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Posted in: Tokyo reports 667 coronavirus cases; 1,209 in Osaka See in context

Less tests less cases. It is called mathematics. Kobe has almost the same number of cases as Tokyo how does anyone believe that.

Where are the more tests in Tokyo promised by Koike and other politicians as an essential tool to fight the virus,, many times and as recently as a week or two ago? Some days it is only far less.

And BTW how is it that frequent testing of athletes is advocated as essential for the COVID safe Olympics plan but is obviously NOT an important factor for a COVID safe Tokyo! I guess they are saving the rest kits for the athletes who will be allowed in without any quarantine at all!

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Posted in: Aso repeats claim that treated Fukushima water is good to drink See in context

I used to think he was the worst PM, Japan ever had till I realized that Olympic guy was even worse. Still second worst is well deserved and unfortunately he is still at the top echelon of power and has been for all these years after his uninspiring turn as PM.

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Posted in: Japan backpedals on cooperation with China in Beijing Olympics See in context

I thought only Chinese vaccine vaccinated people are allowed entry to China. (And China offered this vaccine free to all Olympic athletes generously) Otherwise its 3 week quarantine and anal swabs isn’t it. Maybe they will drop all the quarantine requirements for entry like Japan is doing, although that doesn’t sound their style.

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Posted in: Tougher virus restrictions expanded to 4 prefectures See in context

Meanwhile what really matters is the Glorious covid safe Olympics showing mankind’s victory over the virus although perhaps now with no spectators

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Posted in: Australian Olympic swimmers may miss out on COVID-19 vaccine See in context

Either way they will still have to do 14 day hotel quarantine on their return to Australia. Australia will not be suspending the quarantine requirements for incoming travellers, like Japan is for all Olympic attendees! But I am sure in their case the tax payer will pay the $3000 cost for them

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Posted in: 2 top LDP officials say Olympics cancelation, no fans still an option See in context

Glorious covid safe Olympics showing mankind’s victory over the virus with no spectators

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic torch relay to be taken off main roads of Okinawa See in context

Glorious covid safe Olympics showing mankind’s victory over the virus with no spectators

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Posted in: 2 top LDP officials say Olympics cancelation, no fans still an option See in context

This can’t be. Just yesterday the Australian TV in their 100 days Australian celebrations for the Olympics reporting were saying the Olympics won’t be cancelled despite the increasing virus cases no matter what. How disappointing for them an event that could not possibly ever be held in their own country under its COvID rules might get cancelled. And what about the poor athletes (world wide as well) who will suffer so terribly. That poor horse rider, they interviewed who has been training in his private ranch all last year during their various lockdowns.

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Posted in: Australian Olympians prepare for a Tokyo Games like no other See in context

I wanted to ask the same question and wonder why the Australian press in their rabid promotion of the Olympic dream make no mention of this - the cost of the quarantine and the issues like where will there be enough quarantine hotels for the returning athletes. How it will effect the quotas for incoming people to Australia and so on ( yes incoming numbers are restricted and external travel is banned except for special exemptions such as will be for the Olympics) . They also gloss over the situation in Japan reporting the number of cases, but saying nothing about the lack of contact tracing and the extreme low number of tests, no social distancing, no restrictions of any kind except shutting bars early ( which is never mentioned) all of which are completely the direct opposite of their own anti virus policies.

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Posted in: Thailand's daily COVID infections hit record, topping 1,300 See in context

Thailand follows Japan’s virus policy in many ways.

Very low testing, numbers and deaths hidden, blame on night time areas that are now closed and on foreigners of course. But now like Japan it is the more transmissablevariants now spreading (brought in by their own nationals who were basically the only people allowed in )

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 591 coronavirus cases; record-high 1,130 for Osaka See in context

Japanese propaganda channel, sorry I mean news channel talks various reports about the highest number of cases in Japan today, very worrying (but 100% not surprising ) increase in variants nation wide and so on and then goes on with reports of the wonderful Olympics, athletes fighting to show success over the virus in their new uniforms and more dribble.

Like Koike’s statements, it is enough to make one want to puke.

