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Posted in: Samsung unveils new Galaxy 4G smartphone See in context

Yep, looks alright but what they don't wanna mention at any cost is the poor battery life. Samsung's has a bad reputation when it comes to battery life and unless I see some serious improvement in the "juice" department I won't be replacing my old keitai...

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Posted in: For a nuclear-free Japan See in context

With all my heart, I wish and pray that it stays that way and that nuclear reactors don't get started again. It was horribly unwise idea to even make these reactors in the Ring of Fire, but hey, the whole world has to pay the price now...

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Posted in: Woman sits on, kills infant son See in context

JapanGal, The mother sat on child's face and obstructed its breathing apparatus so basically this poor child suffocated to death. She obviously did it with intent to kill the child. Every caring mother would have never horseplayed with her child to the point of killing her own dearest child...

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Posted in: Woman sits on, kills infant son See in context

Each child develops mentally at different speed. This sick and heartless woman should rot in prison for the rest of her life and I truly hope that justice will be satisfied, however, the child's life is lost regardless of the punishment and that is a real tragedy here...

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Posted in: Some Japanese customs that may confuse foreigners See in context

Just make sure you bow many times while you're talking on the phone...

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Posted in: France raises prospect of military action in Syria See in context

Look how their "peace" intervention helped Libya become more prosperous country then ever before. They wanna repeat same process in Syria, bomb their country, topple their government and let the warring clans later entirely destroy themselves.

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Posted in: Nagano woman arrested for attempted murder after strangling 1-year-old daughter See in context

Baby was probably crying and this mother realized if she pressed her throat hard enough the child will be quiet, if she holds for a minute child will "fall a sleep" and then she will have enough time to talk with her friends on her precious keitai...what happened to natural mother instincts of love and protection

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Posted in: Chip lets smartphones see through walls, clothes See in context

I can already see new pantie line woven by lead fibers, a bit heavy but provide a full security from those curious peeks with these new devices directed towards female body parts...ahem, all perverts rejoice...

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Posted in: Hunters kill brown bear in residential area of Sapporo See in context

The ones that venture into cities should be killed. Bears have a capacity of entirely ripping any man apart especially in this time of the year when they wake from their hibernation... All of people here who are talking crap that bear should have been tranquilized and released in the wild are obviously talking without any real life experience...

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Posted in: World’s first GPS solar watch See in context

My G-Shock Casio powered by solar energy looks way cooler than this Seiko watch, and costs only 30.000 yen, a real beater watch, tried hard to destroy it just so that I'm "justified" for buying a brand new one, but it doesn't wanna give up. My father's Seiko breaks down so easily, he replaced 2 of them while I'm still on my Casio beater...

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Posted in: Dreams Come True singer Miwa Yoshida marries man almost 20 years younger See in context

Or better, Sugar Mama story :)

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Posted in: Dreams Come True singer Miwa Yoshida marries man almost 20 years younger See in context

Yeah, "a dream come true" for any cougar lady out there. Right on, another "cougar" success story...

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Posted in: Death penalty finalized for man who killed mother, child while he was a minor See in context

LoveNot, your comments aren't wise or let alone justice inspired. It is really true that some people seem wiser if they don't speak at all. This subhuman deserves nothing but death after merciless killing of the young mother with her child. 18y old a minor?? Technically on the paper yes, but 18y is adult age in many other countries. Justice served, kudos to Japan Justice system :)

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Posted in: Police: 11-yr-old boy lied about being slashed in supermarket See in context

Hmm, this scenario is still better than the initial one lol...

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy slashed by man in supermarket See in context

What kind of a sick mind he has to posses in order to do such heinous act of pure evil?!? Obviously he had a plan to slash someone on that day, hence he wore black clothing, black sun glasses and black cap (perhaps baseball cap), but why slash the weakest of the weak, innocent child...sigh. Sometimes I wonder what really wrong with some Japanese people...

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abusing 2-week-old twins See in context

She is sick and perverted. New generations of Japanese are unprepared for real life and when it happens for real they freak out. This woman should be sent to prison for a year to smarten up and understand what she did and go through some serious counseling sessions...

