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Posted in: Japan's lower house passes child care aid bill to tackle falling birthrate See in context

A mere Band-Aid. They are afraid to tackle the major issue: the cost of education. The government needs to provide free education from elementary school through university. That would help most parents-to-be. The government should also standardize health care for children. Those are among the two biggest worries/costs that would-be parents complain about.

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Posted in: Pro-Palestinian rally See in context

Some people are blaming Israel for the bombing of civilians. Unlike Hamas, Israel is attempting to hit military targets. Hamas is the group that is hiding behind civilians, just hoping that Arabs around the world will unite against Israel.

Those people around the world currently protesting against Israel were pretty much silent when it came to what Hamas did. Where were the protests?

It was interesting though that Israel's old enemy Egypt had warned Israel of an impending attack. Just goes to show that some Arabs are not in support of Hamas.

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Posted in: 'Every Hamas member is a dead man,' Netanyahu says as strikes devastate Gaza See in context

Is Israel's response to this surprising? What would you have it do?

Sit back and take it? Open dialogue with Hamas?

Let's not forget what Hamas is. It is a terrorist organization that hides behind the very civilians it should be looking out for. It is just hoping that Israel responds in the way it should. By doing that, they can claim they are the victims of Israel. Judging by many of the comments here, Hamas has succeeded. Israel has sent warnings to the general population of Gaza to evacuate. Hamas tells the population the opposite and that Israel won't attack. Why?

And let's not forget what Hamas had just done. They uploaded a video/images of a grandmother to her Facebook page for all to see. Why?

They also beheaded babies. They burned people alive in their cars. They attacked unarmed civilians at a concert and have kidnapped over 100 people. Why?

And many here think Israel's response is wrong?! What would you have the country do?

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