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and investigations by the FBI and Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, both of which found that no action against Pitt was necessary.

The article should have stopped there.

But no,

More details of the allegations were revealed earlier this year when a Jolie lawsuit against the FBI over a Freedom of Information Act request was made public.

And then goes on to detail for more than half the article ALLEGATIONS, already dismissed by the FBI and child services.

Basically retelling what has already been said was not true by the legal system.

If any of these allegations had been true Pitt would have been charged and he wasn't.

So we are now reprinting tabloid trash.

Strange if it was the other way around the newspaper and reporters would be called out for not believing the woman or for being misogynistic.

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I understand the seriousness of the situation but does anyone really believe these large corporations or most major climate activists leaders.

I was in a nice hotel in Japan, the corporation like ANA says it is taking certain measures to reduce waste and climate change, so we took the eco friendly pack no daily room cleaning.

"In all the rooms this notice to reduce our ecological impact we have removed the following plastic based items: bursh, combs......"

Then we go to breakfast, it is a buffet where we are told to use a new pair of plastic gloves ( non latex due to peoples allergies) told not to resuses the same plat or cup, ( I won't get into the food waste).

And if anyone thinks this is a safety measures because of Covid, well all the silly parents are there with there no mask, no gloves children at the buffet faces at food height with staff constantly telling them not to touch things.

Then we have climate activists like Greta Thunberg flying around the world, Izzy Cook one of the leaders of students movement in NZ saying we should need a permit to travel only for special reason.

Then the reporter asks is she travelled by plane recently Izzy admits going to Fiji on vacation recently the exact location she just told the reporter she (the report) should go to.

Instead of accepting the hypocrisy, social media attacked the report for laughing at the girl (Izzy).

Everything is knee-jerk reaction like the "save the trees" campaign back in the 70s against paper bags the exact reason we use plastic bags now. It seemed like a good idea at the time but lead to far worse

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Today 02:52 pm JST

Why bother? Everything in the UK is paid by debit card now. While spending 3 weeks back home, I used cash once to buy a sausage and bacon butty at a biker hut

Actually this is a constant fallacy made about many countries.

In 2010, UK credit card penetration (the share of the total population who use a credit card) stood at 40%. By 2015, this had risen to 50%, and by 2020, to 62%. By 2025, it is expected to reach 71%. In terms of numbers, approximately 35% of payment cards issued between 2000 and 2020 in the UK were credit cards.Aug 4, 2022

4% of the Adult population don't even have a bank account.

One can clearly know and see this by walking through any low income neighbourhood and look at all the cash advance/payday loan services.

This isn't just the UK but the USA and plenty others.

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I wonder if Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness did soon poorly wants because the present world is so messed up and up is down, down is left, left is round, round is straight, straight is gay, gay are women, women are men, no one is anything, and babies are hatched from genetic material collected from non binary asexual drones.

I mean Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness can't compete with the crazy world we are presently being fed by Hollywood, TV and theatre.

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I wonder what will be next on the revisionists list.

I have it, a play about Winston Churchill. But he is now a transgender black male fighting for what is right including India's independence.

Now that would be fine, right?

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Look up the following on YouTube

Bill Maher actually talks about this play, history, facts and presentism.

Some common sense said directly.

"New Rule: A Unified Theory of Wokeness | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)"

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The Globe has put out a statement emphasising the fact the play isn’t trying to revise history and is just a fictional exploration of a historical figure whose gender identity has been speculated upon before. It would seem pretty laughable to imagine that a two-month run for a new play in England would have any impact whatsoever on the global perception of Joan’s gender."

I could put out a statement the earth is flat the moon is made of cheese but that doesn't mean they are!

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Shakespeare did not write historically accurate plays. He took figures of the past to ask questions about the world around him. Our writers of today are doing no different, whether that’s looking at Ann Boleyn, Nell Gwynn, Emilia Bassano, Edward II, or Joan of Arc."

Shakespeare never changed the gender of Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony wants made a woman and he/she and Cleopatra didn't have a lesbian love relationship.

Shakespeare didn't have Mark Anthony winning, he didn't have Richard the third a woman who was fighting to Equality.

