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Is it that they don't listen or is it because they populations are so unhealthy.

I point this fact from more than a dozen studies. Over 70% of seriously ill covid patients were obese/seriously overweight.

With most western countries have obesity rates nearing and even surpassing 30% that put a lot in the high risk category. (Japan obesity is 5%)

The main thing keeping western nations life expectancy up are prescription medication.

Even the CBC tried to play that in an article recently touting the success of these medications in extending life.

The west is not practicing preventative measures anymore all they do is wait for a new medication or vaccine.

Ask why Covid-19 did not hit countries like Japan South Korea, Taiwan as hard, it isn't just masks or hygiene it is a generally healthier population.

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Well people always complain or make comments about Japan's suicide rates.

Well at least the Japanese government and news are talking about it and the increase.

In most western countries the numbers are also up some way up but it is become taboo to even mention it.

Very little in the main news if one tries to ask or comment on sites like CBC News it is immediately suppressed by their moderation.

I haven't read or seen a single major politician or leader in western countries address the situation.

Anyone that thinks that large scale social isolation isn't going to affect people is living in a fantasy.

Japan isn't so bad but imagine a single person living in places where they are locked in their homes for weeks even months, once lockdown lifted the rules, laws, etc... make it near impossible to even have a drink or dinner with a friend because they don't live together.

I am 100% in support of masks, social distancing, taking safety precautions but have things been taken to far in many Western countries?

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I went to try and fix a problem with national pension.

The woman had to excuse herself several times to go use the computer print out the information come back then again go back make the corrections print again return look it over together, then repeat the process over and over again until it was correct.

The amount of print outs was horrifying.

Why is it I can go to Docomo and the service person can access everything on their computer infront of me make all the changes and only printout the final results but the government is still stuck in the 1980s?

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As sports embraces activism, what should Tokyo Olympics permit

The title should be: As USA sports embraces activism, what should Tokyo Olympics permit.

The article goes on and on quoting mostly Americans.

The USA is not the world but thinks it is.

Sorry to break the news to Americans most of the world doesn't care about your Petty problems.

BLM has no idea about the rest of the world and thinks things are so bad in the use.

Seriously have any of them ever read international news.

Full on ethnic wars, ethic cleansing, religious wars, territorial conflicts,

Can people even start to imagine what the Olympics would be like.

Do people think it will just be BLM?

Seriously, Ukraine protesting Russia, North and South Korea protesting Japan, Sunni and Shia protesting eachother, India protesting China, other protesting China over Hong Kong the uighur people, etc... China protesting all it's neighbours due to territorial disputes, and I could go on for several days listing all the groups, countries, regions that would all use the Olympics as a platform for their own causes.

Wake up to reality and stop staring at your own navels.

Every region of the world has some major conflict, historical injustice, ethnic, religious, etc... problems.

This wouldn't be opening a can of worms it would be opening a barrel of radioactive waste.

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OK lets end this.

Naomi stated to Japan she intended to keep her Japanese citizenship and relinquish her USA one.

Now I cannot find any information as to whether she actually went through all the steps and did it.

Regardless even if she did (and I doubt it) as an athlete and having a father that is a USA citizen she can easily get a visa to train in the USA.

Now even if she did go through all the steps the USA has a one time chance to request reinstatement of citizenship, as far as I understand it was once in a life time and only to those born citizens.

So basically as long as her father remains a USA citizen, she can reclaim her citizenship st any time.

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Here is how international politics infects.

In Canada blacks are less than 3% of the population, Asian 15%, Native American 5%.

But because blacks in Canada have the backing and financial clout provided by the USA BLM, they demand far more than their number.

Any attempt by any other group like the Native population to have a voice and to get even a fraction of what BLM has been able to get from the government, schools, etc.. is drowned out by the far louder BLM and their backers.

Native American in both countries are far more in need far worse treated but because the USA has far more blacks the Canadian BLM uses that to get all the attention.

As my great grandfather (Innu) said: Black people in North America had it far better than his people (Innu), sure they were slaves but they also were emancipated. Unlike his people who were hunted to near extinction, placed in reservations, children forcibly removed from their parents and placed in "Indian Residential Schools" where many were beaten, starved and died in anonymity.

