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Posted in: Owner of dog that mauled 90-year-old woman to death jailed for 14 months See in context

Not all dogs are dangerous, regardless of breed. Statistics.... blah, at the moment, statistically speaking Syrians are dangerous people! Look at how their leader treats his people. How Syrians attack Syrians and are destroying their homes and killing innocent people.

Should I go on? Humans are like a Virus on the planet, You know what we do to Viruses...should we do the same to humans?

For goodness sake, not all dogs are the same! It depends on how they are raised, trained, treated, etc.

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Posted in: S Korea: Japan must educate its people about World War II See in context

@mtwildman - Japan has apologized many times. Korea and China just want to continue to argue and use this as an excuse for political gain.

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Posted in: S Korea: Japan must educate its people about World War II See in context

And what good would "educating" them do? Do we still educate Germany on how they (those children born in 2002) killed jews? NO why? Because they (those children born in 2002) had NOTHING to do with killing jews - point being, Japanese, Chinese, Korean children, if raised to as children to respect each other and work together, will do just that...why continue to remind these children, that have nothing to do with the war back in mid-1900s, to hate each other today?

Another point - “We have to try to overcome these differences. It’s up to the Japanese attitude." What attitude is this? Korea wants Japan to say, "have the island". Japan wants Korea to say, "Have the island"... So if one side doesn't agree that side has a bad attitude? well then, both sides have bad attitudes since both sides disagree with the other.

i.e. - They do not do what I want, it's their fault they have the bad attitude... Right and so do you for not doing what the other side wants... A no win situation with both sides having "bad attitudes"....

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Posted in: 6 Ospreys fly to Futenma base despite protests See in context

They have been flying these in San Diego for years w/out an issue.

And even after a fatal crash of an F18 that killed an entire family, except the father, and burned down a house in a residential neighborhood, they still fly the F18.

Also, how many JAL and ANA planes have had issues? Should JAL and ANA be shut-down? Each plan holds at least 100 passengers not to mention all the fuel. Imagine if one of those crashed in Tokyo during a take-off from Haneda!

No one can say that these planes will never have an accident, but the same is true about JAL and ANA - The Plane is not the problem we should be focusing on... No base, no plane ;-)

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First - America has no right to stick their nose into what's not their business. Sure, they may have an interest in pushing China for a change - but a "right" or an "obligation"?? Really? How so?

Obama is forcing americans to purchase health insurance. Obama is forcing americans to fun illegal aliens' education, food, healthcare and roofs. This "Free" America you talk about does not exist. Sure, the title says "Democracy" but the truth is - well, just look at Arizona.

Arizona attempts to protect its boarders and what happens - the US Gov. steps in. Texas wanted to do away with TSA - which is an insult to freedom (Does china allow "officials' to molest 6yr old girls in public, in front of their parents??). So when Texas wanted to do away with TSA, the US Gov threatened Texas by labeling it a no-fly-zone. Freedom? Really, that's freedom?

The US economy is in shambles, the gov. cannot pass a stupid budget. The USA has no money, it's people are poor and without jobs and instead of investing in America, the Gov goes to war with Libya....Right, smart move there, spend more money you don't have!!

Is China "better than" the USA? No, I am not saying it is....but your final statements that the USA has 'the right" has "the obligation" is pure BS!! Before the USA tries to "fix" china - why doesn't the USA try to fix itself first? America does not know best...It is hypocritical, selfish and short-sighted.....How many products in Walmart are labeled "Made in the USA?" ....How many are labeled, "Made in China??"

USA Ford, USA GMC, USA Chrysler...Engine made in Mexico. Vehicle made in China. Even Buick's new car was Engineered in Germany - so what did America do? ha...

The only obligation America has is to Fix itself...for it's people and its future. That's it - fix america before you bring up your "obligations" to China.

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