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I hope this news is front page in the Japanese press. Every day I remain in total disbelief at the many many many masked people I see, driving a car alone, walking totally alone in the park or with their partner ( maybe they wear masks together at home too) and bicycling alone. I hope some of them can read this and realise how stupid what they are doin is, particularly once the real summer weather arrives when it will not just stupid but unhealthy. Do these people really think they are protecting themselves! And I bet some of these same people go to packed out restaurants or bars later in the same day and have no problem taking off their mask there, chatting away in the real risk situation.

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Clearly the only solution to this story is immediate total lockdown along the lines of China to stop COVID ( although the success of this strategy is not even assured);. However unfortunately for the proponents of this option the government of Japan is not going to do this ( or anything other than restrict foreign tourists) so like so many other diseases in the world we just have to live with it.

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Do they really imagine Tourists are so desperate to come to Japan that hordes will be lining up for these controlled fixed itinerary tours to limited places. Prebooked package tours required along with the pre flight test and other COVID entry required forms ( all at extra cost of course) and the mandatory test on arrival of course. Will they segregate from the Japanese tourists and in special sections of hotels? Will they confiscate passports so tourist cannot escape their itinerary. And what about mask wearing? Perhaps a signed pledge to wear them will be necessary? It might work for Chinese tourists but they will not be coming with their countries COVID policy unless they have another 3 weeks to spare for their quarantine on return

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Antique saving

it is not me advocating the government doesn’t open up for tourists, It is the government policy whether one agrees or not.

Various people and places are suffering economically from this but the government has chosen its path irrespective of the economic damage. They obviously feel that the public in general supports this way and that it works better for them. As I said in the pursuit of power governments don’t even care about doing what is best for the economy,

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Kyo wa……..

I am not endorsing but the fact the government does not allow tourists in and may not for many months to come, suggests they read that most people don’t care about the issue or even prefer them kept out. Personally I don’t think this is good or enhances japans international standing or the economy either but that doesn’t change what is or what the government is doing and will continue to do. As has been seen worldwide governments in pursuit of power don’t particularly care about international status or even better economic policies.

As for masks there is no laws about it but hordes of foreign tourists visiting places without masks is not going to go down well under the current social norms of Japan. You must live in another country if you think this will work out just because it is not a law

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The majority of Japanese do not care very much if overseas tourists are allowed in or not, unless of course they had a business that was making money from them. (They Japanese can still travel to any country if they want and it is not their problem whether this is reciprocal or not ) 

Particularly in place like Kyoto etc, many are probably even pretty happy they cannot come in, as life was becoming unpleasant with so many foreign tourists around. Also people must be aware that foreign tourists will not comply with the wearing mask everywhere anytime of Japan, as it is scrapped now in their own countries, and this could create unpleasantness to the harmony of Japanese life, not following the accepted Japanese norms.

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Air BNB in Japan has some great deals and places to stay in major cities and tourist destinations. However buyer beware as some listings are actually hotels or hostels that can be booked directly or from hotel booking sites for less. Also the reporting some ‘hosts’ require is abit over the top - copies of passports, daily logs of all visitors with copies of their IDs and so on. And before you can say you can ignore this, remember many places have security cameras recording at their entrances and so on.

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As long as the entry procedures remain as now. - PCR test and various forms, apps, before flight and test on arrival followed by possible quarantine unless you are triple vaccinated and depending on what country you are arriving from, what tourist of right mind would want to come anyhow, when other countries have none, or at least a lot less, of this rubbish. Anyhow the airport can’t handle many more arrivals because of the limitations on how many tests on arrival they can process. Look at Thailand which for months has been allowing tourists in ( one step ahead of Japan) but with crazy test and quarantine requirements which resulted in few real tourist arriving and now finally scrapping most of their nonsense from next month.

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if Japan opens to tourists with the current reentry requirements , pre flight pcr test and various forms, apps to download, another pcr test on arrival, quarantine if not triple vaccinated etc , very very few tourist will come. Anyhow the airport can only accept very limited numbers with this system, particularly the tests on arrival as well as the multiple checks and the delays would be diabolical. Any tourist voluntarily walking into this for a holiday would be crazy.

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Omitted katsuo no tataki burger from one of the nicest beaches in Japan near Shimanto City, Kochi Healthy and delicious

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Never been stopped randomly in 15 years or so. Various interactions for traffic violations or accidents and police were always polite and efficient. One time the policeman apologized for giving me a ticket for speeding on my motor scooter after he saw I was non Japanese because he said it was logged in the machine, and another time riding my motor scooter on the footpath they did ask for my alien card and even asked to check my bag for drugs. But on the other hand they didn’t give me the ticket/fine I richly deserved so I was very thankful along with my numerous apologies for me doing the wrong thing.

