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But the government has just spent time to create a law, that along with closing bars at 8 PM, is supposed to solve the virus problem in Japan whereby people with the virus who refuse to get hospitalised can be jailed for up to 1 year. Perhaps the plan is to use the jails as hospitals. This can free up the thousands of medical staff that need to be diverted from the hospitals to staff the Olympics. NHK reported the Olympics committee is not concerned with getting the considerable medical staff needed for the guaranteed super safe Olympics and will offer financial incentives to hospitals to take their staff.

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The average weekly daily rate for official COVID deaths in Japan is now over 100. New record the other day 108.

The curve has been steadily rising since December and even steeper since January and is continuting to rise and if continues at this rate will reach 150 then 200 soon. Who knows by the Olympics. The next 5000 deaths is not going to take 1 year. And as for the number of serious hospitalised improving, remember the number decreases because of those 100 that die there every day, as well as hopefully a few who pull through, so they are immediately being replaced by new patients of which some will also die. Two less does NOT simply mean two people recovered and things are all good,

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Japan has chosen the vaccine that needs the super freezing. Any though been taken to the nightmare logistics of this vaccine. How will people in the countryside be vaccinated? They will have to travel hundreds of kilometres to big cities to be vaccinated, as only there will they have the special freezers? Together with this story how fast will this vaccine, that has to be used very soon after being taken out of the freezers, be used? It is a disaster in waiting. However on the good side japan not rushing in to vaccinate means they will be able to get the tweaked vaccine for the new variants that are now spreading in Japan ( local transmission of UK variant just found in Tokyo as well as Shizouka now)

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Enough with this its getting better stuff.

Anyone checked the daily deaths or looked at the steeply rising graph. Weekly average deaths over 100 now! Steeply rising since December and further even steeper rise since mid January. A hundred people die daily from ICU and are instantly replaced with more because the total number does not go down.

New record deaths yesterday 108

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JOC. Stupid is as stupid does. Coulda postponed a little farther back but...

I have to fully agree. it was fairly obvious even at the time delaying it for only 1 year would not be long enough, for the situation to improve for the games to be held. Blind Freddy could see the then but greed was more important. Two year postponement just maybe ( but different hands might have got their fingers on the pie by then). 1 year was already doomed from the outset.

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But even yesterday the PM was admanatly guaranteeing the games would go ahead on NHK news without vaccinations ( can't be done in Japan in time as the rollout will be hardly advanced by then) under stringent safe measures ( spectators not shouting or cheering, participants locked in their villages, cafeterias closed at 8 PM and other brilliant ideas).

But of course he was promising Go To Travel was all good and would not be cancelled right till the end as well.

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Bach is correct March 2021 will be different to March 2020

How many deaths a day in Japan then, now approaching 100 after more than doubling in about a month so how many by then?

Anyhow another view

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People should realise that one reason the number hospitalised with severe symptoms reduces is because a number of such patients die every day! If the number of such patients stays the same that means the number of new such patients has just replaced the those dying or recovered. japan was reporting around 50 a day but recently this number has increased to closer to 100 and that is every day. Surely most of those were in hospital with severe symptoms (plus a few who are at home waiting to be admitted but dont even get that far in time)

The question is how high will that number go and how accepting the government is of it. The change from below 50 to around 50 to approaching 100 since December has not seemed to phase anyone

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Australia actually can afford to wait. They have near zero cases and their strict quarantine mostly stops the virus getting into the community and when a few cases do manage their strict lockdowns usually eliminates it. Meanwhile in Japan the spread and death toll is way higher and rapidly rising, the quarantine is a joke, as are the lockdowns and the mutant UK virus is already gaining hold ( Yesterdays story of 3 cases in Shizouka with NO connection to the UK or travel means this variant is already spreading in the community). Japan does not have the luxury of taking time to vaccinate that Australia does,

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May is simply too soon for the Japanese vaccine to be developed, approved and distributed. More likely late 2021 or even 2022 I think. Using a Japanese vaccine is obviously paramount,

Anyone remember the Abe masks and their distribution and that was easy compared to vaccine,

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riri33 . Do you dispute the numbers? Find as many scaremongering stories as you like, but they don't change the numbers. Two people have died below the age of 30 in Japan. The number below the age of 30 is very small compared the aged in the US and the UK. Look at the numbers. Look at the FACTS.

