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Posted in: Japan reports 157,817 new coronavirus cases; 15,834 in Tokyo See in context

The peak has clearly been reached despite the gang of doomsayers here on Japan Today begging for lockdowns and moaning about how terrible the virus is. Clearly the prime minister of Japan doesn’t agree as he has been working non stop with the virus and will be out of quarantine soon. In fact with the new rules coming soon he would have been out of quarantine even sooner or able to leave just wearing a mask. Doomsayers down vote me as you please but it won’t change anything. Japan is not going into lockdown on your advice and moaning and things are opening up slowly as Japan catches up with the rest of the world where the virus is already over.

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Posted in: 72% of survey respondents say border controls reason for not visiting Japan See in context

72% didn’t like the border controls and the other 28% probably didn’t like the North Korean style fully controlled group guided tours monitoring everywhere you go and sit. Even making the border entry requirements easier will not attract tourists until they allow free and normal tourist travel and do away with the compulsory tour group thing

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Posted in: Japanese governors seek change in COVID reporting to help hospitals cope See in context

What is surprising is it has taken so long for this. The shame of being the country with the most COVID cases must be totally unbearable for the politicians. The Japanese super invulnerability to the virus has been shattered. Clearly steps need to be taken to solve this shame. What better simple way to solve it than change the reporting so less cases get reported. Similar to the early days of the pandemic when testing was restricted which also was so successful to reduce the numbers. It is amazing it has taken this long to come up with this. The shame of works most COVID cases must be excruciating.

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Posted in: Japan reports 226,171 coronavirus cases; 24,780 in Tokyo See in context

Don’t worry all. New system of counting case numbers to be introduced soon and numbers will go down drastically. All those purveyors of doom will have to find some other data to back up their claims

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Posted in: Japan reports 253,265 new coronavirus cases; 25,277 in Tokyo See in context

No worries numbers will go down dramatically very soon when the government adopts the new policy of non reporting. Likewise close contacts isolation will become a thing of the past. The new plan is here https://japannews.yomiuri.co.jp/society/coronavirus/20220820-52849/

About time . The numbers are so wrong anyhow as countless people don’t get tested or have no symptoms anyhow and the vast majority as we know get over it in a few days tested or not.

Now if only they would finish with the pcr test to return to Japan

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Posted in: U.S. seeks resolution for naval officer jailed in Japan over fatal car crash See in context

There have been a number of fatal car accidents from very aged drivers stepping on the accelerator instead of the brake or whatever in recent times. I might be wrong but It think they all got suspended sentences and didn't spend long in jail if at all, Of course they were all Japanese citizens and some had previous jobs of influence. Did they even lose their licenses. Just saying,

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Posted in: Japan reports 66,745 coronavirus cases See in context

It is fantastic how a public holiday holiday can reduce the number of COVID cases. This is offical and on record. Japan could simply solve the COVID problem by making every day a public holiday. So simple problem solved!

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Posted in: Japan reports 103,311 coronavirus cases See in context

Numbers up everywhere. National Go to Travel campaign not started, but no problem in my prefecture and surrounding, the generous local travel campaign has been extended two the end of August - half price for all hotels and nice shopping vouchers as well. Thats how much they care about COVID

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Posted in: Maximum caution needed as COVID cases surge: Kishida See in context

Meanwhile in the name of maximum caution. although the national Go To Travel campaign has not been implemented, the local prefectures around me have extended their own very generous travel campaigns ( Half price hotels PLUS some real shopping coupons) till the end of August!

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Posted in: Maximum caution needed as COVID cases surge: Kishida See in context

No quasi SOE yet but he is softening the stance for when the numbers go through the roof. They will have to be seen to doing something and that is all they know. I hope they forego the increased border restrictions though

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Posted in: Japan warns of swiftly rising COVID cases; Tokyo raises alert to highest level See in context

As the case numbers will continue to rise and new record highs not seen before will be seen, the government will be unable to control itself an be force to do something in that wonderful Japanese way of doing something for show, although everyone knows it is pretty much useless, but of course it is the action of doing something thats counts ( Temperature checks still needed in many places are the best example. Everyone knows high temperature is not even such a common feature of omicron and that the number of COVID cases found by these temperature checks is zero)

Expect quasi SOEs and/ or early restaurant closing etc, even tighter border rules .

They will not be able to help themselves as they will have to do something and that is all they know.

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Posted in: Japan reports 94,493 coronavirus cases See in context

Stay masked! Can't rely on the vax.

