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Cortes Elijah.

What would happen if America left Japan?

NOTHING... EXCEPT.... that soon North Korea would begin to get BOLD and start "pushing" against Japan and South Korea. The Japanese Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) would be alone to try to stop the ultimate advances by North Korea.

America would pull back to Guam (American Territory) and instead of having a Navy fleet based at mainland Japan, our fleet would be based at Guam and we would have almost all the ships afloat and only at port for repairs and taking on supplies.

And, should Japan be attacked, and if Japan asks the US to help out, there would be many more deaths to the Japanese people and more destruction of Japanese cities and towns because the US was NOT there to be a warning against an invader.

"One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel."

ps. My grand parents were killed by Japanese when they bombed Pearl Harbor FIRST. (Hence the military presence in Japan) But I do not hold Japan or its people responsible for that. I hold a few people in the government for that. I also live in Japan and have a Japanese wife ect. I guess your family hating all Americans makes it right for the murder of my Grand Parents.... Just saying. Japanese killed them but I love these people and this country.

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