Yes he took some theatrical liberties, BUT and this is a very big BUT he stuck to the history and the outcome.

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I would dare anyone to do the same with the religiously revered women in certain other religions!

I wonder how that would go down.

Pure revisionism using the fasle claim of artists freedom.

And some people are so willing to beg to be seen as progressive they are willing to swallow these claims.

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Today 07:45 am JST

Feminists such as Heather Binning, founder of the UK-wide Women's Rights Network, are against the portrayal.

> Feminists have a right to be angry.

> They spent decades fighting for the recognition of women's contribution to history and the elimination of gendered stereotypes and now there back and womanhood is under attack.

So in order to do what you claim they are trying to do they need to lie and invent stuff.

Instead of finding real facts and real events in history to make their point.

No they need to take a woman that was very religious and a believer in a religion and it's doctrine to the point of being willing to die for it. A religion that at the the time and still today did not and does not recognize LGBTQ non binary, etc..

A woman that is considered a saint by that religion.

Imagine doing that same thing with another less tolerant religion or religious figure

I am an Atheist but I am respectful of the beliefs of others as long as they leave me alone.

This is just disrespectful in so many ways.

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And then we will wonder why our children in the near future have no idea of the past.

Hamilton ignores the facts of the period, woman king turn slavers into anti slavery heroes.

Now a Catholic religious zealots is being portrayed as LGBTQ!

Facts, reality are now fiction.

"Presentism" is now the norm taking the past an acting like today's standards applied back then.

Next will be equal opportunity Neanderthal vegans being percecuted by blue eyed white male homo sapiens despite the fact no blue eyes or white skin had yet developed in the species.

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I bought an 18 year old house in Tokyo, needed some work, mostly cosmetic, 6 minutes from the metro station, 7 minutes from a JR station, 7 from a monorail station and 2 min from a tram stop.

In 2 years and having only done the needed exterior maintenance the value has gone up by over ¥10 million. (Exterior needed siding cleaned, new caulking, painting and the roof cost ¥1.5 million) so after cost the actual resale value is now ¥8.5 million more than I paid.

The rule location location location still applies in Japan.

We checked the laws and rules, located in an area permitting business and residential, raises the value, close to multiple stations value up, road size not under 4 metres wide but not over 5 metres or so again better value because max building size means less chance some company will build a 14 plus floor apartment building next to you.

So the triple value, you can live on the 2 top floors have a business on the ground floor, close to the station, little chance of a giant building being built next door.(also plenty of stores restaurants, etc.. within walking distance of 5 to 10 minutes), means we get a lot of concrete offers for our place but no point in selling as we cannot get another place similar at a reasonable price.

It may sound crazy but an 18 to 20 tsubo property with a 3 floor house in Tokyo near a station is a better value than 150 tsubo with a house twice the size outside a major city needing a car to get most places.

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Sep. 27 10:38 am JST

In a country with literally millions of empty properties, you should be choosy as a buyer

I like this as it comes up regularly!

Yep millions of empty homes!

So does the USA, Canada, to a lesser extent Australia, these homes and towns are called ghost towns and Japan has plenty in the countryside.

My children's grandparents have a nice big house 100 tsubo property 1 hour from Tokyo right near the Tomei highway, a view of Mount Fuji.

Sounds great, right? Well they don't live there.

They are in Tokyo living with their son ( my ex-wife's brother) why?

Because at 98 and 89 neither can drive, the only bus passes once an hour and the closest store is 30 minutes away. So the house is empty except when my adult children use it as a vacation spot with their friends.

In the area surrounding their house there are dozens more house empty.

You can buy them but when you are old what are you going to do, if you have children the closest school is 45 minutes by car. ( 30 plus years ago there was a local school but it closed a long time ago).

So saying there are millions of abandoned house and those places being practically or worth it are very different things.

The town my father was born in back in Canada is gone even the roads are now covered with trees it once had 4 primary school 4 highschools and a population in the tens of thousands, but the mines and mills closed people left.

This is the same in Japan.

Any actually good location you will not find cheap abandoned houses

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Japan needs to regulate the "talent" agencies.