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It is COVID omicron 2. It is highly infectious, vaccines do not stop it ( maybe prevent it getting more serious, maybe, but they were designed for the original strain not omicron) and even masks do not work particularly well to stop it spreading. The so called border restrictions have done absolutely nothing to stop it entering the country as with previous strain. ( They are totally political as others have said). There will be a new wave in Japan, as usual under reported by minimal testing. The government may make new quasi SOE again for totally political reasons as any quasi SOE measures can do next to nothing to prevent it. Luckily for all, particularly the young it is even less serious than previous strains. Most people will not even know they had it or just think it was a cold. (The number from China with their mass testing are interesting showing the overwhelming % being with no symptoms) The usual suspects will rave on here how serious it is and there should be lockdown blah blah but no one particularly the government is listening to their nonsense.

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Just for a moment imagine what would have happened if the actor who slapped Rock like that was white not black . He would not have got of so lightly and virtually unscathed like Smith of that you can be sure. He would not have been given the Oscar, his career would be in tatters and the condemnation would have been universal.

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The new variant will come over here as it is impossible for it to be stopped, (not that anyone is even trying very hard,) just as all previous variants. Numbers will not change too much as testing has a cap on that. Maybe there will be another rise if they can't control testing well enough. Anyhow the new variant is no more harmful than the current one with many people never knowing they have had it, despite some posters here obsession on it being the most dangerous ever, a view that no one in Japan or the world takes any notice of no matter how many times they bleat it.

And as for masks they are here to stay in Japan forever. Japanese people just love them and wear then when driving the car alone, bicycling and walking in parks or even the mountains alone with no one around. They will never give them up.

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Never was a quasi SOE where I live anyhow.

As for masks they are here to stay in Japan forever. People love them. They wear them driving the car ALONE, bicycling, riding a motor scooter and walking ALONE in the park or anywhere outdoors even mountain walking with NO one around. They probably wear them ALONE at home too I guess.

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Australia has a constitution that, quite intentionally, contains no human rights,"

It is no wonder the Australian government takes no responsibility for climate change. The last two years have shown how they take no responsibility for their own citizens being one of the very few countries in the world who not only locked their citizens in from leaving the country but refused to allow its own citizens to return from overseas! A totally unprecedented occurrence. And then there were the harshest and longest lockdowns in the world for those citizens lucky enough to be locked in the country. If they don’t care about their own citizens, no wonder they don’t care about climate change.

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Numbers NOT going down in Ehime at all. Close to their all time high. It been like this for over 2 months. Maybe the reason is there is no quasi emergency in Ehime . In fact there are no anti virus measures at all. Nothing other than wearing masks which are removed in the busy restaurants, bars and coffee shops, which are all packed. Likewise by school kid playing sports etc. Maybe this is what endemic looks like assure is not a pandemic when nothing is done.

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Have a look at Ehime. Numbers not going down there at all in the last two months. Today close to the record high. In fact probably if anything going up slightly.. However there is no quasi SOE in Ehime, thus no early closures of bars or restaurants. In fact zero is being doe to prevent COVID other than masks. Children going to school , playing sports and no social distancing at all, no masks when playing sports either,. However Klausworth dont worry too much. No children have died in Ehime from COVID, perhaps none or close to none in all Japan. There may be some small humber in hospital but they all recover like alll the other children do, (probably many thousands who never even get tested.) Children have other more serious health concerns than COVID

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for those says numbers are going down I suggest look at a prefecture like Ehime. Its numbers are totally unchanged for nearly two months now bouncing around between 150 -300 and sometimes going a bit over to low 300s such as yesterday. There is no downward trend in the slightest, except for weekends/PHs of course when there is even lower testing. I don't know the test numbers but you can imagine they are pathetically low which is why they never ever get any higher than the low 300s although it is obvious for these numbers to be maintained every day for two months there are probably thousands more case daily. (most who have NO or very little symptoms so many not even think of getting tested anyhow) Meanwhile there is not even a quasi SOE and other than wearing masks and plastic dividers in some places there are zero measures against the virus . Restaurants, coffee shops shopping centres packed as usual. Schools/ kinds etc as usual. The governor drones out his pointless diary figures and meaningless cases by age information. After two months of exactly the same thing day after day, doesn't he get sick of it and is anyone taking any notice anyhow. Vaccinations coupons were not sent out in a hurry and not a priority for the prefecture as well so very few people were able to get a booster, although now after 7 months finally getting sent out. Anyhow proving it boosters have no connection to the unchanged virus numbers of two months.

