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Posted in: The 'downgraded wives' who make hubbies squirm See in context

I could comment on this because I am married to a beautiful Japanese woman, WE live in Japan, and WE DO NOT have children and we are very happy. As a matter of fact WE laugh at these poor saps because they got out of it what they put into it literally. You got in, got a little 'booty' which in Japan means "Well, I gave it up, so you have to marry me now.". Especially if the poor bastard is working and make good money. Most of these Japanese salarymen are not that smart of people. Trust me, when you see these idiots on Wed, Thurs., and Fri. Company drinking parties you will know exactly what I am talking about. What the hell do you think they have these parties for? For some; most to bitch and complain about wives', bad children, and neighbours who they swear that if they get one more dirty look from they are going to beat them within an inch of their lives. I have been to my fair share of izakaya (Drink Houses) since I have been in Japan and have been able to fully understand Japanese and some of the shit you hear about peoples' households in regards to their children and spouses are atrocious. But, don't be so quick to say the men are bad, because the women when they have their Okaachan Kai or Okusan Kai or Joushi Kai (Basically, female only drinking parties) they shit bash the hell out of their husbands, boyfriends, etc. as well. Trust me, as a foreigner for the most part they think when they talk about shit in front of us that we do not understand. I could write a book on the amount of stuff I have heard over the years and it never gets old. Always funny shit.

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Posted in: 28 Fukuoka bars get threatening phone calls in one night See in context

These Yaks are finally getting a taste of what happens when society decides that they will not take their shit anymore. It is about time. This is not post World War II anymore where the Police depended on these bad boys to prevent themselves from receiving a bad name. It is time to move towards a new era and put foot to ass in the name of all that is good. I commend the Fukuoka Prefecture Police for finally finding their NUTZ and making these asshats behave themselves.

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I believe this is Samsung's way to say, "We really dropped the ball on this one didn't we. F&%k!!! We know we messed up, we tried to hop into a game where we were already losing. Looks like Apple wins again. Damn, these Americans are smart..."

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TizalleymanOct. 12, 2012 - 10:31AM JST

I can't possibly see this working out well for Softbank. I'm assuming the executives at Softbank have done their homework on the American cell phone market and realize they will not be able to turn the kind of profits they currently enjoy here in Japan. Cell phone users in the States will laugh in their face if they try to establish a charge for calling outside of their cellular carrier. And charging for long distance calls, forget about it. Oh, and charging for data usage, welcome to a market that offers unlimited usage. As long as they don't try to enforce Japanese cellular business practices into the US cellular market they will probably still do ok, but as I mentioned earlier they won't see the kind of profit earned in the Japanese market...

Whatever, you are smoking get me some; because it is clear you are speaking out of your ass. You know nothing about the Japanese mobile telecom market do you? Live here and use the service first before you spout hot air please. Please like this sicken me. Never used the service but ready to complain. I have been with Softbank since they were J-Phone. Son has been kicking ass for us here in Japan and this new battle he is taking us into will being the industry leader. Also, Japanese businesses have the best customer services principles and procedures on the face of the planet. Not like US Mobile Carriers Customer Service which are notorious for having rude clerks.

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Posted in: Softbank in talks to buy U.S. telecom giant Sprint Nextel See in context

I am going to start out by saying that most of you are completely oblivious to the Mobile Telecom Market towards its inner-workings. If Softbank Telecom K.K. Japan can successfully take over SprintNextel and along with them absorb T-Mobile U.S.A. and MetroPCS. They will not only be the most powerful Mobile Telecom Corporation on the planet they will own the market. In Japan, they will be able to squeeze the hell out of KDDI au, and NTT Docomo, in terms of price. Now, when we look at this on a larger scale, when "Gozilla Telecom" my nickname for Softbank when it lands on the US Market. It is going to tear down AT&T and Verizon like a little boy gaining the courage to bust the school bully's ass for taking everybody's lunch money. Looking at it on a much larger scale, We all know T-Mobile is not native to the USA. It operates out of the UK. Can you imagine if they make their phones have universal access no matter where you go, and not have to be overcharged for it? My God, Softbank is finally doing for us what other Mobile Telecom conglomerates would not do. Making it a user and consumer friendly market. Now, by my experience, if you speak Japanese like I do, and know how to understand the dial in menu to reach an English speaking clerk. Softbank, has the greatest service in Japan. Also, with the launch of the platinum band. Softbank's services kill Docomo and AU hands down. Now, they are looking to buy eAccess to unleash LTE on the Japanese market. Softbank is arming themselves for a war that will have no true adversaries. All the stockholders, as I am one as well. I am looking forward to a diluted stock split, because it means for a cheaper price I can increase my stake in the company, and when they hit the black they are going to hit it big and stockholders will start seeing dividends out their 'hoohah' if Softbank pulls this one off. I can't wait. Cheap stocks that are guaranteed to blow up again? Man, good days are coming. The yen is staying strong so if Softbank is going to go for this one, the Mobile Telecom market will kill and die for it.

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I do not understand why people always gotta be haters. Jesus, get a life already. He is the fastest man on the planet! A gift from God.

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It is things like this that sicken me about this country. Women are people too. If I was this chick I would straight shit kick these Senpai in the balls and when I was given a talkin' too by the superior, I would have put his balls in a vise and said, "People are watching, and there is always a camera that saw something. If you want a public scandal; trust me I have plenty of time and I am in state of wanting to F up a couple lives aside from my own. I am the Phoenix and you are about to feel the burn of my anger.

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