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Posted in: Japan's declining attractiveness from the perspective of foreign talent is starting to become reality. Companies must improve salaries and other benefits. See in context

Let’s be honest. Nowadays, only Asians from poor countries and weebs want to work and permanently live in Japan. Japan is not an attractive place anymore.

I lived and worked in Japan for 7 years, and came back to Italy in 2019.

When I worked in Japan: unnecessary overtime; 10 days of paid leaves and very slow increase of paid leaves; low work-life balance.

Working conditions now in Italy: no unnecessary overtime and all overtime hours automatically become additional hours I can use as paid leaves (so, every 8 hours of overtime I have 1 additional day of vacation); 32 days paid leaves from the beginning; 6 days of work from home every month; great work-life balance.

Yes, the EU countries have many problems and are not heaven, but when speaking about salary, work conditions, and work-life balance are better than Japan.

The ’80 and ’90 years, the years of “strong Japan” are only memories.

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