Anyhow despite your arguments that the young should be vaccinated first and are apparently in more danger than the aged, governments around the world are taking no notice of your nonsense and all plan to vaccinate over 65s before the young. Why? Because they simply look at the facts and can see vaccinating the aged will reduce deaths and hospital admissions. Whether to vaccinate the young can be debated after. By then anyhow the with the majority of high risk patients protected the dire situation should be alleviated.

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Why is there always someone on the these forums advocating vaccinating young people first.

Why don't they read the science. Young people do not get seriously ill, let alone die fromm this virus. How many people aged below 30 have died in Japan? - TWO! Look at heavily infected country like the UK and US. The numbers of below 30 compared to above 65 are very very small. Look at every country in the world it is the same. Then there are the repeated report that vaccination will most probably NOT stop people getting infected AND spreading the virus to others . It provides personal protection against getting serious symptoms and dying, a good thing indeed. Why would you vaccinate young people first when effectively they are already immune to serious symptoms and dying and let the old people die.

Therefore simply put vaccinating young people before the old is NOT a good idea and thus countries like Japan and the UK plan to vaccinate the old first. In fact once the old and vulnerable are vaccinated and the risk of serious disease and dying is greatly reduced, the virus will largely revert being more like the common flu even before young people are vaccinated (if they even need to be at all)

Downvote me as much as you like but it doesn't change the science and it doesn't make young people more at risk from the virus or change the facts.

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It's ridiculous how Japan treats foreigners, temporary guests until they decide to deport us by force. If this doesn't open all expats' eyes then I don't know what will..

HUH! who is being deported by force! Simply don't break quarantine. My eyes are opened to what seems on this forum many expats who dont believe in keeping 14 day quarantine in this time of a pandemic or encourage/ sympathise with those who do not want to do it and plan on endangering people's lives, and think that is okay.

People should follow all laws and if you are a foreigner, permanent resident or not, in any country you should not be surprised if you are deported along with other punishments for breaking certain laws. It can happen in every country in the world no just Japan.

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Where is the announcement of the return to the GO TO TRAVEL campaign? I thought it was supposed to resume this week. Kind of dropped from the news. I wonder why. Everyone knows it is not responsible for spreading the virus because the PM said so. Just like closing restaurants at 8 PM ( or at least those that choose to accept the government urging to do so, which apparently is far from all) will solve the spread of the virus in Japan, including the new strain, which will soon be rampant thanks to inadequate quarantine rules to stop it.

I guess it will restart on February 7th when the SOE will surely end.

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Why is everyone so worried about being deported? You do realise they are not going door to door deporting foreigners. This is about foreigners who break their pledge to quarantine and risk lives by irresponsible behaviour. Despite the inequality in this punishment I have no sympathy for any foreigner that does this.

(I do wish they would have some substantial penalties for Japanese breaking quarantine though)

Don't want to get deported simply do the right thing! One has to wonder about those wanting to leave the country, separated from their family, whatever because of this rule. Is that because they refuse and are not prepared to quarantine for 14 days if they return from overseas and are already planning to break quarantine and are upset they will have a penalty for doing that. What's the problem? Just dont break the quarantine.

For those who don't like this idea, of keeping quarantine sure go somewhere else where breaking quarantine is encouraged.

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I am not sure why the number of young people infected is worrying. Many, if not most are asymptomatic only found by the virus because of testing though contact tracing. Who knows the number more of asymptomatic young people out there and those already over it. Quite likely in the many thousands. The Japanese government knows this as no young people at all in Japan have died thus schools are left open ( but that about the teachers)

The number world wide for every country on Earth, even highly infected such as the UK show that very very very few you people get seriously ill from the disease let alone die. No amount of scaremongering can change these facts.

Vaccinate the old and those in danger by all means and the sooner the better including all the teachers

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Finally realisation the borders of Tokyo city do not stop at the prefecture lines. In reality the 1000 cases was already exceeded for the real greater Tokyo city area back in November or early December, and I think 2000 cases already exceeded later last month.

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Thailand is in the midst of a growing resurgence of the virus, partial lockdowns in parts if not all the country and further restrictions imminent as well as very strict quarantine entry rules in designated hotels. Are they waiving all that for entrants to the competition? Similar plans for the Olympics i think I have read.

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