Unfortunately you cannot rely on the masks at all either.

particularly even more so as so many people are wearing ineffectual cloth and othermasks, wearing their masks with their nose not covered and of course not wearing them at all in the crowded restaurants, coffee shops etc.

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Posted in: Japan delays domestic travel plan after COVID cases surge See in context

Masking helps reduce the amount of airborne particles going OUT of your mouth. It's almost three years and people still don't understand the point of masking. Republicans.

As was pointed out by the comedian in the link provided in this thread, masks may be quite effective if it is N95 masks ( very uncomfortable) being worn by everyone correctly at all times in public but they are not so effective when it is cloth masks ( almost no protection) or masks worn incorrectly ( nose out) or not at all ( in busy restaurants etc). Plus particularly in summer they get mightly disgustingly pretty dirty they are probably a health hazard to wear. How often do you see these things? All the time I am sure. . No wonder it has been three years and wearing masks has not stopped the virus at all and in fact case numbers are just getting bigger.

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Posted in: Japan delays domestic travel plan after COVID cases surge See in context

Thank you John Coffey for the link to Jimmy Dore. This should be compulsory viewing for everyone. What he says about masks and other things , is so applicable to Japan. No wonder the government has to pull the domestic travel plan. because of the new Omicron wave increase in cases.

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Posted in: Japan delays domestic travel plan after COVID cases surge See in context

Asiaman7 you have hit the nail on the head. This is what puzzles me do the the people driving in their car alone and walking alone in the park feel they earned extra safety points against COVID for wearing their mask so that they can then go into the crowded restaurants and remove their masks. Of course putting their mask back on when they get back in their car alone to drive away! The complete and utter non understanding of how COVID is spread by such people is astounding.

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Posted in: Japan reports 50,107 new coronavirus cases See in context

Unfortunately masks and the vaccines designed for the original omicron are not going to stop this omicron 4/5 wave. Unfortunately apparently is also a little more severe than the previous omicron 1/2. Japan will see new record highs. Already happening in many prefectures such as Ehime with new highs already a couple times this week.

The question is when will the quasi SOE's return and the closure of the bars and restaurants, public and sports events etc, plus of course the old favourites stricter border controls with testing and quarantine at the airport. This is the only way Japan knows how to deal with COVID yet we have not heard of their reintroduction. Reason, of course, because of the election. But that will be over on Sunday and the reins will be off.

Wait and see what happens soon after the election

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Posted in: Japan reports 36,189 coronavirus cases See in context

Once the election is over , no one wants to disrupt that. Japan should go back to lockdown, close the restaurants and bars etc as this is proven to protect the country from COVID . Meanwhile Quarantine should be reintroduced at the borders for foreigners as clearly the current measures don’t work and somehow omicron 4 and 5 have gotten in to the country and are taking hold. Maybe no tourists should ever be allowed even on north Korean style packages. Probably the 1000 or so of those who came in on those tours are responsible for the new wave

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Posted in: China Airlines to expand services to Japan, other countries See in context

Are tourists even allowed into Taiwan and if they are it is with compulsory quarantine for some days along with tests. Coming to Japan maybe Taiwanese are permitted come o the North Korean style tours if they organise their visa and have the time for the compulsory quarantine on their return home to Taiwan of course,

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,514 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 19,386 See in context

About Ehime cases I did make a mistake I should have said they have been mostly in the 200-400 range since mid January. They only actually got just over 400 a couple times. Although this month it has fallen below 200 beyond weekends as well but todays result back over 300 could be indication the covid 4/5 wave to come may be hitting.

Whatever these numbers to me show that it is endemic and likely will remain so for months or years to come

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,514 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 19,386 See in context

Ehime 314

It remain exactly in the same range it has been almost every single day since the end of January 300-400. That is five months now. A bit lower on weekends and public holidays and some other times, a few times over 400 ( I guess no testing regime to be able to ever get any higher). Probably going up a little now as the omicron 4/5 wave will sweep Japan as it is the rest of the world (but this is a ripple that will hardly be noticed)

Deaths extremely low and hospitals never over run. If that is not endemic what is?

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Posted in: Travel firms thrown into confusion over rules as Japan reopens to foreign tourists See in context

we have received many inquiries, and interest in traveling to Japan is high," a staff of the company said.

Yes lots of interest but how much will actually translate into people coming after they find out about all the rules they have to follow, the surveillance of where they can go and the severe limits to to those places where they can go. Not to forget all the extra costs they will have to pay for their Japanese minders and for that surveillance.

