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Posted in: Amazon's Bezos attends premiere for $1 bil 'Lord of the Rings' prequel See in context

The highly anticipated TV series, launching September 2 on Amazon's streaming platform, is said to be a personal obsession of Jeff Bezos, multi-billionaire founder of the online shopping giant-turned-streamer.

An adaptation of another of his obsessions, Iain Banks The Culture was canned by Amazon.

How much we would want to see it it is probable we dodged a bullet/knife missile.

Bezos is antithetical to the Culture.

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Posted in: Japanese firms to jointly develop facial recognition payment system See in context

The banking group will test whether it is possible to use the system to make deposits, withdrawals and transfers as well as purchase investment trusts at some of the Resona Bank branches without passbooks or cash cards in the fiscal year starting next April.

Some banks already require fingerprints for new accounts. Minority Report anyone? Cosmetic surgery, popular in some regions, will have a new wrinkle...

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor apologizes for biting athlete's gold medal See in context

I’m really sorry that I hurt the treasure of the gold medalist,” Kawamura told reporters Thursday.The mayor said the medal was undamaged, though he offered to pay for the cost of a new one.

Goto, however, has accepted the International Olympic Committee's offer of a replacement, according to Japanese media reports.

The medal bite has become a staple of Olympic photo-ops — but for the winners themselves, not others.

Japanese media:Forest for the trees; mountains out of molehills.

There are a thousand other Japanese politicians and bureaucrats guilty of offenses orders worse than Kawamura if you just look over the headlines of the past few weeks!!

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