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Posted in: Koike pledges utmost anti-virus steps to deliver 'wonderful' Tokyo Olympics See in context

More athletes in Tokyo are going to be tested multiple times in two weeks than the whole general population of Tokyo has been in months.

Maybe the reason tests don’t increase in Tokyo now is to save the test kits for the athletes.

And who is going to be paying the 30,000 yen per test or is it more for people with noJapanese health insurance Not the IOC I am sure. The Japanese tax payer of course

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 591 coronavirus cases; record-high 1,130 for Osaka See in context

Osaka is testing more because they do NOT have the Olympics.

There is a lag between increased cases and hospitalization and deaths. Sure this will not effect the young but everyday there is a substantial number of cases in over 60s and some of them will end up in hospital and worse in 2-3 weeks. This is simply fact.

Hyogo new record today, they need to get those fans in their unique method to beat the virus out soon, but like the Abe masks they might be delayed.

Some people get downvoted a lot because basically more people disagree with them than agree, so perhaps they are wrong, not those downvoting them. Of course is if you downvote what does that mean - You think you are right even if you are downvoted a lot. Thus free free to down me about this but it means you are agreeing with me

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Posted in: 60% dissatisfied with Japan's COVID vaccine rollout; 44% approval rating for Suga cabinet: poll See in context

How is it possible for even 1% to be satisfied with this rollout. Only 20% of the first stage, medical workers have received their first shot. Second stage started with a few thousand shots for the 35,000,000 elderly. Will these two stages even be completed this year.

Meanwhile in the next election the LDP will comfortably win the next election probably with a new front man as PM to be seen as making change an appeasing the population

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Posted in: Japan starts COVID-19 vaccinations for elderly See in context

So any over 65 received their coupon yet? Anyone able to book an appointment without the coupon? Where do they even find 50,000 people for this PR roll out if no one can complete the paperwork! Maybe special dispensation for connected family members or friends or others rounded up for this PR event. There have to be lots of smiling faces, rejoicing and congratulations on the TV news today about the start of the jab to the elderly, There won’t be any questions about the low numbers of available doses, pace of the rollout orhow long it will take though.

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Posted in: Hyogo Prefecture to give 320,000 fans to restaurants for customers to cover mouths, dine 'safely' See in context

This is a page out of Monty Python like many things associated with governments and the virus all over the world. But there is one reason perfectly valid reason for this nonsense, at least to the select few making big money from it, which is sure to include those deciding on it. How quickly we have forgotten the Abe masks, which was an even far bigger rort.

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Posted in: Japan starts COVID-19 vaccinations for elderly See in context

This is just PR to look good that the are doing something. Before one can ring or use Internet to make an appointment one needs a coupon. How long will it take for the coupons to be sent out ( weeks/months). Then when making an appointment how long will it take (weeks/months) to get an appointment, and will that even be guaranteed as vaccine supply may/will cause disruptions. And how do they handle the super freezing requirements of this vaccine in the far reaches of rural Japan where many elderly are

I will be surprised if Japan completes vaccinations of the elderly before next winter or even the end of the year

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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context

It is quite urgent to do this now in order for it to get out of the news cyclews

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 537 coronavirus cases; 883 cases in Osaka See in context

Well done numbers person sitting by your fax machine. You managed to keep the number of positives around the same as yesterday with less tests. How do you do it? Perhaps strategic timing for running out of fax paper or ribbon.

And what has happened to that increase in tests. Koike re promised it just a few days ago as did some minister who was going on about its deep importance for Japan to fight the virus.

The only fighting I see is less tests to keep the numbers down for the Olympic dream.

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Posted in: Japan strengthens anti-virus measures in Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa See in context

So Bars will be asked to close at 8 pm instead of 9.

Politicians will say they are monitoring the impact of the virus carefully more often, and promise more tests and also more variant analysis ( but as always not do any of this at least till after the Olympics)

And as for the vaccine rollout with recent discrediting of the AZ vaccine, which was to be the main stream of vaccines in Japan including being produced here, this will soon face further setbacks as the AZ vaccine may get no approval or be restricted to some age groups as elsewhere in the world. No herd immunity till 2022 or later, by which time new vaccines will be needed for the variants which will soon be predominate in Japan despite all the politicians careful monitoring of the situation.