Having a son in the entertainment industry ( oh how I tried discouraging it) I know first hand how much of a rip-off the system is.

Getting work depends on being with an agency.

These agencies take 70% of the fee paid to the performer and only the very popular "talents" get to negotiate a lower percentage.

No you cannot get a lower percentage by changing agency because they will not take you it is an unwritten rule/agreement between the major agencies.

Example of how the performers are abused, a set of 4 days live shows or play will require 1 to 2 weeks of rehearsal but the performers will only be paid for the days of the shows nothing for rehearsal.

And after all that the agency will take 70% of that.

My son have a weekly TV show, a daily YouTube video related to the TV show and this month 3 live shows.

Despite all that he lives at home because he cannot afford a place of his own as he receives only 30% of the money.

Now that he is getting popular the system means he can now try to negotiate a higher percentage for himself.

70% to the agency would be illegal in most developed countries.

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I don't prefer but others are the ones sending messages instead of calling or answering their phones.

A simple question like do you want to meet for dinner can result in a 20 short message texting when a simple phone call of a minute or two max would have done the Job

Instead we get:

A: do you want to meet for dinner?

B: sure

A: what time

B: how about 6:00

A: no can't make seven how about 7:30.

B: not too late how about 7:00

A: 7:00 ok.

B: where do you want to go.

A; how about XYZ

B: no don't feel like XYZ how about DEF..


No first message was sent at 12:23.

Reply at 13:05 reply to that 13:34 , the reply to that was 13:45, the reply to that 14:40......

By the time they set their plan and make the final arrangements it has been 2 or 3 hours since the original question was asked.

A phone call all that could have been done in a 2 minute max conversation.

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The European Union’s border and coast guard agency says 66,000 Russian citizens entered the 27-nation bloc from Sept. 19 to 25, a 30% increase over the preceding week.

If I was in Russia and my adult son also, regardless of our darft situation.

I would be on my way to the EU right now.

What a perfect chance to jump immigration cues and be nearly 100% guaranteed refugee or some other status to remain in a country of your choice!

We saw this with Syria as non Syrians used the Crisis wiggle their way into Europe.

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Hey, does this come from the same people, who took a 30 clip of an hour-long talk and used it to "prove" Biden was blackmailing Ukraine on behalf of his son? What nonsense.

No Forbes!

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A former Polish Defense Minister, Radek Sikorski, has attributed to the United States the sabotage of two pipelines, Nord Stream 1 and 2, which carry natural gas from Russia to Germany. “Thank you, USA,” Sikorski wrote on Twitter. Sikorski was Minister of National Defense from 2005 - 2007 and served as Deputy Minister of National Defense and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, previously. He is currently an elected member of the European parliament

But President Joe Biden promised on February 7 to prevent Nord Stream 2 from becoming operational if Russia invaded Ukraine. "If Russia invades,” said Biden, “then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it."

> Reporter: "But how will you do that, exactly, since...the project is in Germany's control?"

> Biden: "I promise you, we will be able to do that."


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I just watch a video said to have been released by Swedish authorities but the markings are Forsvaret with a crowd coat of Arms.

It claims to show the exact moment of the explosion.

Now wait these pipelines run over 1,000 km much of it under water and the Swedish military just happen to be in the exact location and with camera rolling at the exact time!

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Think about the logic of the "Russia did it" scenario.

Moscow is celebrating it "victory" in the voting in occupied Ukraine.

Now boom.

Moscow looks weak!

No the idea it will say look the west did this or use it as a reason to attack more is far below the Russia looks weak at home and around the world.

There is no positive spin for Putin his pipeline, his blackmail source gone and he looks weak and his day of celebration is ruined.

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Today 11:53 am JST

That would make sense except.

For months now the west says Russia is firing on its own positions at the nuclear plant saying Russia is trying to blame Ukraine and look a MSM social media, here no one believes Russia everyone has swallowed the Russia is doing it to itself.

So now we are to believe after supposedly failing with the nuclear power plant situation, Russia is doing the same with the pipelines and on top on the same day Putin gets his "Good news" results on voting in the occupied territory so that celebration gets overshadowed?

