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Posted in: Halloween revelers fill Shibuya with security tight after Seoul disaster See in context

"A tragedy happened in a different country this weekend. Aren't you worried it could happen here?" is an interesting take.

140 people died crossing a bridge in India this weekend too. Why aren't we checking every bridge in Japan?

Absent from this story are any details of any recent misadventures from Shibuya Halloween. It's just a lot of people in costume having a bit of fun. Trying to tie it to the tragedy in Korea is a pretty craven, bloodthirsty way to drive clicks and make a drama out of what amounts to Shibuya just being busier than usual.

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Posted in: Tokyo dept store praised for refusing entry to costumed Halloween revelers See in context

Gonna take a wild guess and say that none of the people complaining here about Shibuya Halloween ever had any intention of going and may not spend much time in Shibuya in general. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you and that’s A-OK

No need to get bent out of shape over something you’ve never experienced. I went to see it for myself last night. It was busy, but it was fine. It wasn’t a riot. It was no worse than a music festival or fireworks celebration here, in terms of crowds. The police were controlling the flow of people well.

I could see how anyone not wanting to take part would find it a little annoying, but as I say, it’s really just large crowds in what is typically the busiest part of Tokyo anyway.

Parco (and any other business) are well within their rights to refuse admittance, so I’m not going to complain about that, but I don’t really see how it’s even a story.

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Posted in: Tokyo dept store praised for refusing entry to costumed Halloween revelers See in context

Ah yes, that well-known destination for Halloween revellers: Parco.

News outlets trying to make a drama and generate clicks from people trying to have a bit of fun have become more of a tiresome perennial staple than any party or festival ever could.

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Posted in: Japan's border policy keeping hundreds of thousands of foreigners in limbo See in context

I don’t really see the problem.

You need a negative test to fly, then immediately into quarantine where you’re tested daily and cannot leave if you are positive. Then it’s enforced self isolation for a spell.

At what point can we say “This person may be foreign but they do not, in fact, have covid”?

If someone doesn’t have covid, they don’t have it. What difference does it make if they happen to be foreign? Covid doesn’t seem to have any problem doing the rounds here, regardless of the border policy .

I’m a bit disappointed at some of the commenters here. The policy is obviously based on a fear of the outsider rather than any scientific basis and the commenters here have bought into it! The only difference between you and someone this article talks about is that you already snagged a visa. Where are all my “We need to stop living in fear!” / “It’s just a flu!” / “We need to get back to normal NOW!” guys?! lol

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Posted in: Man dies in Japan after receiving dose of recalled Moderna vaccine See in context

Even if one person dies from taking the shot, that is way too much

How many have died from covid?

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Posted in: Man dies in Japan after receiving dose of recalled Moderna vaccine See in context

Just a bit of context for those jumping on the story to scaremonger about the vaccines: while these cases are tragic, Japan has administered around 200,000,000 shots so far.

60% of people have had a shot

50% have had two.

These stories (which again, are tragic and worthy of serious investigation) are an anomaly.

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Posted in: Moderna says COVID vaccines sent to Japan contained stainless steel particles See in context

As long as it doesn’t interfere with the 5G my shot gave me, I’m fine.

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Posted in: Has Delta killed the herd immunity dream? See in context

Is there not a possibility of updating the vaccines to be effective against Delta? It’s not a whole new virus, just a new strain, I thought?

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Posted in: Vaccine protection wanes within 6 months: phone app study See in context

This is where good reporting is absolutely vital: is that normal for a vaccine? That rather important context is missing from this piece.

I notice people have to get flu shots every year, so I assume that it’s kind of common for some vaccines to lose some of their efficacy over time. But I don’t know the details and that’s what we could really do with learning from the news outlets we trust.

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Posted in: We must not create a society where those who do not get vaccinated feel guilty or lose out. We need to be careful not to encourage peer pressure through vaccine discount programs. See in context

Must absolutely, definitely not use peer pressure. This is Japan, after all.

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Posted in: Experts warn Japan's coronavirus fight in critical phase See in context

the number of elderly people testing positive for the coronavirus has been rising recently despite most of them having been vaccinated

The number of covid positive people isn't the relevant number if we're drawing inferences concerning the vaccine. For that, we would need to know what percentage of people dying/in hospital are fully vaccinated.

From what I've read, the people who die or go to hospital are almost exclusively unvaccinated. Vaccines seem very effective in keeping people alive and out of hospital.

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Posted in: Japan studies giving 3rd coronavirus vaccine shots next year See in context

Yeah, sign me up. My two were NBD. Whatever it takes to save lives and get back to normal because I'm so tired of it all.

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Posted in: Vaccinated Americans are getting angry at holdouts See in context

"It's almost like they don't care about the rest of the world. They're being selfish and self-centered,"

It's EXACTLY like they don't care about the rest of the world! The unvaccinated are keeping hospitals full and covid stories front and centre in the news.

We can make covid far less dangerous and less easy to catch. We have a chance at going back to normal and being able to travel again etc.

Instead, there's a section of the population trying to make a virtue and carve out a whole personality out of refusing the vaccine. With all their 'news' hosts re-enforcing their views, it seems like they spend quite a lot of time and energy milking the idea of not getting vaxxed.

