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Posted in: 1,266 famous Tokyo plum trees get the axe to prevent spread of 'plum pox' See in context

Why is the aphid population out of balance with the environment? What predators are going bye-bye, and why?

Some of their natural predators, such as ladybugs, are ones that can be purchased to release in one's garden/farm, so they should probably go that route.

Fruit-producing fruit trees are obviously better for the environment (feeds wild life, and fertilizes the soil), and humans than ones simply for looks. So, if the two at the top were saying they should replace "ornamental" plants with proper plum, and cherry trees, I would have to agree.

And, someone's advertisement of a nasty GMO product means it might be a planted virus situation to sell the yucky GMO. Monsanto is known to do those kinds of tactics.

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Posted in: Police arrest 100 after California street party turns violent See in context

That sounds absurd, the police are making it up. It's probably yet another incident like the Tuscon "riot" where the only violence at all was from police.

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Posted in: Climate change boosts risk of war, hunger, floods: U.N. report See in context

Why are these missing from the little map thing?

Lower crop yields in North America, and Australia.

Wildfires in Australia.

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Posted in: No. of children on waiting list for daycare centers still a serious problem, gov't says See in context

With so few children... It's because their moms aren't mothering, but are instead working like a dad, filling daycares with kids... Because, it's not like they have older siblings to babysit, not even despite how old their parents were when they had them. This is ridiculous. Feminism has gone too far in Japan in this area. If women can't freely live as women it is not sexual equality. This woman won't be fooled by the patriarchy of "feminism."

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Posted in: Socialist Anne Hidalgo to be first female mayor of Paris See in context

Socialist!? Holy crusades... Communist politicians... France has lost their minds.

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Posted in: North, South Korea trade live fire over sea border See in context

Waste of ammunition, and wildlife (which many of them eat)... Not logical...

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Posted in: Mexican forces kill Knights Templar drug cartel leader See in context

What!? There can't be a Knights Templar drug cartel! Because there's already a Knights Templar group not remotely about gang crud, or Mexico, without ties to Spain! That doesn't make any sense! They should stick with their own cultures!

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Posted in: Japan-U.S. nuclear deal announced at Hague summit See in context

Youkai is correct. The "modern" weaponry is bad for humanity, trading survival of the fittest for survival of the richest criminalist, kleptocrat loser who couldn't win a fight that actually relies on any kind of skill, health, talent, or intelligence. But, now that it's here... We're stuck with it until something happens to get rid of it, such as it becoming lost technology/lost knowledge, or it becoming trendy to favor real combat prowess instead of lazy cheater tactics.

Less radioactive materials in one's country will always be a good thing, period. But, it's not good for those of us in the country it's coming to, adding onto all that's already here.

Japan doesn't need nukes. It is possible to defeat an invader who has nukes without having them, just like those with melee weapons still often won against those with guns, canons, etc. And, it is a lowering of one's self to adopt nukes, just like it was when a group adopted this, or that other lazy, skilless weapon.

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Posted in: Spring arrives in Japan with first cherry blossoms See in context

The thing I don't get about cherry blossom season hype stuff... Japan has cherry blossom most of the year, because they have many types of cherry trees, which bloom during different times of year. For example, they have autumn cherries, which bloom in fall, and winter... So, I fail to register why they pretend it is a spring thing, and only do cherry blossom viewing at that time.

Here, we have palo verde blossoms, but few people appreciate them, and most palo verde trees get cut to look hideous, despite naturally grown palo verdes are quite lovely, and are weeping style trees that reach down to the ground, then fill up with those yellow blossoms every single time conditions are right long enough, often blooming multiple times in one year. (We are currently seeing at least the second bloom of our trees this year. It is likely beyond the second, but I only personally noticed the two. 1-3 more will likely occur before 2015, I predict.)

Trees with flowers like cherry blossoms, and plum blossoms are all over the world, but most people don't appreciate them, or note the beautiful flowers. Cherry trees, plum trees, palo verde, almond trees, peach trees, and so on all have similar blossoms, and many of the trees themselves loo similar.

