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Posted in: Chilean insists he did not kill Japanese ex-girlfriend at conviction appeal in France See in context

I am amazed her body has not been found.

It happens. The body of a French woman who disappeared in Nikko some years has not been found. The Jura is a big place.

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Posted in: Social media sites have become a phenomenal means of communication for hate groups, conspiracy theorists and deranged individuals and groups. Do you agree with this statement? See in context

It's also getting harder to discern what's "news" anymore.

Anymore? Where’ve you been the last 10 or more years?

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Posted in: Nagasaki survivor urges nuke weapons abolition at U.N. treaty confab See in context

Sorry, but it’s not going to happen.

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Posted in: India bid to free 41 trapped workers in tunnel enters third week See in context

I hope their ordeal ends soon with all the men safe.

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Posted in: Sixty years after the assassination of U.S. President John F Kennedy, debate still continues over whether or not there was a conspiracy to kill him. What are your views on the subject? See in context

A recent screening of comments from the doctors attending at the hospital where Kennedy was brought show all the doctors in agreement that at least one shot came from the front. They said that they had been told to keep quiet about it.

True? Maybe. False? Maybe. Interesting? Yes.

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Posted in: Hamas isn't first military group to hide behind civilians as a way to wage war See in context

Lots of unproved anti Hamas claims in what reads like a pro IDF piece.

My reason for being anti-Hamas has little to do with tunnels under Gaza. Knowing of Hamas’ face-to-face slaughter of families in Israel is sufficient reason to be anti-Hamas and predispose me to believe that almost everything they say are lies.

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Posted in: White House blasts Musk's 'hideous' antisemitic lie; advertisers pause on X See in context

So Musk is an anti-Semite for “agreeing” with a post? Which part of the post? The Left - especially those within the Biden Administration - think they’ve caught him at last. Laughable for these people who have been anti-Semites for years in the open under banners like BDS. Still funnier when you know that Progressive Jews have been their allies on the great values replacement that has been the Left’s technique for assuming power. I hope they enjoy life under the bus.

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Posted in: Apple's Napoleonic $200 million gamble See in context

Vive Scott!

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Posted in: Roger Waters claims 'Israeli lobby' blocking his Uruguay, Argentina hotel stays See in context

IOW, “the Jews!”

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Posted in: Japan sees 2.52 million visitors in Oct, exceeding pre-COVID levels See in context

En Yasui.

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Posted in: Do you think alliances like the G7, G20, the Global South, or even the United Nations do anything to stop wars and other conflicts around the world? See in context

The answer is actually in my post.

Wallace, Elvis may not know when WW1 was fought.

Does the statement mean PREVENTING wars or bringing a specific war to an END? None of the organizations above are tasked with doing either of these except the UN and that organization was doomed to failure from its inception because that UNITY never existed.

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Posted in: Iran President Raisi says action, not words, needed on Gaza See in context

On October 7 Hamas, Iran’s proxy, demonstrated action. Now all we get from them is the word “ceasefire”.

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Posted in: International reaction to Gaza siege has exposed growing rift between West and Global South See in context

Holocausts did take happen in the past but it doesn't mean granting right to do current genocide. 

No current “genocide”. Stop tossing terms around that don’t apply.

What hold does Israel have over the US?

None. It’s a matter of truth. Why don’t you go all the way and suggest what this “hold” is?

The future is the portion of the planet that rejects the broken ideology of the liberals.

Liberals have a lot to re-examine. As for “the portion of the planet” they are out right illiberal if not despotic.

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Posted in: Pro-Palestinian march in Ginza See in context

Am Yisrael chai.

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Posted in: One year from election, polls offer gloomy view for Biden See in context

If the polls are accurate, it looks like the MSM has failed the Democratic Party big time. After years of trying to pin so many tails on the donkey, they still haven’t come up with a way to mask Biden’s corruption, incompetence, senility, and increasing dependence on his party’s leftists.

Despite that, he’ll probably win. America’s coup de grace.

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Posted in: Blinken to visit Japan, S Korea, India after Mideast crisis trip See in context

Blinken hasn’t looked the same since getting back from Israel. I guess he discovered that not all kids in the neighborhood play nice.

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Posted in: Are EVs (electric vehicles) good for the environment? See in context

Riding a bicycle, I would much prefer all traffic to be electric so I don’t get gassed. Looking off into the distance and seeing the brown smear of pollution, yeah I won’t miss that.

You aren’t old enough to have been enveloped in a cloud of noxious diesel fumes when riding behind city buses.