I think most people would simply drop the idea of Japan on hearing the rubbish they have endure to come here. Hopefully the idea will be a big failure and the government will realise further easing of rules is required sooner than later

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Posted in: Japan eases border restrictions, starts visa procedures for guided tours See in context

So many questions about these tours I would like to know if I was going on one.

Can I go into a convenience store in the evening nerviest my hotel? Am I even allowed out of my hotel in the evening?

If I have a relative in Japan who came to meet me somewhere where I was on my supervised visit, would I be able to speak to him or her or am I kept segregated from all Japanese people at all times and places?

Shopping. _ Am I only allowed to do shopping in chosen supervised shopping places that are part of my itinerary? What sort of mark up will the prices they charge in these tourist places there be?

And there are many more. Is anyone really going to sign up to this farce?

And in reality are they going to really keep be able to them so totally segregated from the rest of Japan as the plan is pretending to do? And what will the penalty be for anyone who digresses - deportation? Fines? Jail?

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Posted in: Kishida says foreign tourists should follow Japan face mask rules See in context

What rules? Wear the mask when driving alone in the car? Wear the mask cycling? Wear the mask walking alone or with you partner in the open with no one around you? ( This is what I see most people doing daily) . In fact I thought recently the government was advising outdoors was NOT necessary.

This statement is just to appease the backlash he is facing by the Japanese masses fearful of the COVID wave that will come with the opening of the country again to foreign tourists eventhough the foreign tourists will be in supervised controlled tours not free to go anywhere.

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Posted in: Australia's ousted conservatives eye China hawk as leader See in context

Perfect move by the Liberals to remain in opposition for the next 3 years. This shows they have learned exactly nothing from the recent election as this guy is unelectable and no amount of trying to psuedo soften his image can fool anyone. Most people would probably be thinking that the comparison with the Harry Potter character might have been rather apt but you are not allowed to say these sort of things in Australia at least straight after an election when suddenly everyone is being nice to each other.

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Posted in: Gov't preparing to resume foreign tourist entry in June See in context


the Japanese consulate or embassy in your departure country provides a list of places that do the pcr test in the officially correct way, I guess that means with the signature etc ( it is not cheap). Don’t forget your signed pledge and to download the apps

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Posted in: Gov't preparing to resume foreign tourist entry in June See in context

Currently returning Japanese and residents do not heed a doctors signature but a specific kind of officially Certified PCR test. Also needed are some apps installed on your phone and a signed pledge.


Tourists must need the test I am sure but I wonder if they need the apps as well, ( such as yesterday’s US trial group, ) since they are under constant supervision on where they go.

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Posted in: Gov't preparing to resume foreign tourist entry in June See in context

People speculating about the entry rules for tourists These are the new reentry rule to Japan from June for everyone and will apply to the new limit of 20,000 a day that will include some tourists. The tourists will have further requirements being on their restricted controlled prebooked tours as well that are being trialed now. (Perhaps they will need to be fully vaccinated even in the green group) The only information missing is what countries are in each colour which is important re quarantine and tests on arrival ( even for fully vaccinated) . Since the trials are from US, Thailand, Australia and Singapore and the US group didnt appear to have a test on arrival then those countries would have to be green or at least yellow.


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Posted in: Gov't preparing to resume foreign tourist entry in June See in context

I cannot see many tourists coming for these supervised controlled tours from red or yellow designated countries as tests on arrival still needed, as well as hotel/home quarantine ( test even for red fully vaccinated ( 3 or more shots?) BTW) . The would need another week on their itinerary.

And I don’t see the point of all this added tourist risk some are going on about here. The tourists from blue countries would be sitting mixed on the same planes as returning Japanese and others who will all be free to go straight out into the community without tests on arrival too. Are the fear mongers saying only the foreign tourists will bring in the virus and Japanese and foreigners with different visas will not!

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Posted in: Japan tops world tourism ranking despite COVID restrictions See in context

Top tourist destination but no tourist can go there although this is changing to allow supervised controlled groups . What world do the people who make such findings live in!

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Posted in: 7 from U.S. arrive in Japan for 1st test tour before tourism reopening See in context

What is the logic or science in keeping this group so segregated and controlled ( how much so yet to be clearly defined) when everyone else on the same plane from the same place is out in the community as normal. It is ridiculous. So many questions. When they visit somewhere will they be kept apart from everyone else in the area. Will they be confined to their hotel at night on quarantined off floors . Can they freely go into the nearby convenience store. Such small groups do they travel everywhere in private mini bus or car. I suspect in reality they will not be so totally isolated from those around them as they go around making the whole point of this pointless idea even further pointless.

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