Any other day, a few weeks before the vote a week after the vote OK maybe but on the day of the results positive towards Russia, no I don't believe it was a legitimate vote but that doesn't change the fact Moscow was celebrating the results untill this happened.

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Posted in: Europe investigates 'attacks' on Russian gas pipelines to Europe See in context

Let's wait and see what the investigation will bring to light.

Fair enough,

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Today 11:28 am JST

Actually I did the same as you pointed out wholes the the theory Russia did it and gave theories as to others that benefit.

The fact that Germany has a history of this stuff, just before the Italian election Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen made threats that if the Italians did vote the right way it would face consequences like hungry and Poland are, make it as much a candidate for having done this.

So like you I don't know but in most cases the simplest explanation is the right one, and Russia doing it to its own pipeline on the same day a new pipeline opens and results in voting are in just doesn't make sense.

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Today 11:03 am JST

So on the day the vote in occupied areas are in, the day a new rival pipeline is ready, suddenly Russia blows up its own pipeline!

Ok if you believe that fine but it seems strange that instead of the celebratory news all over Russia that the occupied Ukrainian territory voted to join Russia.

The news is pipeline blown up!

Seems oddly strange that Putin would mess up a chance to celebrate his victory in elections.

Before the election several days after I would say it is possible but on the day he (Putin) gets to announce the annexation of captured territory!

Does that sound right?

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Today 10:13 am JST

Lete remind you . "Remember the Maine, to hell with Spain!" 

Gulf of Tonkin incident.

weapons of mass destruction.

And more!

The USA has a long long record of such things.

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Today 10:13 am JST

You forgot the one thing the west has been going since the start.

"It wasn't us it was Ukraine with equipment we gave them"

Yep HIMARS need western military satellites but in theory USA and NATO are not doing the attacking.

Well give Ukraine the equipment and again it is a scenario where the west can say " not us" and be factual.

But Russia could just claim technical problems but instead blows up it own pipeline it more believable, right?

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Today 09:30 am JST

The Russians could simply turn it on or off - there is no benefit for them in this.

> No, because if they just turn it off, all countries will complain and then Russia will again looks bad and that they blackmail the world by turning off the Gas lines.

> But now, there is a lot of speculations going around the world, who did it.

To make the above seem plausible one would need to do backflips in their head.

I can just imagine how the conversation in the Kremlin went.

Putin: hey lest turn off the gas,

Advisor: No we will look bad to the west!

Putin: yeah, as if we look good now,

Advisor: instead let's blow up the pipeline and cut all chance of every selling gas again

Putin: I hope you like Siberia!

New advisor: what if we claim the system is broken and sanctions are preventing us from getting the needed parts!

Putin: guess you get to stay in Moscow for now!

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It is a warning to the west. Seismic stations clearly recorded explosions, one of which was quite large. Ther are also reports of unmanned submersible vehicle activity. That same day a brand new gas pipeline from Norway to Poland began operating.


We are to believe to "warm" the west, Russia blew up their own pipeline they could just shut off anytime!

And the non logic is to show what? It can blow up the rival pipelines?

Now which is more likely, the above or now that the new rival pipelines are in operations, certain western powers wanted to guarantee the Russian ones wouldn't operate again.

Again we are being told the sound of hooves is a zebra not a horse.

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Are people just losing logic or have people really become dumber.

So the accusations are Russian did it to themselves.


Think all Russia needed to do is what it already has done claim the pumping system is broken.

That is it claim the system is broken and sanctions prevent repair.

Blowing up the pipeline and not being able to turn it on and off as a threat which was far more useful!

Seriously think!

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store will now ask customers who ask for a fork to use chopsticks instead See in context

This is just another knee-jerk reaction to pressure by I'll educated so-called environmental experts.

History is something that few today care about.

Why are we now trying to eliminate plastic and plastic bags? How did they become the norm?

Well look back at the late 70s and early 80s the predecessors of today's environmentalists remanded we stop using paper and paper bags, remember "save the trees" this despite the industry pointing out that the paper came from farmed trees like poplar trees.

And so store using paper bags became targeted so we got plastic, now here we are doing the reverse.

Hysteria over sitting down and thinking things out logically.

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