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Posted in: How to avoid being a 'third-rate patient' See in context

I avoid doctors here unless I have no other option:

I went to the emergency room for a kidney infection (which I'm prone to). I recognized the symptoms right away and waited in the "international" hospital near Tsuki. The doctor had no idea what was wrong (after repeatedly telling him the issue) and had me take a bunch of tests before declaring that he wasn't sure and just gave me some antibiotics...though the dosage and amount wasn't enough to fix the problem and I had to return to another clinic.

I went to a gynecologist for the first time and the lady was in her late sixties (at least). She performed a sonogram (though I wasn't pregnant) and declared I had a serious disease in my ovaries. Freaking out I contact my doctor back home who assured me everything was fine and at my next appointment the gyno declared "Your ovaries are beautiful and healthy--forgetting she had given me a grave diagnosis the visit before...oh and telling the two friends I recommended they were afflicted with the same disease.

The same gyno informed me not to bother getting HIV test because Japanese people don't get HIV....that was the last time at that place.

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Posted in: 72-year-old woman killed by train after falling off platform See in context

Sounds like a scene from a movie...poor ladies

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Posted in: Abandoned boy reflects Japan's attitude on discipline, abuse See in context

Sure Japan has it right dcog (sarcasm), but mothers killing their children here is an almost weekly occurrence...

No country is perfect, but c'mon...

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Posted in: Japan revises first-quarter GDP growth up to 0.5% See in context

You can play with the numbers all you want Japan, but you're not fooling anyone. This economy is in trouble.

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Posted in: Obama preparing to endorse Hillary Clinton See in context

This whole election is horrible and we were not left with many viable options to even choose from; on BOTH sides. The only reason why I'm either considering voting for Hillary is because she seems to be a tad better than the alternative....which not a reason why I would want to vote for the next POTUS.

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Posted in: Genki Sudo returns in Shibuya-version of hit World Order song See in context

This group performed at an event I went to. Very cool for the first 1 or two songs...but then it just drags and you are looking at your watch until they are finished. It's the same thing over and over to repetitive songs.

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Posted in: 38-year-old man arrested on suspicion of kidnapping 4-year-old girl See in context

I don't think any adult stranger should be changing the diaper of a child...but do I think he wanted to do any harm? No.

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Posted in: How would you compare American animated films with Japanese ones in terms of technical quality and story-telling? See in context

I agree with garfield. Technical quality is about even but US storytelling is a couple of notches above. In many Ghibli movies, there is always a lull that seem to go on forever without much story or character development. Its always right before the climax.. Ponyo, Kiki's delivery service and even my favorite Spirited Away have this issue in opinion.

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Posted in: Indonesia introduces death, chemical castration for pedophiles See in context

I have no sympathy for those who prey on children. Good on Indonesia.

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Posted in: 37-year-old woman arrested for beating 4-month-old daughter See in context

That is true Nakanoguy...I'm sure she didn't do it out of boredom and she lost it...but it doesn't change the fact that she's a monster for beating a 4-month-old.

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Posted in: Protests turn violent outside Trump rally in New Mexico See in context

I'm no fan of Trump, but the way these anti-Trumpers are going at it is plain embarrassing. No one is listening to their message when every demonstration ends in violence. It hurts those of us campaigning for against the man civilly...but at the end of the day, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place, with us left choosing the lesser of two evils...

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Posted in: Obama's Hiroshima visit looks to future amid charges of selective amnesia See in context

I was wondering the same thing Outrider

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Posted in: Would you like to see U.S. military forces leave Okinawa? See in context

I said Yes because I would rather those resources be spent on where they are actually wanted and not looked at like a irritant.

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Posted in: Cute cat jeans designed by Japanese manga artist See in context

Mom Jeans...with a cheap tail attached at the back

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Posted in: No charges for 4 officers in killing of man in wheelchair in Delaware See in context

It sad that many cops in the US can't seem to figure out how to deescalate a situation or apprehend someone without it resulting in death. The handful of bad apples are making the everyone look like villains.

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Posted in: What is the most effective way to eradicate the sale and possession of child porn? See in context

I'm with you Simond...Public shame and humiliation I think would be a stronger deterrent than a fine.

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Posted in: Bombings kill 93 in Iraqi capital's bloodiest day this year See in context

The US should never have been there in the first place. Staying any longer would have been throwing good money after bad. Getting out was the right thing to do. The US should pull out of the region altogether. Leave the vipers to the vipers.

Here Here!

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Posted in: William Schallert, actor and union activist, dies at 93 See in context

At first that I thought it read "William Shatner....

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Posted in: Lotteria to offer massive Burger with Everything on It See in context

No way Mike...this wouldn't sell in the US. Salsa, fried shrimp, and ribs on one sandwich is blasphemy and down right disgusting. Just like Corn and Tarako on pizza.

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Posted in: Historic makeover: Harriet Tubman to be face on U.S. $20 bill See in context

This is great news. Its good to read about something positive in The U.S. for a change.

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Posted in: Actress Jennifer Aniston is world's most beautiful woman: People See in context

um.....I don't think so

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Posted in: New China-themed lingerie from Peach John See in context

Great argument guys..."the US does it too!" doesn't exonerate Japan of anything

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Posted in: New China-themed lingerie from Peach John See in context

...in many other countries, this would be bordering on cultural appropriation. I guess a positive is that Peach John is selling lingerie that looks like they're for women, not 10-year-old girls.

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Posted in: Grande arrival See in context

I like her voice and a lot of her songs, but her personality leaves something to be desired....

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Posted in: Assistant professor arrested for filming up girl's skirt See in context

At Village Vanguard they have a series of books dedicated to upskirt photos and the women in the pictures are often times in a school girl uniform... I know there is a lot of weird stuff at this store but I can't except any explanation for this being okay.

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Posted in: Which movie or TV president do you wish the real-life U.S. president could be like? See in context

Other--Dave Chappelle

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Posted in: Publishers protest agreement to cover up adult magazines in convenience stores See in context

I hope more convenience stores adopt this new policy as well.

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Posted in: The anti-Trump: Obama slowly stepping into the campaign fray See in context

I don't know why Obama bothers...the people voting for Trump probably don't like him anyway...so his opinion on Trump won't have any sway in the election process.

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan wonders where its customers went See in context

Everyone believes McDonalds and other fast food chains have the worst calories and amount of sodium, but if you believe the ruse that all Japanese food is "healthy" you are bling. A bento easily hits 800 calories for a normal sized on and tenpura don can be just as much if not more than a full mean at mickey Ds...and again, salt in everything.

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Posted in: Gov't encouraging hot springs to ease tattoo restrictions See in context

If it's not hurting anyone Hawkeye (who name's themselves after one of the worst superheros ever anyway), then it shouldn't be a problem. I don't like bad dye jobs, but does that mean it would be okay for them to be ostracized because of it.

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