Plum blossoms are better than cherry, but do not get the hype, and popularity despite both are celebrated in Japan.

I wish I lived somewhere that would celebrate, and appreciate these kinds of things.

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Posted in: Obama demands West stand firm against Moscow's 'brute force' See in context

In the United States, most anyone who isn't too busy drinking beer, watching football, or some similr such thoughtless life, already knows World War III is coming... None of them have any interest, or option of otherwise. They need to just kick it off already. But, they're instead holding off on actual combat until arms dealers feel they've made enough money off everyone.

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Posted in: Obama winds up nuclear summit with 35-nation pledge See in context

Uh-hahahahahaha...! He pledged that? After what he illegally did with United States nukes not that long ago, and after Fast & Furious?

Whatever happened to these types of meetings being about DISarming, DEnuclearizing? Now, it's about protecting them? Not at all fishy, that one...

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Posted in: Air pollution killed seven million people in 2012: WHO See in context

This is not a global warming issue, it's an air pollution issue. It doesn't matter if you believe in global warming, this is largely about things like car exhaust.

How could such data be gotten? By tallying up deaths that were caused by things from bad air, from air pollution.

I would imagine that the vast majority of these deaths occur in, and around major cities, followed then by the poor living around factories, and plants that highly contaminate the local air, water, soil, and food.

Right now, "modern" "city planning" is mostly a lack of actual city planning, and it is creating many horrific problems in society. This is one of those problems. Big cities do not have enough plants to deal with their ridiculous levels of air pollution.

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Posted in: N Korea test-fires 30 missiles into sea See in context

Completely inconsiderate of the wildlife they, and neighbors depend upon for food... It was a stupid idea, and wasteful of numerous resources. Their efforts are all in vain, as well, and don't do anything to help anyone.

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Posted in: N Korean crimes on par with Nazis, Khmer Rouge: U.N. probe See in context

I don't believe it. North Korea is too easy to make things up about, and globalist Imperialist trash don't like isolationist nations, while having high control of propaganda, thus we cannot know the truth. Such claims can neither be believed, nor dismissed as fabrication, because there is no proof!

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Posted in: Dalai Lama urges U.S. to show self-confidence See in context

Democracy... He might be a fake if he calls that good.

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Posted in: 70 Japanese students volunteer to help clean Canada’s shores of tsunami debris See in context

Students should not be handling potentially radioactive, among other things (it did cross the ocean, which is full of nasty hings, mostly from humans + a lot of it was probably gross to begin with, just based on the kinds of debris that get reported as making it to North America), debris. Professionals who specifically get paid to do this, know what they're doing, and have things set up for compensations should be doing it. Volunteers should be illegal from trying to touch this stuff, because they have no right to do so (it's not theirs, and it's not their land), and because they are likely to hurt themselves in some wa in the process... Then, likely file lawsuits over it, and to who exactly?

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Posted in: U.S. to combat anti-gay laws worldwide See in context

A nation that has many states, and a large percent of it's general population opposed to gay marriage has no business bothering other countries for opposing gay marriage. It's just an excuse to harass these other countries, and something for politicians in on this to use to bolster their image with the pro-gay marriage portion of American voters.

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Posted in: Programs to redistribute income good for growth: IMF See in context

The United States is already too Communist. It doesn't need to get to the point of literally using Communist jargon openly. "Redistribution of wealth."

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Posted in: British cabinet to meet in Scotland amid independence fears See in context

Every move away from the world being dominated by a few prejudiced empires that are after everyone else's resources to personally benefit at others' expense is a good thing. England has no right to the resources of it's "Commonwealth" oppressed peoples. The empire has been stopped in expansion, but it has yet to have released many of it's captives. Too many people are forgetting that the Commonwealth is a case of OPPRESSION. THEY WERE CONQUERED. They did not vote to be part of a United Kingdom. It would be spitting on their ancestors' graves to vote no when given opportunity to peacefully vote out of the situation.