It would be quicker and easier just to take one in the arm for the team!

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Posted in: Tokyo's drinkers drown frustrations over virus restrictions, Olympics See in context

Can't say I blame them. Aside from the hypocrisy that others haved mentioned here, there's just the incessant cyclical nature of these states of emergency. We're in one for two months, then it's relaxed a bit, then a week later the numbers jump and we're back to square one.

All the while, it's only people who want to enjoy themselves (people that want to drink in particular) that bare the entirety of the measures. Trains are seemingly no less busy, so there isn't much working from home going on, for example.

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Posted in: Suga asks Bach to ensure Olympics will be safe, particularly for Japanese public See in context

Does he think Bach has 40 million shots of Pfizer in his pocket?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 896 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,246 See in context


if you look at the facts 17 people died severe cases down by 16.

This means that one was added to the severe cases 

You say this every day but your equation does not allow for people getting better. Death isn't the only way out of the "severe case" category.

Do you really think there was only one severe case in all of Japan??

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Posted in: Johnson says UK must live with virus as he eases restrictions See in context

I'm all for personal responsibility where one's own health is concerned, but we're talking about a highly contagious, deadly disease. Since when do we leave it up to the individual whether or not they act to protect other people?

There's no smoking indoors in the UK. There are speed limits, alcohol limits and licenses required on the roads. It's a serious criminal offense to knowingly give a person HIV.

These laws exist because if something is 1% inconvenient, people won't do it, even if it protects others. Especially bosses if something stands in the way of a profit.

Johnson is just trying to abdicate responsibility at a time when Britain needs him to make tough, possibly unpopular calls. But I can't say I'm surprised.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 518 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,485 See in context

I very much doubt that deaths are outpacing new severe cases!! That would imply that more people are dying of covid than are getting very sick from it.

Nationwide servere case fell by 5.

Death nationwide 9.

So actually and increase of 4 in severe cases.

501 - 9 = 492 

496 - 492 = 4 new severe cases.

Death is not the only way out of a severe case of covid. People recover.

How about this:

501 severe - 9 deaths = 492 severe

492 severe - 36 recoveries* = 456 severe

456 severe + 40 new severe cases* = 496 (the new total)

I think something like that is far more likely since not everyone who goes into hospital dies, and the 4 new severe cases you suggest out of 1485 total cases nationwide would actually be a stunningly good ratio! (0.27%)

I've taken a punt at the number of recoveries and new severe cases because those figures aren't mentioned in the article (neither is "4 new severe cases") and we know that people who are in a bad way with Corona often get better. They don't all die.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 716 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,881 See in context

Well, I’m certainly not here to defend the decision to hold the Olympics or suggest opening up immediately.

However the data out of the UK where a lot of (but not quite enough) people are vaccinated - first shot: 67% / second shot: 50% - is quite promising. They’re about a month into a Delta variant-driven third wave and cases are exploding. However, they’re not seeing hospitalisations and deaths commensurate with such a wave, even though the third wave is almost purely Delta variant.

Although the vaccines don’t stop corona altogether, they do make it far less dangerous, even the Delta variant. With the vaccine rollout in Japan finally up to speed, we could see some progress happening here in the not too distant future. So again, it’s not the time to relax, it’s the time to vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate and hopefully by Christmas, we may be looking at something close to normality.

(For anyone who’s interested, here’s a pretty good breakdown of the situation in the UK: )

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 716 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,881 See in context

After seeing the anti-vaxxers and covid deniers get rightly down-voted these last few months, it's frustrating to see the JT commenters turn on those who point out that the vaccines are actually doing their job!

The vaccine rollout has picked up speed (albeit rather late) with over a million shots delivered per day. All they have to do is stay the course, get the shots in arms as quickly as possible and maybe we can start to see a return to normality in the next 6-12 months.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 673 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,751 See in context

I’ve never posted before but I felt inclined to on this occasion because there’s something interesting occurring here that I’ve started to notice in my daily life.

‘The Resident’ has said that things are looking up and with enough vaccinations, things could be looking much better in a few months, but has been heavily downvoted and ripped for this. I’m not sure why?!

The data out of the U.K. shows that the vaccines have caused a disconnect between the number of cases and the number of hospitalisations/deaths. They’re experiencing a full-blown third wave of the Delta variant no less, but with only half of the population fully vaxxed, the trends look like this:

I get the trepidation given that the vaccine rollout didn’t get off to the best start here (to put it mildly), but for the last three or four weeks, Japan has been giving a million or more shots per day:

So given the increasingly rapid rollout here and the ability of vaccines to keep people out of the hospital and especially the cemetery, what’s wrong with saying that things will be looking much better in a few months? Where’s the harm in a bit of optimism?

Singapore has even begun to stop looking at raw case numbers and only count the serious cases. That sounds like it would be a sensible move in future as again, vaccines render the virus much less of a threat (even against the Delta variant). Therefore knowing the number of cases will be less relevant.

So we’re not out of the woods just yet and we need to be cautious, but I feel like in the not too distant future, we could get back to our normal lives (or something very similar).

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