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Posted in: Toyota launches Aqua gasoline-electric compact hybrid See in context

It's sure more stylish than Prius. Could buy it but then I'm stuck with a new car in Japan and wouldn't be able to take it home with me (Canada) because of their silly car import laws (cars must be 15 years ols or older to get import permission). This car sure looks awesome, with its fuel economy would be a dream come true if I intended to stay in Japan forever.

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Posted in: ANA flight delayed after pilot exceeds blood-alcohol limit See in context

ANNA has become a dangerous airline to fly with. Just recently there was an accident involving their pilot who wasn't skilled enough to operate ANNA's newer model jet (when it flu almost upside down). ANNA has nice jets, but very dangerous pilots. Beware of this airliner and fly with safer airlines like Lufthansa, Austrian, Air Canada, Singapore Airline, JAL (still safer than ANNA).

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Posted in: Girl arrested for robbing taxi driver in Iwate town See in context

tmarie san, fully agree with your statement. Couldn't believe my own eyes that 19y old is considered a minor but aren't minors when it comes to marriage, army service... but then again, hey, it's Japan and everything is possible, even owning child porn isn't a punishable offence....

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Posted in: Fujitsu introduces ARROWS Z ISW11F au smartphone See in context

All nice...but, battery dead in 2h of web browsing...nothing new. Will definitely wait until they come up with mobiles that can simply work a bit longer. My iPhone 4 is dead in about 4h of web browsing, or 2h of watching you tube...

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Posted in: DoCoMo unveils 24 new mobile devices, including smartphone with Xi hi-speed network See in context

docomo is the most expensive mobile provider in whole Japan. They better offer as many handsets as possible as they had lost a tremendous amount of business to softbank and their iPhone (and currently to AU as well since they started offerin an iPhone). If you don't care so much about the money docomo is sure the best, no doubts about it. For a monthly bill that you'd pay with docomo you could have almost 5 mobile phone sets with softbank (i pay on average 1.600 yen/ month with softbank and for the same deal with docomo they would charge almost 10.000 yen / month)....

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Posted in: Samsung targets 2 mil sales of new Galaxy device See in context

It all boils down to usability and the battery life. All smart phone face the same ugly truth and that is a lightning fast battery run down, including iphone. Unless they improve the battery life i will stick to my iphone 4 until someone comes up with some revolutionary battery technology which could extend a smart phone battery longer than measly 1 day on all current smart phones (or half day on android phones).

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl slashed on face by man on street in Saitama See in context

Those who think it's the girls fault for not being careful enough, now that is coming from people who know very very little about real life and street crooks and psychos. She was taken by surprise as the attacker carefully approached from her back and then slashed her. Even if you were the top martial artist of every known martial art there is a chance that if someone wants to hurt you for NO REASON (so you're unaware of the threat) they will be able to sneak up on you from your back and give you a quick slash or stab wound into your kidney.... Imagine walking on one of the crowded shibuya streets, will you turn around every 2 seconds to check who is behind your back? Of course, if she was a female ninja with a sensitive 6th sense then she'd be all fine lol...

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Posted in: Toyota to unveil new hybrid model at motor show See in context

Holy smokes, 35km/l is a hell of a mileage, perhaps if you apply hypermiling driving style it it could easily reach 45-50km/l... Awesome work Toyota. Now we wait for the response from Honda (my number one favorite car maker).

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Posted in: Families of 2 kindergarten kids killed by tsunami to file suit See in context

I totally feel for these parents and will pray that they win their lawsuits.

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Posted in: Man secretly videos 2,000 women in public toilet; sells DVDs of footage See in context

I guess these women should have checked the toilet bowls and surroundings for any atypical equipment around the toilets. Well, nothing new.....yawn.

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Posted in: Woman found strangled in Osaka love hotel See in context

17y old?! Calling her a woman because she was strangled...but if someone older than 18 has sex with her then they call him a pedophile and her an underage teenager or child.... But let's forget the stupid terminology, a life has been forced out of this child and finding the cold blood murderer is the first priority. God bless her soul.

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Posted in: Clarino Beautiful Legs Awards See in context

Tokyokawasaki, your funny comment is hurting my stomach from laughing so much.

"Their parents must be so proud of them for winning such a shallow and meaningless award."

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