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Lock it down. It has clearly worked in Australia etc

Really! Sydney about the same number of cases as Tokyo and similar death rate.!

Melbourne now in yet another total lockdown and things just getting worse day by day.

Lockdowns do work for the government to take total control of people's freedoms and have the police and army flex their control. And bring in lots of income to the government from the huge fines for the still numerous people, that resist the totalitarian rules.

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Someone in the US government should have watched the TV series Homeland a few years ago which had parts set in Afghanistan. Obviously it was not totally fiction as current events prove. Like the afghani politician who created a totally fictitious military unit, that did not exist, that got huge amounts of money and equipment that just went into his own pockets. How much money does the fleeing Afghani president have in his personal bank account one can imagine. More than enough to finance a nice retirement in Switzerland or wherever I am sure.

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Sydney with a population of 8 million whatever does more tests than all of Japan and finds 400 plus cases, (still rising even with their extreme lockdown that ramped up the army on the streets today to enforce it). BUT they are also still getting rising daily deaths, currently in the single digits, which interestingly are about the same as Tokyo, with its make believe unenforced SOE, which also only finds 400 plus cases but from a fraction the number of tests. Read from that what you want about the success of total lockdowns and mass testing.

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80% of the UK and Israeli population is not fully vaccinated.

Sorry I just saw it is only just over 78% of the eligible Israeli population ( and that was couple day ago) . But anyhow my point is whether it is 70 or 80 or 90 % of the population, there will NOT be zero cases and zero deaths whatever, so if Australia thinks that vaccines will save them with their current zero/zero policy they are severely deluded. They will need to do a 180 degree turn and tell people to abandon all current policies and leave the safety of their locked up homes (and welfare payments to stay home) and to go our and risk to get the virus and a few of you will die. With the current sacrifices they are going though living under the most authoritarian rules and penalties this may not be such an easy sell.

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Like Suga in Japan, the NSW premier is putting all her cards on the vaccines to solve the virus problems. However there is a big complication for Sydney and Australia. They want zero cases and zero deaths ( whereas Japan just wants less of both) but this is totally impossible even if 80% of the population is vaccinated - this is certain as can be seen from the UK and Israel. And she is even talking about softening the newly further restricted lockdown when 50% of the population is vaccinated! Complete nonsense! She is going to do a complete about term after all these totalitarian lockdowns that are all pushed as necessary to save lives, and now say a certain number of cases and deaths is okay? Will the Australian people accept this? More likely Sydney and all Australia in fact will just stay lock downed forever with people cowering in their homes in fear living off the generous welfare where some people are paid more to stay home than they would get if they went to work, for many more months to come.

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Suga also said on TV last night that it is shown in the world that lockdowns don't work before he went on his vaccines are the solution and what a great job Japan has done with the vaccinations. This is his last stand for political survival. if it fails the LDP will simply sacrifice him as the scapegoat and appoint a new puppet in his place and win conformably with a new or recycled face.

BTW his promise to vaccinate ALL elderly people by the end of July has "mostly" been achieved. What does that mean? A nice way to say it simply has NOT been achieved! I should remember that next time I make a promise that I dont keep.

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What rubbish and empty words coming from his mouth. The news last night reports they are still considering whether to have spectators or not! And then about their plan to have school children as spectators ! It is almost as if he and Koike didn't see the other part of the news where the medical experts said Tokyo is on the edge of disaster and the medical system is on the verge of collapse. It is all steam ahead for the Olympics no matter what.

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The headline says it all.. The problem is the cheering. If people hadn’t cheered and instead just watched on their TVs at home, wherever, in silence, with no cheering, as proclaimed in the Olympic Playbook ( the Bible of COVID safety) then the virus would not have spread and this increase would not have happened. Clearly not the government’s fault nor the IOC, it is the people in their homes disobeying the playbook.

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Whilst we are led to believe all Australians fully support their governments harsh totalitarian lockdown, unparalleled elsewhere in the world, except China and North Korea, why is their this need for such super enforcement, loss of civil right, huge penalties and why are thousands and thousands of dollars of fines being handed out daily

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NO worries the weekend is coming and there will the usual big drop in numbers. The usual JT comments will be out in force how everything is good and the numbers are going down. Until next week after the weekend of course when they will go back up ( and those comments dry up) . However with the limited number of tests there are at anytime, there has to soon be an upper limit to how high the numbers can ever go, so Japan will be saved by that.

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In a live feed from Tokyo on Australian tv reporter candidly said there were about 2000 spectators at the swimming, everyone cheering loudly. disregarding the Olympic playbook. No one at the Olympics cares about COVID. Most, if not all people, who have got it at the games are asymptomatic and it is just bad luck they got picked up by testing, Everyone is having a great time and doesn't care. The media is churning out non stop fairy tale victory stories to support them and the Japanese people are loving it. The games will be remembered as the greatest games ever and mankind's victory over the virus., and the LDP will win with an even greater majority because of it. Some athletes may test positive on their return to there home country, if they are even tested, but most will be asymptomatic and just get better.

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Why don't they hold an international sports event and invite 80,000 proper from all over the world to enter the country with no quarantine, no requirement to be vaccination, no real containment on where they are going and what to do, Divert medical resource for that. Undertest and cover up the situation prior to the event so it doesn't look so bad to hold i, and then ask everyone to stay home and worry about the virus whilst the event is happenin, blatantly messaging the opposite message. Surely that can help the situation they are now so suddenly alarmed about! Oh right that is exactly what they doing and what a surprise it is not helping!

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Live feed from Tokyo on Australian tv, the mask less reporter said there were about 2000 spectators at the swimming, - media, other athletes spectating, VIPs etc. He said the atmosphere was very lively with everyone cheering loudly. He said the no cheering rule has been disregarded from day one. He quite openly even proudly admitted the Olympic playbook was being disregarded.

