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Posted in: Japan's 1st case of monkeypox confirmed in Tokyo See in context

"Japan should require a negative test for Monkeypox and/or vaccine for entry. Japan has a chance to nip in the bud."

And Japanese government should distribute two reusable boxer briefs per household.

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Posted in: Unification Church ties to lawmakers emerges as major political issue in Japan See in context

no money has moved from the LDP to this entity, or from this entity to the LDP.

Carefully chosen words. How about politicians in LDP or other parties? How about other forms of bribe?

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Posted in: Gyms facing COVID mask dilemma amid summer heat concerns See in context

"Masks are effective in preventing the infection of others, and keeping us from getting infected ourselves," he said. "There is no objective evidence that wearing masks causes heatstroke either, so we shouldn't demonize it just during the summer."

So many things wrong in just two sentences. There is no evidence that the common cloth masks that people use are effective in preventing infections particularly in gyms where the virus can easily transmit through touching surfaces. Also, no body except a very small minority "demonizes" masking. Let the people who care about it wear their masks and let others who do not want it in this heat not.

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Posted in: KDDI to pay damages to millions of users after network outage See in context

Screw up big time and then penny pinch while compensating customers. KDDI is giving lessons on how not to do crisis management.

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Posted in: Japan government plan for Abe state funeral sparks protests See in context

Let LDP show respect for the deceased by not using his death as a political tool and posturing to their base. He already had his funeral. Case closed.

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Posted in: JAL to reassign 3,000 employees as international air travel struggles See in context

Bet this is going to be the type of reassignment which they will "voluntarily" resign in a few years.

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Posted in: Japan likely to hold state funeral for Abe at Budokan on Sept 27 See in context

"contributions to Japan and the world."

I think I missed something or I need the LDP-brain-rot to not that he was nothing but a detriment to Japan and the world. And now Kishida and other LDP goons have sworn to milk his death as long as possible.

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Posted in: 2.5 seconds: The security lapses that sealed Shinzo Abe's fate See in context

"There was enough security"

No, there was a band of people posing as security.

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Posted in: LDP faction to come under collective leadership after Abe's death See in context

Not that much different from CCP picking a leader from the party elite. And all the people have to do is to rubber stamp whover is served in front of them in election day.

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Posted in: Japan to drop setting ceiling on next year's defense spending: Nikkei See in context

"Japanese voters, fearing a slide into militarism, have traditionally been wary of big increases in defense spending, but many now worry that Russia's invasion of Ukraine may embolden China to attack neighboring Taiwan."

Years of gaslighting by LDP and LDP-affiliated media has worked.

Let's all quit out jobs and start working in the so-called "defense" industry then.

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Posted in: Japan unlikely to ask people to curb activities despite COVID spike See in context

"To curb further spread of the virus through travel and socializing during the upcoming summer vacation period, the government is planning to request the country's 47 prefectures set up free COVID-19 testing sites at major stations and airports"

Two years late to the party.

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Posted in: Japan digital minister Makishima tests positive for COVID while in U.S. See in context

Makishima's return to Japan, scheduled for Saturday, will be delayed

What a selfless sacrifice getting an extra vacation with tax-payer money to not bring one more case to a country with 100K daily positives. Border restrictions make absolutely no sense at this point.

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Posted in: Japan delays domestic travel plan after COVID cases surge See in context

It doesn't like people care anyway though, a lot of flights and hotels are already fully booked

Good. That shows that this subsidy wasn't needed and hopefully, it won't be brought back when the case count eventually decreases.

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Posted in: Abe's killing jolts Japan lawmakers, business leaders, voters See in context

It is an act of absolutely unforgivable political terrorism

Looks like the usual suspects are already planning to use this assassination for political gain. I wonder who she is trying to pin this on?

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Posted in: Tokyo school swaps fresh fruit for jelly as food prices soar See in context

Supposed first-world economy Japan cannot feed its youth fresh fruit for lunch. Everybody, especially the voters, should pause and think about that.

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Posted in: App developed to automatically delete children's nude selfies See in context

Let's see...

What's the rate of false positives? Will the app delete perfectly normal photos and then alert parents over nothing?

Does the app run completely in the phone that it's installed or does it send any data to a remote server?

How did this 24 year-old wannabe tech bro get a hold of data i.e. photos of nude children to train his "AI"?

