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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after fall from 5th-floor apartment balcony in Hyogo See in context

I know this little girl is now safe and happy.

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Posted in: Protests in China over cats on the menu See in context

Protests in China over cats on the menu. What, are the protesters too lazy to just shoo them off?

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Posted in: Obama suggests some auto execs should lose jobs See in context

If the auto companies fail, so be it, NO bailouts. Retrain the workers to be able to handle the tasks in the new "green" jobs and the massive infrastructure programs that are being planned.

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Posted in: Nomura to fire up to 1,000 employees in London See in context

Which is it, fired, or layed off?

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Posted in: Survey says 63% of singles want partner before Christmas See in context

jp1983, good for you. Happiness is a state of mind.

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Posted in: 17 arrested for selling illegal porn at DVD shops in Tokyo See in context

Where do they sell legal porn?

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Posted in: Can Uncle Sam bounce back? See in context

Pity the poor winner.? Why? He won because he had the best messages, organization, and money. He has a majority in the House and the Senate. It is assured he can do it all. One lady told me today " He is just like God." I could not bring myself to refute her.

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Posted in: McCain says pundits being fooled; promises victory See in context

Granpa McCain knows that many voting machines have been fixed to vote "McCain", no matter what the voter chooses.

Link please?

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Posted in: Toyota fighting U.S. woes to meet global sales goals See in context

Japan still produces the best vehicles. They produce them in the U.S. and are still higher quality than GM and Ford. I've never been able to figure this out.

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Posted in: Palin defends terrorist comment against Obama See in context

Only Obama will have an easy time in power. All he has to do is say " Bush, and his administration, screwed thing up so bad that even I can not heal them". Bingo he has it made for the next 4-8 years.

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