanese-Japanese star implicated in beating of taxi driver in Taipei See in context

Don't know much about this woman Kawashima, only heard of her name... but read from other news that she's had previous problems with taxi drivers and that she is in some kind of blacklist. Don't know if these reports are true.

Also read that she has had problems with alcoholics. Again, cannot verify the facts.

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Posted in: Reina Triendl joins White Family in Softbank Mobile ads See in context

This Maedchen doesn't look Viennese at all...!!

Let's hope she'll stay in Keio to complete her studies.

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri tries her hand at designing clothes, handbags See in context

she still has the same attitude problem and self important and entitlement issues. How quickly the public here forgets how much they hated her...

Agree with tmarie.

Grumpiness is what this woman has exemplified when it comes to negative female attitude. Unfortunately in real life many other women do have similar attitudes of her, and such people are often close to your neighborhood yet you don't even know about it. This is bad.

The detriment she has caused to the society will never be forgotten. The damage has already been done and nothing will reverse it.

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Posted in: Chinese man charged with arson attack on Japan's embassy in Seoul See in context

Ths one here, no matter what excuse he made, is a dangerous criminal, and must be disposed with extreme prejudice courtesy of local Korean law.

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Posted in: Mum's the word as Hamasaki returns to Japan See in context

What kind of PR game is she playing... I never understand.

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Posted in: Oda, Kuroki, Ito team up for 'Amalfi' sequel See in context

Now if she can just learn to how to act and speak some English and get some silicon in certain areas, she could be a future Bond girl.

Given that she had an American father she was supposed to have good English skills. Unfortunately the Japanese way of upbringing has probably prevented her from acheiving that.

And that's why there exist a plethora of foreign-faced talents who are sadly monolingual.

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Posted in: Funeral held for Miyu Uehara in Kagoshima See in context

This woman was really small-time during her career, absolutely small potato.

Just one week after her demise, she's been totally forgotten. No one cares. No more tabloid write-ups on her. The virulent showbiz rat race goes on with one less competition and maybe one less burden with the management.

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Posted in: 'Talent' Miyu Uehara dead after apparently hanging herself at home See in context

But the basic vulnerability was born from poverty, gangs, and sexual assaults of a hard scrabble childhood before getting famous off of it all.

So in the end this woman was unable to overcome these obstacles of hers to become a stronger individual. In other words, she ended up losing her own battle, and her physical self.

This should serve as a warning to the younger generation... let alone her colleagues from the same age group within the industry.

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Posted in: 'Talent' Miyu Uehara dead after apparently hanging herself at home See in context

Sad news of the day...

That said, this woman has made some decisions that are deemed irresponsible to parts the society.

Does "not able to find true love" warrant someone to die? Or, is there something fishing behind this, such as a bigger scandal related to talent management and handling?

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai in China for anti-drug campaign See in context

Im surprised she was allowed in at all. I thought that many countries refused people who had previous convictions. Although Im not sure shes one of the more convincing advocates for an anti-drug campaign ...

This woman was a hot item in other parts of Asia. Many in those jurisdictions still believed she was innocent from the beginning, maybe that's why someone, somewhere decided to give her a hand...

This China thing came out of nowhere. Who arranged all this, the true motive of this PR etc. etc. is still not clear, but something is really fishy about it.

This woman has priors. Better treat her with caution.

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri, husband Tsuyoshi Takashiro spotted together in Barcelona See in context

There's a big problem with this woman. Is she being mind-controlled or what?

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Posted in: NTV's Yukari Nishio voted best female announcer See in context

What's so special about Nishiyan anyway...?

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri makes CNN's 'Tokyo Hotlist' See in context

Never mind this grumpy, unpredictible loose cannon. She's nothing but pitiful.

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Posted in: Best Mother of 2010 winners announced See in context

It's all nonsense... and a joke.

Never bought the concept of a "good mother" anyway, let alone a "best mother"

Those good looks and demeanor are just deceiving. They are all Rabenmuetter at some point, but they only reveal that off the record

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai angry at estranged husband's behavior See in context


“I am absolutely not using drugs anymore! I just can’t stand the thought that some people may think that I still am.”

Must agree with bamboohat.

This hag is still a societal threat... Maybe it's better for the yaks to off this family once and for all -- for good.

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Posted in: Law student Nana Tanimura decides music is a better career See in context

Very few law school graduates pass the bar exam. Law school in Japan is not a graduate-level degree; it's like majoring in pre-law. Besides, I think her parents would be happy to see that she understands she'll make more money as a singer than as an OL (with a degree in law).

Maybe that's why many other law grads didn't go on with this path but have instead become, for example, media professionals (eg. joshiana)...?

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Posted in: Larger-than-life Erika Sawajiri returns See in context

This wild wild flower has had her crazy moments.

