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Posted in: 4 wanted criminals escape Japan; Justice Ministry blames Immigration Bureau See in context

In and out, the perfect crime!

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Posted in: 3 Kanagawa teachers disciplined for various infractions See in context

Dude who drank the beers couldn't save it until he got home!? C'mon. And the idiot touching girls, GO GET LAID SERIOUSLY, PAY A STREETWALKER IF YOU HAVE TO BUT LEAVE THE JAILBAIT ALONE (I'm just being a jerk on that one). And the bully who broke the kid's nose, not saying its right but what the heck did the kid do to for the teacher to go that far? On another note, how is the troll getting away with all this crap without incurring moderator wrath!?

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Posted in: S Korean PM criticizes Japanese gov't for boycotting Korean Air See in context

Both countries need to get a life, there are bigger fish to fry especially with Japan. Two big babies fighting over an empty bottle.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. try to salvage Futenma relocation plan See in context

This is a waste of time and money, why don't the people living in Okinawa trade places with the people living in the gym floors up North since they resent the US presence so much. I'm pretty sure the people who suffered from the earthquake would love that.

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Posted in: Reaching for the universe See in context

what the heck is with Japanese women and their jacked up teeth!?

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Posted in: Suspect in murder of housewife 9 years ago arrested in Odawara See in context

Baka! Why snicth on yourself now!? You must have fell on hard times. Well jail is a roof over your head and 3 squares a day all for free!

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Posted in: Niigata policeman dismissed for stealing from coworkers See in context

“I had been gambling to try and relieve stress and I needed money to pay for the habit. I stole the notebooks hoping to find material I could use to harass my coworkers.”

Chotto, so he actually had the balls to say that! This guy deserves a nice kuma ken to the face!

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Posted in: Stirring up a hornet's nest See in context

I liked it, the movie as far as character development was rushed but everything else was cool and hilarious. The big action scenes had you saying "how the hell are they going to get out of that!?"

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Posted in: Two homeless men wanted after man stabbed outside Ikebukuro Station See in context

Alcohol at 11am? plastered early I see

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy falls from balcony of 9th-floor apartment See in context

I wonder what excuse they have for leaving the kid alone like that? I had to work, there was something I had to do and I couldn't take him, etc. If this were the states, they'd have the book thrown at them!

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Posted in: Baby girl in critical condition after getting head trapped in car window See in context

Idiot, why the hell would you leave a 1 year old unattended? Didn't she know as a childcare worker they love to climb over and touch everything! I say charge that fool with child endangerment and make her pay the med bills, seriously. Gomennasai won't cover this one.

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Posted in: Ken Matsudaira's wife found dead in apparent suicide See in context

Damn man, why kill yourself? Life can't be that miserable. I'm probably going to catch flame for this but I think killing yourself is selfish, do these people actually think about the people they affect when they are about to do this? I don't really think so. Just like My2Sense said about the guy jumping off that platform, maybe not about the hour it cost him but about the kids that were around, thats going to haunt their thoughts some.

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Posted in: A Walkman obit: Remembering the portable player See in context

Aww man the memories, I had two walkmans. The first one I don't remember but it was a simple one and the second was the WM-FX421 (loved that thing to bits because of the Digital Display and buttons on the front). I eventually got a walkman MD but it just didnt feel the same. RIP Walkman.

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Posted in: Galaxy S handset See in context

Shall we cut now Lord Vader? (Force chokes the three men and takes Horikita into the back for some Sith traning) 0_0

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Posted in: What's the best way to deal with screaming or badly-behaved children at airports and on planes so that they don't drive other passengers crazy? See in context

Infants I can understand, but any kid 3 and above needs to be taught early so they understand that screaming their head off will get them nothing but a wet face and grasping for air. I would teach my kids to pop their ears on a plane, its annoying to me so I know it has to suck for them and depending on how long the plane ride, get them a nice long distraction, something they will be so focused on so it will knock them right out!

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Posted in: Knife found near scene of Kobe high school boy's murder See in context

One, Why the hell were these kids outside 10:40pm on a school day? (Unless they were out the next day) Two, He told the girl to run so he knew trouble was coming for him, could it be that he knew his attacker? Suspect I tell you.

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Posted in: Japan asks China to pay for damage to patrol boats See in context

Hahaha, yea Right. China isn't going to pay just like Japan isn't going to apologize, there is too much pride in the way on both sides.

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Posted in: Man stays with murdered woman for week after death See in context

Crazy Bastard, and choking her solved what!?

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