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Posted in: More than 10,000 people have reached UK in small boats since January See in context

More than 10,000 people have reached UK in small boats since January

Dunkirk re-enactors?

Call them for what they: illegal immigrants. That’s not so hard, is it?

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Posted in: Netanyahu acknowledges 'tragic mistake' after Rafah strike kills at least 45 Palestinians See in context

The price of war.

This is a deliberate mockery of the ICJ requests made last week. What will the US do now?

And your evidence of “deliberate” is where? The ICJ is a joke.

Nobody is sending weapons to Gaza for the Palestinian resistance so what kind of "war" is this? 

Rocket attacks from southern Gaza on Tel Aviv a few days ago. Hamas seems able to fight.

How much longer does the free pass granted to the Jews last after WW2?

The obligation of a government is to protect its citizens. Hamas has declared there will be more 10/7s. Israel is protecting its citizens. No one else will. From history they know that. Pity about Gazans killed, injured, and displaced. The price of Hamas choosing war.

the so called Free World is Arming, and Supporting his Extermination of the Palestinians.

More “genocide” nonsense. But I bet you shed not one tear for the Jewish girls raped, tortured, then murdered by Hamas and Gazan civilians.

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Posted in: Student suspected of spraying graffiti at Emperor Meiji's mausoleum in Kyoto See in context

Have him remove other graffiti on weekends for a month. Who knows? It might lead to a part-time job and some responsibility.

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Posted in: Rally for Gaza in Nagoya See in context

You just have to check online forums like yahoo news.

That’s not true sampling.

Did you know Gaza was under siege before October 7th? 

False. It would indeed have been a strange siege as thousands of Gazans were commuting to jobs in Israel every day.

Israel and doesn't care.

Israel is doing what every democratically elected government ought to do: protect its citizens. Considering that Hamas has said quite openly that it will continue making 10/7-style attacks, Hamas and Gazans can expect more.

Hamas doing have to be condemned, but it is disproportional... the number of deads is over 20 time over.

No war has ever been about proportionality.

Great attitude towards support to the mass killings of innocent civilians in Gaza. Hamas terrorist attack killed 1477 Israelis and in retaliation Israel has already killed over 34,000 Palestinians,

Correct your terminology. No “mass” killings - many people killed. You imply that Israel has killed civilizians in retaliation. This is not true. Hamas has always used civilians as human shields AND ****targeted Israeli civilians just the way they did on October 7.

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Posted in: Mister Donut apologizes for selling 'Meat Pies' that didn’t contain meat See in context

THIS is the issue. That reputation is gone


We’re hardly talking Sweeney-Todd here.

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Posted in: Comedian Dave Chappelle calls Israel-Hamas war a 'genocide,' urges Americans to fight antisemitism See in context

“Fight antisemitism”? Now that’s a brilliant and original idea.

You can’t fight an idea. You must persuade people of the fallacy of the idea.

The problem is that although you persuade someone that an idea is false, they may still use it to mask a primordial feeling. A Nazi may not actual hate Jews, he just enjoys beating the crap out of someone. Same with “revolutionaries” such as antifa: acts of destruction soothe the savage beneath.

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Posted in: Comedian Dave Chappelle calls Israel-Hamas war a 'genocide,' urges Americans to fight antisemitism See in context

Yet another performer who doesn’t know what genocide is. Or is he just pandering to an audience? “Oh, no, no, no! Performers never pander!!!”

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Posted in: Japan inflation slows to 2.2% in April See in context

“Slowing”? You could fool me.

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Posted in: Biden releasing 1 million barrels of gasoline from northeast reserve in bid to lower prices at pump See in context

Yes, the automobile destroyed American cities. Until that addiction is broken, nothing will change.

No. People not wanting to live in tiny apartments in post-WW2 cities and paying rent without building equity undermined American cities (most people rented in pre-WW2 America). The automobile liberated them. Having vast amounts of land outside cities made it possible there and less likely in Europe.

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Posted in: Biden releasing 1 million barrels of gasoline from northeast reserve in bid to lower prices at pump See in context

So much for climate change. right America? LOL

”Fighting” climate change and “fighting” high gasoline prices are political stunts. It works because the electorate (everywhere) is (choose one) ignorant, stupid (these are different), lazy, or too busy living their own lives to take notice.

