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The only issue that frequently comes up that I'm okay with is the "stay at home wife" concept. My S/O is aiming for that and I don't mind because I don't necessarily like the idea of someone else raising our kids. My only concern is making enough money for us all and that my wife maintains her drive. I would be happy if she worked as well when we had kids but for me one of us raising our kids trumps both of us working.

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@mirai i'm really curious how you came up with that speculation.

if I was going to speculate I would keep it simple.

The cameraman thought it was hilarious "2 drunk guys getting in an argument with a third person" and started filming. (it's what i would do.)

Further speculation: the drunk guys got pissed off and physically attacked the cameraman forcing him to defend himself. (again what I would do.)

People tend to assume the worst about others but it could be that the guy knocked out both, not realizing that one would later die, and just left. (This is assuming the cameraman is really a stand up guy.)

The only thing that makes me second guess this is the fact that he robbed the two guys after the fact. If he's a young kid I could see that happening as well.

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