Now that she's back to the scene, the virulent game only gets more virulent.

betsu-ni (ner own words!)

"Oh [expletive]" -- another one of hers. I'll stick to this one.

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Posted in: Rumors circulate that Sawajiri will do nude photo shoot See in context

what could it be? short, sweet, shirt, straight, skirt, shit??

Just say yariman and everyone gets it

But yes, this demoiselle is one hell of a lost, misguided soul, thinking about money, "standard of living" and maybe physical/spiritual gratification etc.

If this is indeed the way to rediscover herself, then it's an outright lie.

Behind money, fame, standard of living etc. comes with hard work. What kinds of REAL hard work has she actually contributed during those years??

A wild flower that grows under adverse conditions eh? So strong, so wild, she's going to end up destroying herself in the end.

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai’s financial woes may be eased by comeback in China See in context

Glad I found this -- was about to get this Shukan Post copy... Since the original article covers a page or so, I believe that's basically the whole article being presented. Nice job, JT.

Wow more yakuza involvement.

Sure enough. And I still couldn't understand this alliance between Yamaguchi (herself) and Sumiyoshi (her backers) in this scandal...

Selling a couple of condos

Just wondering, how many more properties does she own, and how much mortgage does she still need to pay? Aoyama The Tower and Fukasawa Park House are already two very expensive ones according to the press... is there a third one out there??

From all that I've heard about this woman, it doesn't sound like she makes any decisions for herself.

AFAIK, most women are like that. IMO, A celeb probably has less control over her private lives etc. because of various circumstances.

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Posted in: Welcome from NoriP See in context

Definitely something fishy about this PR gig. Already, too many secrets and lies regarding this entire narc scandal, and too many questions that go unanswered.

Was this PR actually a planned move by the school? Was this woman being "forced" to do such PR because she had no choice except compliance?

Is she really, wholeheartedly into senior nursing/welfare? Or is she doing it just for her personal redemption, before it's all too late?

If only someone knew the truth behind all these......

But one thing is for sure: 893 involvement (Inagawa, Sumiyoshi, Yamaguchi), although I can't figure out the exact roles played by these clans in this situation.

Her new name is Nori-D

D for what? Disenchanted? Disillusioned? Disaffected? Distopia? Debauched? Demoralized?? All these seem to apply to this damaged woman so to speak...

she is now being labelled as "Sakai moto hikoku". Which is better than just "hikoku" I guess.

Ex-defendent, but current convict. So no better.

What is more disturbing IMHO is that some TV stations (especally, TBS) started to regard her as "former talent," "ex-actress-cum-singer" even at an early stage (say, back in September). Must be part of the media lynching techniques...

There has to be a better description, say, "currently deactivated talent/singer/actress" and so on.

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai goes to university See in context

Jesus man. But this going-back-to-school trick is just too suspicious. This school is said to be quite low-ranking, and is plagued by scandals, so why chose this school in the beginning? Sure enough, there are other better-ranked unis that offer the same type of programs...

And why Masahisa was around, and had his crew shadow this damaged woman all the way? What's his role in this very act?

Also, why majoring in nursing/senior welfare/etc.? For the sake of her own redemption, ie. to pay back her senior peers (agent, stepmother, backers etc.) before it's too late??

Definitely something really fishy here. I suspect 893 involvement/arrangement. Already, it has been suggested online that this school may be associated with the Inagawa.

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Posted in: Reporter's look at yakuza gets personal See in context

Good find Beelzebub.

For those interested in the Maxim article, check here:


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Posted in: Book looks at 24 years of Noriko Sakai's life See in context

@BuddhismTech: Thanks for quoting Klein2, finally got to read ALL his previous comments -- and I MUST agree with both of you.

Something is definitely fishy about this woman, this narc situation, what she's done, and what she is having in her mind.

So it turns out that some 90s idol in the industry is in fact a sleeper who has the potential -- esp. thru her clan -- to manipulate all sorts of things, even large conglomerates, including the capability to bring down certain 893 operations -- which would then probably end up in more internal gang war IMHO.

If what you folks have speculated has indeed materialized, then this proves that Non-chan is more than a dangerous person in the society concerned. And, if she's indeed proven to be a liability in the yamishakai because of this, then it's better the rival 893s (Inagawa, Kokusui, Toa Yuai etc.) know of her clan's plot in advance and find an excuse to off her before Hell breaks loose -- there are more important things in the 893 culture and community that ought to be protected, rather than this debased Rabenmutter. (So what she's been in the industry for 23+ years? Relatively, she's just small potato.)

but I am uncertain if all of Sakai's incidents were staged

She probably plays this game properly and premeditatedly, effectively throwing both the media and readers like us off the radar. Now that's scary -- she's just unpredictable!! Who knows when she's doing good and when she's playing rogue???

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