Even if we assume pure intentions, there are too many ways this thing could fail catastrophically.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister draws fire for saying gov't won't listen to opposition See in context

Whoops, said the quiet part out loud. No steak and kyabakura for you this week.

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Posted in: KDDI says 70% of services restored after wide network troubles See in context

People who claim that this is the work of Russian hackers should provide proof of their claims otherwise they are, dare I say, creating misinformation. And suppose this was the work of hackers, leaving the extremely critical telecom infrastructure in a state that is prone to hackers isn't the excuse that you think clears the KDDI executives hands. They should stop the theater with the fake apologies and give a transparent account of what caused the outage, why did it take so long to fix it, and what are their plans to prevent a reoccurrence.

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Posted in: Tokyo government announces new name for maternity/paternity leave; hopes to change attitudes See in context

Right, it was the vocabulary that made the court agree with Mitsubishi UFJ's case against Glen Wood. His lawyers should emphasize that he took an 育業 and not 休業 in his appeal, and surely the outcome will be different this time, right?

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Posted in: Tokyo raises alert level amid resurgence in COVID-19 cases See in context

Quasi emergency incoming! Time to open a quasi bar to get them government monies.

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Posted in: Supreme Court's abortion ruling sets off new court fights See in context

There are more red states than blue states. If more Democrat voters move out of them, the Senate will permanently become a Republican organization. Also, more free electors with less population in presidential elections. Maybe the republicans are playing this game right now. And assuming that they won't try to ban abortions nationwide when they obtain the power to do so is very naive.

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Posted in: Relaxed mask usage guidelines barely spread among Japanese public See in context

"The japanese population is scared to take masks off, because of all the idiots who still spread their fearmongering BS around, and because of all the fearmongering media which do not stop to jump on each single small fearmongering news."

I think it has gone beyond that and became hive mind thinking as things often do in Japan. As Naoki Sato says, they need the queen bee to issue a decree at this point.

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Posted in: Supreme Court's abortion ruling sets off new court fights See in context

Just as it shouldn't be up to the states to determine whether a human being has property rights of another human being, it shouldn't be up to the states to force a woman to pregnancy. State politics has long become a battle ground for extremists' virtue signaling and they will stop at nothing to serve their evangelical base red meat now that nothing stops them.

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Posted in: Biden urges Western unity on Ukraine at G7 summit See in context

That round table photo sums up Kishida's and thereby Japan's presence in G7 so well.

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Posted in: Campaigning heats up for July 10 upper house election See in context

de gozaimasu intensifies...

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Posted in: High court rejects paternity harassment allegations by Canadian man See in context

It also criticized Wood for taking his case public instead of quietly resolving the dispute with the company

The judges know they have to side with the money interests but they don't want to be forced to make these rulings publicly, showing how corrupt they are.

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Posted in: Party leaders debate ahead of Upper House election See in context

Tachibana seems to have completed his character arc to become Saul Goodman.

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Posted in: Kishida, BOJ chief discuss rapid fall of yen See in context

Let's see...

BOJ tries to aggressively boost economic activity by keeping interest rates zero even during a time when almost all developed countries are moving to a contractionary monetary policy.

Yen tumbles. And prices of imports, particularly, oil skyrockets.

Kishida borrows more money to artificially keep oil prices low, effectively injecting more money to the economy and expanding money supply, again all the while other developed economies are all raising interest rates.

And then the two of them come together and "discuss" the fall of yen like a couple of bystanders.

This government is addicted to cheap money and there is no cure for it.

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Posted in: Ruling LDP has highest pre-election support at 27%: poll See in context

They have enough "foreign" issues like China and the pandemic to gaslight the electorate for a comfortable victory at least for a few more election cycles.

But the opposition's lack of enthusiasm and the electorate's learned helplessness is the main issue here. They should be banging on every door, fighting tooth and nail for screen time in the media during the worst economic outlook of Japan since WW2, and exposing the rot in the government and LDP. They should be bringing politics to the people and making the youth vote for the first time in generations.

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Posted in: Uyghur-heritage candidate urges Japan to embrace diversity See in context

on a platform that emphasizes bread-and-butter issues...

...She plans to campaign for amending the pacifist constitution, which bars the use of force to settle international disputes and is interpreted by some as prohibiting the country from having any military force.

What? Is this the so-called bread-and-butter issue? She is just toeing the LDP war mongers' line to get a seat in the Diet.

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