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Posted in: University student arrested for groping woman as she walks home See in context

@Kazuaki Shimazaki perhaps watch less porn or don't watch porn at all. Then perhaps you will see woman as human and not as walking meat for your own egocentric pleasure.

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I'm moslim and I wish they could take their war mongering somewhere else instead of brining it into the holy city Mecca. Saudi Arabia starting to annoy quite a lot of moslims world wide. If they keep going down this destructive route, they could face a backlash from the whole moslim world.

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I forgot to add this, another mistake people make a lot is comparing Islam to Judaism. Where in Judaism something becomes kosher if it's only being prepared by a jew himself. Islam doesn't have this practice/concept. Something doesn't become halal because a moslim prepared it. We can eat sushi prepared by a non moslim. If it doesn't contain alcohol or pork then there is no need to put a label on it HALAL or you don't need a moslim to prepare it. We don't go and put on everything the ''halal'' label.

Halal is only being used when something needs to undergo a certain ritual. Like slaughtering an animal. Then you put the halal label on. But when you prepare sushi, it's a sea creature so no need to put a halal label on it at all and you don't need a moslim to preapre. Only thing you need to do is to make sure it doesn't have pork, alcohol or animal meat who is not slaughtered in an Islamic way. That's it.

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@Shumatsu Samurai Indeed when it's about sea creatures then it's not a problem. But that's not what they referring to when they are talking about halal here, I think they are referring to the small amount of alcohol they are using in Sushi dishes.

And about sunni, it's not a sunni issue it's a madhab (school of thought) issue that some small sea creatures are not considered good to eat but not every madhab thinks the same about that. In general all sea creatures are halal. It's rare to see any scholar declaring some sea creatures haram.

About halal and haram, in Islamic law everything is considered halal until it's clear cut proven that it's haram (there is clear evidence) then you may call it haram. That's the misunderstanding people make nowadays they spread a story of Islam making all things haram and only a few things are halal. That's based on nonsense. In that regards ask a moslim and not some headless person who knows nothing and just barks what he heard without clear evidence. The ruling in Islam is clear, everything is halal only if it's proven then you may make it haram. If we look at what things are haram: alcohol, pork, animals who are killed by other animals or animals who have not been slaughtered in an Islamic way. Sea creatures don't need the same treatment as animals , so sea creatures are always halal because there is no need to slaughter them. They die when you catch them.

Considering alochol, that's something haram in Islam. The Quran is clear about that there is no ambiguity in it being haram. If people can avoid Alcohol when making sushi then there is no problem.

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Posted in: Abe calls for ASEAN's cooperation to foster free and open order See in context

So Japan likes to strengthen it ties with persons like Aung San Suu Kyi who turned a blind eye for the killings of many rohyngia in Myanmar?

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Posted in: Japanese high school student repeatedly kicks his teacher while class is in session See in context

Some people around here are really blaming the teacher? That he's not emotionally ready for the job or that he didn't handle it well. What is wrong with people, firstly the student needs a bitchslap and you people in the comment section too. Secondly a teacher his job is to educate his student and not to rise them up loke they are his own kids. If the students start to act like a bunch of crazy monkey's the best thing to do is kick him out from school. That will set an example for whoever wants to act like a crazy monkey in class. As for the Americans around here who are disgusted by the system at school in Japan, I would say watch less fox news and go Google school shootings in the state. It's far worse there.

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Posted in: Persecution of all Muslims in Myanmar on the rise, rights group says See in context

I'm amazed by the fact that some people around here try to blame it on religion while it's clearly a political/racist reason why the Moslim Rohingya are being procecuted. I'm amazed by the low intellect of some people. Kindly go study the material before you make conclusions based ontitle only without reading the background story.

I just have 1 question for those religion haters, tell me can a secular world eliminate racism from society while in the whole wide world, racism is now prevailing ?

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Posted in: Abe hosts Ramadan dinner for envoys from Muslim world See in context

I'm more baffled by how stupid some comments are in this comment section. Lol, so if someone wants to host a dinner party he can't do it because those are moslims? I know far right biggots have some screw lose above but this confirms it even more. Go drown in your hate. Meanwhile the world keeps on turning and people do their business.

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