Meanwhile Hospitals are not breaking down and overflowing with cover sick people.Pretty much as usual except for the temperature check on entry (high temperature is NOT a common feature of omicron so what use is that anyhow!) Nor are there people dying in their homes from lack of care and the number of deaths is very low, maybe 0, 1 or 2 a day and it doesn't take much imagination to guess the ages and other conditions these people had. They are not any of the many infected schoolchildren or teenagers etc.

Japan may still be treating the virus as a pandemic but in a place like Ehime it seems to be a lot more like then endemic disease omicron has become even if they do not admit it.

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Why keep the limits to the number of people returning daily if the hotel quarantines are no longer needed and everyone is just going to hone quarantine or in some cases no quarantine at all.? Where is the need for the limitation now?

(Although where do the returning foreign students etc with no current home do their quarantine.)

BTW Does anyone know? Is the ban on using public transport on arrival still in effect or is it okay now just to take the regular train to your home quarantine or even a domestic flight if your home is in another city?

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So many many many more cases in Korea than Japan. Some might say proof of how well the Japanese quasi emergencies work. Others might say the pictures tell the story and it might have something to do with a massive difference in the daily number of tests which might effect how many cases can ever be officially found. . One thing for certain it is not the third booster vaccines as Japan has barely started those , unless of course it is the absence of the third booster that makes the difference

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Japan numbers coming down nicely despite a very very low rate of third boosters. Proof perhaps they are not needed and that, as according to Bill Gates in his recent speech ( see YouTube) the omicron variant is a better vaccine than any of the manufactured vaccines and is responsible for saving Africa from any COVID disaster, when they have very very little first vaccination let alone third. And before you start saying Bill Gates is no medical expert he is only restating what medical experts and studies worldwide have now proven is indisputable fact.

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Why would China be interested in invading Australia when they already control or own large swags of it from the port of Darwin, farms and associated manufacturing, down to Melbourne where chairman Andrews their surrogate has signed up Victoria to the belt and road indicative (or did the Federal government cancel his move on that)

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Scotty from marketing playing politics with every opportunity, Once again slagging China to make himself look strong on security in order to win the upcoming election. Every single thing he does or says now is entirely crafted around this aim.

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Perhaps the guy should be applauded. The incredibly slow rollout of the third booster in Japan is not proving a big problem because natural immunity from omicron is proving far better than any vaccine. Check out the recent speech by Bill Gates where he fully admitted this fact already proven by various research. He noted how Africa which has no COVID problem with very little vaccination was saved by this.

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The highly transmissible Omicron strain tends to cause no or mild symptoms. 

And yet here we are, headline news every day, bars still being closed, travel restricted, children being injected with unnecessary vaccines, and non-stop panic-mongering.


Best post . You hit the nail right on the head. Denmark, UK , other European countries fully accepted this now. So too African countries, who had no choice as no vaccines anyhow, but ended up with no COVID disaster due to the nature of omicron. Meanwhile here in Japan the government and media continue with their scare campaigns, useless pseudo emergencies and border lockdowns

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Follow the money, One side of the current quarantine requirements is the mandatory hotel stay which as pointed out in this thread is costing the government, ie taxpayer a lot of money. As stands now in Japan where omicron is everywhere it serves no useful health purpose in stopping the spread of the virus. Returning vaccinated people who tested negative are most likely to get Covid once they are released into daily life in Japan rather than ever bringing it in to the country. So whilst it may give the government a pretence of doing something to protect the country, the huge payoffs to the business hotels for the quarantine are obviously factor in its continuance. Something akin to the Abe masks which was also all about payoffs rather than health. Follow the money. Unfortunately never done in Japanese journalism

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omicron is far better protection against covid than vaccines. No one is promoting it as a vaccine but it is what it is and it spreads easily even to vaccinated people with a third booster. Millions of people have had it with no symptoms or ideas they have had it. But they all have the protection now.

Why does Africa have no covid problem despite almost everyone being unvaccinated. It is because omicron spread around and is simply the better vaccine

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The natural protection promoted by people who get infected with omicron (because the government is still to give out boosters) turns out far to be far better (undisputed by all medical experts now) and is FREE

why are they wasting money on a belated vaccine campaign when it will all be over

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We are at a plateau in cases controlled by the limited number of tests. Look at the numbers of small prefectures the bounce around in a defined range which will never get much higher because they simply don’t have the capacity to do more tests which would see them with even higher cases. Thus the rise and fall to the peak of cases is obscured. Eventually though the numbers will go down and fall from the range they are bouncing in now and then we will see the decline, but for now it’s still somewhere on the obscured peak

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