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Anthony Fenton comments

Posted in: Djokovic loses deportation appeal in Australia See in context

It's really quite a straight forward matter.

Djokovic attempted to deceive Australian immigration authorities by endorsing a falsified visa declaration. Were any one of us to do that, we would most certainly be denied entry and subjected to removal. Individuals such as Djokovic have an even greater responsibility to demonstrate integrit. So, it's back to his dentention center and on with whatever appeal his overpriced lawyers can cobble together on short notice. Some will see him as a fighter. I see him as a spoiled brat with diminished integrity and a heightened sense of entitlement. Our universities are full of them!

Djokovic, have your appeal but know this for certain: you'll be packing your bags again and soon -- persona non grata!

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Posted in: Air transport to and from Tokyo disrupted by cold snap See in context

Are you kidding me?!? The authorities should consider investing in more deicing equipment!

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Posted in: Japanese airlines to offer discount to people with mental disorders See in context

Thank you for reporting on this recent development which I applaud.

A shift away from segregation to the integration and inclusion of persons with special needs is a defining feature of our postmodern societies. Many reform-minded countries have taken steps to encourage not just tolerance but - acceptance - of our uniqueness as individuals. Such is evidenced by not only token legislative reforms but changes in policies in both the public and private sectors as well as their respective institutions. Already, most airlines offer special fares to customers for a variety of well-considered reasons.

Several of the comments noted above reflect that understanding while others, however, demonstrate that we leaders and educators have yet considerably greater work to do!

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Posted in: Malaysia says airport safe; autopsy shows nerve agent effect See in context

While I accept that Malaysia should follow all the necessary diplomatic protocols, at the end of the day, it also needs to be recognized that embassies cannot be used has safe harbors from which an murder, on 'any' traveler', with military grade nerve gas banned by the UN, can be conducted in an international airport. The North Korean embassy must be closed indefinitely.

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy drowns in Shizuoka river See in context

All bodies of water (oceans, lakes, ponds, pools, rivers) have their own set of hazards for even the strongest of swimmers: rivers are extremely hazardous recreational places, ask any canoeist or kayaker. Currents, rocks, tree roots, dead spots, water depth, wild life, weather, and visibility all make for treacherous conditions, even if one is wearing a life preserver. Unfortunately, in hot weather, because of the seeming shallowness and refreshing sound, rivers are inviting places for those who unwittingly seek refuge from the heat. Children, teenagers, and inexperienced adults are well advised to avoid rivers, especially during periods of high run-off!

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Posted in: Tokyo to consider public smoking restrictions in preparation for 2020 Olympics See in context

Excellent opportunity, seize on it!!

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Posted in: Disgraced Japanese swimmer 'lost his mind,' says JOC See in context

Right, he lost his focus... It shifted from the bronze to the 700,000 yen camera... And then got caught on camera, not winning but loosing!

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Posted in: Addition of Korean name for Sea of Japan becomes law in Virginia See in context

Here's a passing thought--that's about all this issue deserves--why don't all nations which border on international bodies of water each submit their own names. The UN could then ratify and register those names. By doing that, it would hopefully cause all concerned to draw closer toward recognizing that we are all members of equal standing within a global community. Becoming a member in equal standing would hopefully translate into a greater shared responsibility for matters of a higher priority such as: ecology, rising sea levels, exchange of technology, peace and security, pollution, resource sustainability, migration, transportation, and conflict resolution.

Anthony Fenton

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Posted in: How can a jet disappear? In the ocean, it's not hard See in context

Yes, it may have for a time flowen off course, but really, what are the odds of it being anywhere but in the drink. The real question is: How did it get there? The CIA and their collaborators must by now have some reasonable intel on that.

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