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Posted in: Plan to move base highlights U.S. problem on Okinawa See in context

Nearly 20,000? That's an incredibly small number. They shouldn't be publishing that kind of tiny number while China is considering attacking, because that is nowhere near adequate to protect Okinawa, Japan, or the other allies in Asia. They had better not reduce from that miniscule, inadequate number while an enemy empire looms.

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Posted in: Obama symbolically signs up for Obamacare See in context

Anyone who thinks Obamacare is health care isn't very educated, or intelligent. Obamacare is just a law that anyone with enough money for the government to profit off going after them must somehow magically obtain insurance even if insurance companies won't touch them, and even if they have no need for insurance (making it a waist of money better spent elsewhere, while they might need that money applied elsewhere), or... Be fined. And, they never clarify how often they will fine you until you magically get insurance. Obamacare is not health care. It's an excuse to take innocent peoples' money, and in a way that specifically targets the poor (but not so poor as to barely be living), and the sick. Learn to read. Numerous articles discussing Obamacare, in "mainstream" news, clearly explained that this is what Obamacare is. It is not healthcare. It's blatant corruption.

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Posted in: Obama signs defense, budget bills into law See in context

“I am encouraged that this act provides the executive greater flexibility to transfer Guantanamo detainees abroad, and look forward to working with the Congress to take the additional steps needed to close the facility,” Obama said in a statement.

That doesn't mean the prisoners are being freed, it means they're being relocated to further away prisons where things can be done to them that are illegal. So, I hope that is not the source of claiming he's talking about repatriation of detainees. In no way does that paragraph discuss such a thing at all. They have had it planned for a very long time to transfer such prisoners to further away prisons to bypass anti-torture laws, and thus close the prison they got in trouble for being proven to be breaking our laws.

The new law still forbids transfer of Guantanamo detainees to the United States, a restriction Obama opposes.

Why? They're not Americans, so to want them to be relocated here is very questionable, and reminds of Project paperclip.

He said “the continued operation of the facility weakens our national security by draining resources, damaging our relationships with key allies and partners and emboldening violent extremists.”

That doesn't make sense. They hardly keep those people alive, and the place is clearly cheap in itself. It cannot possibly be expensive to keep the place going. In fact, it'll cost more to keep them in prisons here. So, the claim is false, he lied. And, if he told one lie, the entire thing must be questioned. Weakens our national security? Nope. Damaging our relationships with key allies? LoL That's laughable! By "key allies" he means fake allies who are really enemies, but are being legally set up as allies for some moronic reason, and retained as such even when their soldiers are killing our soldiers openly. So, the whole thing's a lie. As for what has extremists, and allies mad... It's not the prion. It's the actions, beliefs, and opinions of many offensive, hostile citizens of our country. Also, the extremists are paid by , and given orders from our government, with it proven, so... Pointless to act like those acts are done on radical whims, as most everyone knows it's false flags.

The bill assures $552.1 billion in military spending, as well as $80.7 billion for overseas contingency operations, namely the war in Afghanistan.

Really? They're still mass-murdering people in Afghanistan, and screwing up their country for the benefit of Europeans, without any care for if American citizens approve of these actions? And, it's adding another $552.1 billion to the debt that will destroy or government once it's not permitted to keep getting loans, and such? For Europeans? Are we their slaves? Do they own us? I'm certainly not their slave, and fail to see why so many others are allowing this. It's treason.

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Posted in: New volcanic isle joins with nearby island See in context

Makes me think of Hawaii. That's one of the tourist attractions. Continuously erupting volcanoes.

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Posted in: U.S. marks 50th anniversary of JFK assassination See in context

No mention of the protest? Or, that it's not normal to do a memorial, and that they only did so as propaganda?

No articles on that they attacked the protesters, and the attack was stopped by a group called The People Against Police Brutality showing up?

Press were directly IN the protest, and personally getting rough-housed. Footage is on youtube, quickly accumulating views since posted. A real journalist would report this.

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