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Posted in: Do you believe China will try to retake Taiwan by force one day? See in context

… they didn't have a history of killing millions of Filipinos during the Philippine-American war of 1890s, and millions of Vietnamese during the Vietnam War.

I think your numbers are a little off. It was bamboozlions of Filipinos and Vietnamese.

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Posted in: Japan scientists mass-generate cells for sperm, eggs using human iPS See in context

If they could fertilize such an egg with such a sperm cell it would make genealogy a whole lot less difficult.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy flagship carrier USS Ronald Reagan leaves its Japan home port after nearly 9 years See in context

Named after a president who hated the working class almost as much as Trump.

Is it his humble origins in a small, midwestern American town with an alcoholic father that bothers you?

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Posted in: What's the history of 'outside agitators'? Here's what to know about the label and campus protests See in context

Some people have difficulty hiding their Jew-hatred. I’m glad it’s out in the open now.

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Posted in: Palestinians rally in Tokyo to mark 76 years of displacement See in context

The partition plan offered the Jews 56% of the land. Do you think any sane, rational individual would accept such a proposal? Why should such an act be demonized?

Look at a partition map. Did “Palestinians” want to live in the Negev Desert most of which was assigned to Israel? I don’t think so.

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Posted in: Palestinians rally in Tokyo to mark 76 years of displacement See in context

More than 35000 deaths..


Not a headline in 1944: “More than 350,000 German civilian deaths. STOP THE GENCIDE!!”

If your elected leaders start a war, you pay the price. Always has been, always will be.

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Posted in: AI helping people recreate deceased loved ones See in context


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Posted in: Celebrities face digital backlash over Gaza silence See in context

I’m sure that any performer who dared to support Israel would have their skin shredded by the backlash.

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Posted in: Bread recalled in Japan after 'rat remains' found in some loaves See in context

Rat parts? Miracle of the fishy loaves.

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Posted in: On your mark, get set, gold: World Athletics stirs Olympic pot with prize money See in context

Why are the Olympics still held? They are totally irrelevant.

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Posted in: Daniel Radcliffe says he is 'really sad' over Rowling's transgender stance See in context

Daniel Radcliffe is indeed sad.

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Posted in: At least 2,000 people arrested at pro-Palestinian protests on U.S. campuses, AP tally shows See in context

Isn’t that denying their constitutional right to an education’?

There is no “constitutional right to an education”. You mean something else but I can’t make out what it is.

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Posted in: White House downplays Biden calling Japan xenophobic country See in context

Biden loves immigrants so much that he refers to the Asian-Americans who were his audience ("You know, one of the reasons why our economy is growing is because of you and many others. Why? Because we welcome immigrants,"…) as immigrants?

I guess his aides didn’t tell his speech writer that, for example, Chinese people entered the U.S. as early as the 1840s and the Japanese in the late 1860s. One might conclude that there descendants aren’t still considered immigrants and not Americans by the White House. I wonder if Joe Bidin’ His Time Till Retirement even considers them “colonists”.

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Posted in: Kishida deserves credit for passage of Ukraine aid: U.S. diplomat See in context

It‘s only perpetuating that lost cause of a war, when we should be trying to push Ukraine and Russia to the negotiating table.

If it’s a lost cause then Putin has no reason to sit at any table except the one where Ukraine will surrender.

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Posted in: The Dutch are aiming to quarantine populism. Should the rest of the world follow suit? See in context

Who are “the Dutch” that will implement and enforce a quarantine? I think Lenin did a swell job with his quarantine.

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Posted in: Roast Italian sausages over potatoes and peppers for a flavorful one-pan supper See in context

Sounds great but where does one buy good Italian sausage in Tokyo?

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Posted in: Yes, efforts to eliminate DEI programs are rooted in racism See in context

Nope. DEI is based on racism.

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Posted in: Your morning coffee may be more than a half million years old See in context

Well, I sometimes feel “half a million years old” before I have my first cup.

Sounds like the Bean and I evolved together.

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Posted in: Israel says it will retaliate against Iran, despite the risks See in context

It can't be retaliation, it will be considered as escalation.

”Phased” escalation?

That was tried by the US in Vietnam. It failed.

When you retaliate hit hard and knock your opponent to the ground with the message that if they don’t stop, the next blow will be the k.o..

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