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The Olympic circus will go on and be proclaimed a victory for mankind. The story is already written. Cases in Tokyo are of insignificance, whatever they are, to the Olympic machine and its minions the media. Just look at the stories even here in JT. Fairy tale victories and gold medals are all that matter and world wide too. Sugo will ride on the coat tails and be elected with even a greater majority as the masses applaud the Japanese gold! What matters a few people serious in hospital, 78 according to here, or the grand circus?

The real stories coming out like the failure of the vaccinations and their longevity, well they can wait till the circus is over.

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ma’a as-salaama

and on the first plane out

and it should be for the whole team

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Nobody cares about these stories any more. The athletes can do as they please. It’s all about fairy tale victories and gold medals. The media is fully behind the Olympic machine. Just look at the daily stories here. Who cares about a few infected athletes or officials, who aren’t even ill, when the biggest circus is in town

The Olympics will be proclaimed a huge success and victory to mankind. It is already preordained. Every gold medal to Japan is a star to Suga for an even bigger victory in the next election. Looks his gamble to hold the games has paid off big time.m

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100 cases a day is a national emergency for Australians barely allowed to go outside, but almost 2000 a day in Tokyo is nothing and it is all go gold for the Olympics. 80,000 people into a far bigger emergency without quarantine including many Australians is okay by them. The hypocrisy of Australia with such strict rules and standards or their own country , where they have already cancelled far smaller international events scheduled for much later in the year, but completely reversed and ignored for Japan seems to me a form of racism. JLM too, not gold medals for Australia at any cost to lesser countries than their esteemed selves. Anyhow they can keep watching reruns of any gold medals they get from their locked down homes for months to come as they are not getting out of it for some time to come.

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Great job by the numbers man sitting by the fax machines and full marks to the reduction in testing to manage to keep the number below 2000 for the glorious victory opening of the Olympics with that tiny bit of better news! End of the week and the usual drop in numbers just cannot come soon enough. BTW do the numbers of infected foreigners visiting for the Olympics get counted in the Tokyo numbers or do they have a separate special category like the Diamond Princess numbers? If so they don't seem keen to keep announcing them daily for months like they used to for the Diamond Princess,

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So will they be the "2nd" and the "3rd" athletes to miss their events after the Chilean announced yesterday as the "1st". Although there seems some to have been other athletes who tested positive earlier who must still have been allowed to compete!

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I thought Tedros just said the Olympics are at danger because of the COVID virus, yet here is promoting it and partying up with the rest of the VIPS and Japanese politicians. Sure to be at the opening ceremony. Yes dangerous for the Japanese people who should all stay at home to watch it but not for foreign VIPS who need no quarantine and Japanese politicians who are also free to banquet in groups.

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This is an empty apology. Every single thing this guy does is about getting reelected. His political advisers have advised to do this as the best way to minimise his bad press and recent lower public support which are the lowest levels in a year in most recent poll because of this issue. The election which might have been this year will defintitley be delayed till next year when he is hoping the vaccinations will have caught up and people will have forgotten or forgiven him for the current mess,

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Oh come on.

Do you think she was ever going to come to Tokyo an not attend the opening games and some event etc?

Coates is just the scapegoat to hide this for political reasons. Blame him and she can now do all the things she intended whilst looking politically clean. Her skyrocket popularity may reach even newer heights whilst Australians cower in their homes. Yes I know Qld is not currently in lockdown like the other half the country but this won’t last long.

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May not happen because Australia will likely still be locked down and closed to the world, like they are now, whilst the continue to look for zero Covid cases.

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and cheer on American athletes at several Olympic events before departing the capital,

I thought cheering was banned for spectators at the Olympics. But I guess like everything else this rule has been dropped for the remaining elite VIP spectators

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First there were no other bidders and their victory was a certain thing. So what is with the celebrations of victory is there was no opposition to beat.

Second it is insane. Doing the same thing as other cities which all made a loss at the Olympics and expecting it to come out differently for you is the definition of inasnity,

Third they are here in Tokyo watching the train wreck Olympics go on and they still cannot see something might be wrong.

An finally it will probably have to be cancelled as Australia will be the last country still locked down as they continue searching for the perfect zero COVID cases ( And Australia, unlike Japan, will break the contract and tell the IOC where to go if it involves something like COVID)

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Well said gin tonic. I was going to reply similarly about the the cooking the covid numbers comment

The real numbers could be 10 or 20 times more, if they did more testing, so they are managing to cook the numbers very well despite the increase from their point of view. Seems they can get away with holding the games with 2000 or 3000 cases but 10,000 or more daily might not have been so easy

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So this mean all the other athletes who have tested positive before him are still good to go and compete? What about the America player in quarantine who has to go home after 10 days and others. How is this the first?

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The WHO always experts at stating the obvious way way too late.

no pandemic till it was way past being one,

international travel should not be stopped, till it was way too late for this, the root cause of it spread to have gone on too long. ( eventhough China stopped those same travellers traveling in China it was ok to the rest of the world according to WHO)

and now the Olympics might have a problem just before they start, after their approval has been spruked by the IOC as a reason to hold them

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Poor Australians, unfair advantage to the Japanese team who have led a normal life whilst the Australian team could not train in lockdowned Australia and the restricted closed up bubble after arriving in Japan. Plus they are not used to this type of heat the poor things.

anyhow no problem there is always 2032 in Brisbane as long as Australia is still not lockdowned then still trying for zero covid cases

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Posted in: Bach admits 'sleepless nights' over troubled Tokyo Olympics See in context

Countless new stories about Olympic failures.

He might not be able to sleep ever again if he really cared

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