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Posted in: Australia doubles Pfizer vaccine order as AstraZeneca clotting worries upend rollout See in context

Australian vaccine program somewhat in turmoil now and further delays to an already delayed rollout. Despite doing this the government and media still saying it is perfectly safe, benefits outweigh risks blah blah blah.

There is close to zero risk to catch covid in Australia now anyhow and for under 30s in the almost impossible odds they have to catch covid they have close to 99.xxxxxx% age immunity of getting any serious symptoms let alone even mild ones. Clearly for them with the current guidelines the vaccine is more dangerous.

Japan too has been counting on this same vaccine for the majority of its rollout, with Japanese factories supposed to be manufacturing it soon if not already, Further turmoil for Japan's delayed rollout yet to come I expect

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Posted in: Suga to designate Tokyo for stronger anti-virus steps as infections spike See in context

Meanwhile whilst entering the quasi state of emergency Nikai, Secretary General of LDP, expresses his strong desire to reconvene the GoTo Travel campaign in a TV interview, as Japan enters a 4th wave recording 3451 cases yesterday.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 545 coronavirus cases; Osaka logs 905 See in context

Well done mr or ms numbers persons. 5 times the number of tests as yesterday but you managed to manipulate, sorry I mean report the number of positive cases around the same. Although you have let the number of cases creep above a nasty 500, it could be worse. That number are still even below quasi emergency status, What number would be needed for a new SOE nowadays anyhow with Olympics getting close 1000, 2000??

and whatever happened to that promised increase in test numbers the politicians keep promising repeatedly and endlessly. Oh sorry I forgot they start after the Olympics closing ceremony

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Posted in: Shimane Prefecture OKs Olympic torch relay after initial opposition See in context

So a better title for this story should be. - Government ties Covid Aid to Shimane Prefecture allowing the Olympic Relay - because that is what it clearly says.

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Posted in: WHO does not back vaccination passports for now See in context

No pandemic declared for months when the world was in an obvious pandemic.

Not recommending ban on international travel for months, in fact encouraging it to continue, even whilst their Chinese masters blocked National travel and quarantined Wuhan area. ( yet allowed international travel from there in order to spread the virus to the world)

Countless times denying the existence of asymptomatic spread when the rapid spread of the virus was clearly happening because of it.

Great track record for the WHO, obviously they will be recommending covid passports in a few months as is usual with their getting it totally wrong backflips.

Maybe their Chinese masters are not happy that Western countries won’t include Chinese vaccines in their COVID passports

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Posted in: N Korea says it won't take part in Tokyo Olympics due to COVID-19 concerns See in context

i don’t think much of NK, but on this issue they have got it totally right

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Posted in: Gov't fears COVID-19 variants are behind possible 4th wave See in context

I am not sure why it matters if it is the variants or not. The government is not going to do anything different other than call a quasi emergency instead of SOE. Clearly this sounds better and less threatening for the Olympics.

Finding variants doesn’t help the Olympic -beaten the virus dream, nor does more testing for the virus, which is why, despite more recent very public government statements promising to increase testing, it never happens. Probably they should have said more testing to start after the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

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Posted in: UK eyes testing COVID-19 passports at mass gatherings See in context

Vaccinations optional but without them you won't be able to go anywhere. Mandatory cellphones and tracking apps etc to be able to have your covid passport. Welcome to the new world. Governments, tech companies and Big Pharma rejoicing, along with the sheep mindlessly following them.

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Posted in: Japan getting more Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines to immunize elderly faster See in context

More vaccines will not speed up the process as the rate of vaccination needs to be increased . Supply of syringes and how refrigeration of the the vaccine, that needs super freezing, is obviously going to be an issue in rural areas. At current rates the first stage of health professionals will not be completed for a few more months and now they are promising to start the next stage, the elderly, before the first stage has barely progressed.

More meaty word like the continual promises to increase testing.

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Posted in: Saitama officially forbids walking up and down escalators See in context

Why are they able to do this but mask wearing cannot be mandated

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