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Posted in: Things Japanese girls do that make guys go, 'Huh?' See in context

I don't see much difference here from American girls, they are the same the world over.

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Posted in: Can Cameron deliver Titanic results on 'Avatar?' See in context

Do we really need a movie about evil humans killing and exploiting innocent, noble aliens? Just think of how much more good that half a billion could have done to help the poor around the world.

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Posted in: What are your favorite movies that deal with the destruction of the world? See in context

Does anyone remember 'Quintet' (sp?) with Newman, back in the 70s or early 80's. Had to do with a global ice age.

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Posted in: What's your stance on abortion? See in context

One abortion= one less welfare recipiant, one less prison cell occupied later on.

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Posted in: Senate apologizes for slavery, segregation in U.S. See in context

Do something now, before we find it much harder to forgive you. who is we and who are you?

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Posted in: Man with scissors attacks 13-year-old girl in Nagoya See in context

I believe sensei258 got it right

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