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Posted in: Are EVs (electric vehicles) good for the environment? See in context

Good for WHOSE environment? First World’s (users) or Third World’s (mining, battery recycling, etc.)?

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Posted in: 'Frozen in time' landscape discovered under Antarctic ice See in context

This landscape, which is bigger than Belgium, has remained untouched for potentially more than 34 million years, but human-driven global warming could threaten to expose it, 

“Threaten to expose it”?

Aside from climatologists and geologists who can make a good living writing doctoral dissertations about the area as long as it remains “untouched” it will likely be put on a reserve to be visited by the wealth for more travel trophies.

Has it not occurred to the writer that the region may one day benefit humanity? Is it to fall under the protection of the environmentalists’ goddess Gaia?

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Posted in: Iran's quandary: How to stay out of Israel's war on Hamas See in context

How to stay out or how to get in directly without being destroyed?

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Posted in: Hamas frees two Israeli women as U.S. advises delaying ground war to allow talks on captives See in context

Hamas apparently received nothing in exchange for the release of the two hostages, 

The naïveté of these writers is truly a wonder. “Received nothing” except something to feed friendly media who are still trying to find an image to replace charcoaled Jewish babies.

What’s next? A smiley face campaign? Kinder, gentler genocide?

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Posted in: Israel's endgame? No sign of postwar plan for Gaza See in context

…has no obvious endgame in sight, with no clear plan for how to govern the ravaged Palestinian enclave even if it triumphs on the battlefield.

Israel doesn’t intend to govern Gaza. That’s up to the Gazans. They are responsible for governing Gaza. No one else is.

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Posted in: Nearly 100,000 pro-Palestinians march in London See in context

Hamas militants stormed into Israel from the Gaza Strip on October 7, and killed at least 1,400 people, mostly civilians who were shot, mutilated or burnt to death on the first day of the raid, according to Israeli officials.

Edit: Terrorists not “militants.

Honestly, I don't know which side to support. I just read the news.

You are wise to view different sources. However, the findings are out. I don’t think you have thought about this yet, otherwise you’d know which side to support.

The Jews with their high level of development would be able to lift up their semitic brethren while the oil-rich Arabs and the "international community" stepping up to the plate could also contribute to building a bi-racial community in Palestine-Israel.

“Semitic brethren”? No such creatures. “Semitic” is a term best left to the linguistic researchers whose predecessors coined it to classify languages. The “bi-racial”community you speak of already exists in Israel. You’ve never met or seen photos of Jews whose families fled Muslim countries? None of them remotely look like Donald Trump.

The Muslim are willing to unleash Mayhem ,in the wider world,if Justice is not be served in Palestine, people will turn on Israel worldwide,these can are the cold hard facts

Let them. If the Brits, French, and others don’t have the b***s to pack law-breakers up and ship them back to their country of origin then they deserve to have “-stan” added to their names. But I do pity the thoroughly integrated descendants of the immigrants who are and wish to British, French, etc..

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Posted in: Foreign minister says Japan willing to provide further aid to Gaza See in context

Will Japan accept refugee from that region? Response will be, Japanese sucking teeth expression

Japan is now accepting AS MANY Gazan refugees as Qatar, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey COMBINED.

What’s the fuss about?

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Posted in: Protest near Israeli embassy See in context

Israel is justifying a genocide based off the attack of a small group of them and your response is "it's because they hate jews" 

You are taking a complex issue and thinking about it without any attempt at comprehension.

Indeed! You are taking a simple issue - do Jews have a right to life - and thinking about it without any attempt at comprehension.

Once you accept that Jews have a right to live then talk is possible. Hamas wants to exterminate Jews so talk with them is not possible.

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Posted in: Are there any customs that, for you, are sadly no longer a part of lifestyles today? See in context

Men removing their hat when entering a home, a room, etc..

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Posted in: Are there any customs that, for you, are sadly no longer a part of lifestyles today? See in context

Visiting church on Sundays

”Visiting” like popping in for a few wafers and a wine cooler? Or attending a service?

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Posted in: 8 Japanese evacuated from Israel on gov't-chartered flight to Dubai See in context

Many Jews have left Israel. No one can leave Gaza.

Right. Egypt won’t open its border.

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Posted in: Palestinians flee northern Gaza after Israel orders 1 million to evacuate as ground attack looms See in context

Attacks against Jews and Jewish businesses are also coming from white supremacist groups and pseudo nazi groups.

The size of such groups is minuscule - not that the damage done must be.

Hamas, in great contrast, is supported by nation states such as Iran and given moral support by other states. That is where the greatest danger has always lain.

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