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Posted in: Noriko Sakai hiding out in high-security ward of university hospital See in context

Glad I finally found this.

High-security ward

Sure, all that CCTVs and custom security people, so what? Non-chan's case and background is ugly, and she has definitely become a liability to the yamishakai (underworld, inner society), which would ultimately mean her head. Any resourceful rival maru-B who swear to off her could easilly infiltrate the facility, breach all security, and pop her with a cocktail (spiked) IV, warranting her erasure. Alas, that didn't happen just yet.

and she can become a Mother again.

She has become the Rabenmutter of the times instead and that won't change for the rest of her life

I think all these production companies keep a secret gameplan on the shelf to use when one of these incidents occurs

Definitely. Pretty much an undocumented but realized fact that behind all these conglomerates, it's the 893 of the yamishakai who is controlling all stakes.

Quoting a recent 2channeler's comment: "[on the bailout scene involving two alledged gangster-endorsed vehicles] One reason for not willing to reveal the absolute truths is that even many of the companies in the showbiz/mass media/advertising industries were actually founded and supported through 893 resources... ...So please, disseminate the fact that 'showbiz/mass media/advertising implicates 893 involvement' to as many people (public Joes) as possible."

You can say you do, not for others. She can rot.

Agreed, but why rot? Better not rot, but dropped by the rivals instead -- less pain.

Japan is already a changed country and stopping to trust in Sakai.

As mentioned earlier, she's also a liability to the underworld, no wonder even shadowy people would cease to trust her because of all possibilities of being ratted on by her, to save her own back.

Women changed greatly in 20 years. They are much more liberal now.

Must agree. Being good at young age simply doesn't guarantee the same wellness at advanced age, especially among women. I've seen these all and have suffered from such females even at family level, and yes, they're obnoxious and EVIL.

I suspect that what she wants more then anything else here, is to be able to see her son

Again, this could be a smokescreen. Does getting to see the son make her a good caring mother again? I doubt it. The other thing, Yuuki was actually the product of irresponsible family planning, and that he could've have been classified as illegitimate, if not for the dekikon (which made him legit). I wonder how much TLC she REALLY expersses towards this boy, it could be as little as none...

Why the heck would a casual user need to be detoxed after 30 or so days in jail? Sounds thin, very thin.

Agreed again. It's not known what the significance of this hospitalization act is, could be the hideout trick as suggested, but could also suggest other more shadowy motives that we public Joes don't know of.

Non-chan has made herself some kind of legend in this narc scandal, that's why someone has suggested that her forename be added to The Urban Dictionary, for a certain woman stereotype. Now that's interesting.

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai's yakuza upbringing in spotlight See in context

This report could've been longer and more detailed, as it was disgested from TWO Shukan Post issues (Sep 11 and 18). Nevertheless, good report.

Unfortunately, given this complicated situation esp. the 893 connections, whether Non-chan would/could eventually make it in one piece remains to be seen.

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai’s love triangle with best friend and husband See in context

Woe, didn't know there's a whole Shukan Post section on JT... wondering what connections JT and Shogakukan have... Anyway, good digest as I don't have the Sep 4 issue

She's a witch, she's a witch! Burn 'er!!

Burn her? "DROP her" may be a better description... Given this messy situation, I suspect there could be a bounty issued inside those underworld (especially the ones she was in), for the dispatching of her, because her notoriety might be deeply affecting those circles, jeopadizing their underground activities etc. etc.

She's caught between the black and the white. Whatever the verdict, she might be unable to make it in one piece eventually. Catch the drift?

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Posted in: Hong Kong pop stars busted for drug possession in Tokyo See in context

These yakuchuu starlets are no good deed anyway and should better be cancelled once and for all via underground channels.

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Posted in: SHIHO announces marriage to former judo champion See in context

Someone solve the riddle: is it her STAGENAME or just a typo?

Can't confirm her real name but she's otherwise known as Shiho Yano

BTW, the man's name is Yoshihiro not Yoshiro.

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Posted in: Maya Kobayashi turns freelance presenter See in context

So what makes Mayaya decide to turn freelance?

Forgive me being ignorant, but I simply don't understand this joshiana culture... How come a freelance presenter can earn double than normal contracted ones? Is she going to have an external agent to represent her?

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Posted in: Former porn star Ai Iijima found dead at Tokyo apartment See in context

Dang. Another legend bites the dust... BTW what's her real name again? Ishii Mitsuko? Ookubo Matsue??

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Posted in: Warner Bros skips China release for 'Dark Knight' See in context

This shows China is still a very conservative country with little opportunity to open up the film industry. That's why many mainland artists/actors/etc. are heading down to Hong Kong to further develop their careers. Who says China is the future? Shame on China!!

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Posted in: Hundreds line up for an hour at Osaka McDonald's for Quarter Pounder debut See in context

Well let's see when Japan will get the half-pounder... wwwww

In my vicinity, there's double quarter-pounder (and double fillet-o-fish, for a limited time) being served in 24h Mickey Ds from 2100 to 0500. Very delicious, but equally lethal (read: artery-clogging). That said, it's easy to get addicted to these esp. when other better options (eg. BK) are not available at the given time -- in a sleepless town.

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"Graduated" is tranlsated from "sotsugyou" which I believe has another meaning in this case. Can someone explain that? Having said that, has Ebihara really been "ousted" from Cancam due to her old age? I guess now the Moe/Ebi team lives on......

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Posted in: I love Japan! I think all the tiny cars are so cute! See in context

This chick is naive. She probably has no idea of the concept of a kei vehicle.

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Posted in: Do children need to have cell phones with them at school? See in context

During my days (some 15+ years ago) cellphones were expensive and scarce among school environment. Almost no student carried one. I remembered some students were even stripped of their pagers even when they weren't using it (that was during some stupid schoolbag search). I told myself it's just another personal communications device and is no harm, so such devices ahould be allowed. But now cellphones have become a commodity and even a kid is being assigned one. And the bundled features are simply distracting to the everyday school activities and the student's well being. I'm still against taking the phones away from them, but certain restraint is necessary. Jamming devices can be installed in each classroom and set to run during class and/or exam session, but that's not without drawbacks (esp. during real emergency).

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Posted in: South Korean pop star BoA sets sights on U.S. See in context

I hope she's not exiting the Japanese market for the US one. Utada's failure in the US market makes me wonder if boa would eventually follow her steps......

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Posted in: I want my future husband to make over 40 million yen a year. I still haven't found someone who can satisfy those conditions. See in context

I wonder who else would fall for her because of her "outstanding" statement. Ahh, the haggish Doctoress... What more to add??

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