To this day native Americans live in far worse conditions than any Black person, are far more likely to be incarcerated, far more likely to not finish high school, far less likely to hot to university,etc...than Blacks but lets not go there it counters everything BLM is pushing and that is not acceptable.

If Naomi is really all about Justice and equality, then she should move to Japan and actually live here, then she should take up the cause of discrimination here but that could mean actually being Japanese and possibly losing her lucrative sponsorships.

But then her father came from Haiti and made a good living in the USA despite all the complaints but wait Haiti is a black country that was independent from colonial rule long before, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Indonesian, Malaysia, etc... So why couldn't he just live there and succeed? Oh right they just cannot get anything done, I guess that must be the fault of someone else the is not black.

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She has every right to highlight issues of systemic racism and police brutality in a country where she spent most of her life as a citizen of and still clearly identies more with.

She and BLM are not highlighting issues of systemic racism or police brutality!

They are ONLY doing it for Blacks and any attempt to point out other minorities also have problems and some far far far worse than any Black person in North America (and if you don't know what I mean look up Native American.) BLM will attack those trying, they will dismiss all talk of any others having it as bad and in no way will they let anyone point out things are worse for another group.

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The answer is already been made.

It is yes, but not much success.

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No what we see is the irony of a black Japanese protesting problems in another country not her own and clearly avoiding doing so.

You are right there are clearly far more problems here but somehow she as a Japanese has chosen to ignore them and focus on another country's problems.

How is that for hypocrisy

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I know Haiti!

It is a Caribbean country that has been independent from colonial rule longer than Canada, Australia,New Zealand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, etc...

But still cannot get its act together blaming everyone else but themselves.

Sounds quite familiar, seems very much like BLM it is all everyone else's fault not their own communities.

Do I think the USA, Canada has discrimination? Yes no doubt about it.

Do I think all the problems blacks in North America face are because of it? No much is of their own making.

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If you believe BLM, blacks in North America have it worse than everyone else.

Now for the facts.

Native Americans in both the USA and Canada have a higher rate of poverty, higher unemployment, higher percentage of incarceration, the highest high school dropout rate, lowest post secondary education, etc...

But we don't hear about it because any attempt at doing so will be met with BLM accusations and their larger numbers and deeper pockets will shut down any talk that may focus on some other group more in need.

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@Vanessa Carlisle

Nice American propaganda and fantasy.

Vietnam: most were drafted, the average age was 19 from poor and many minorities too young to Vote or Drink. Few cared about anything other than getting out alive.

Afghanistan: Taliban was doing its thing for years no American cared until 9-11 and then it was about revenge pure and simple nothing to do with freeing the Afghan people.

Iraq the same as Afghanistan.

American politics infect the world.

BLM has infected Canada with less than 3% Black but far more representation that that and the perception because USA BLM support.

Native American In Canada make up 5% but are far worse off because BLM yells louder and USA BLM backing them drowning out all others, Asians are 15% but again BLM makes sure no one hears anything but them.

We would love to stay out of USA politics and not comment but unfortunately the USA and its groups cannot seem to leave us alone.

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For those that see no problem with this idea. Here is a short (very short) list of groups and counter groups that will follow suit.

Palestinians/Jews, Shia/Sunni, Sikhs/Hindu, Christians/Muslim, Hindu/Muslim, Hutus/Tutsis, Native American/ European/ Black/ Asian, South Korea/Japan, China/Japan, North Korea/Japan, Tamil/Sinhalese, Myanmar/Rohingya, Armenians/Turks, Kurds/Turks,Greek/Turks, Spain/Basque/Catalonia,

I can go on and on, or into more detail on all the above and more, just within Africa there are over a dozen separatists movements back by neighbouring countries dominated by the minority of their neighbours, Same in many places in Europe, even North America, add in all the ethnic and border disputes in Asia, Africa and South America.

The Olympics will be one protest followed by a counter protest followed by a counter counter protest.................................

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Clueless Americans as usual!

OK America Blacks think their problems need more international exposure but as usual for most Americans they know nothing about the rest of the world.

Here is a short list of others that may and probably will follow suit if this is permitted.

Armenians, Kurds, Yezidis, Assyrian, Rohingya, Sikhs, Both Koreas ( protesting, Japan & USA), Hutus and Tutsi protesting eachother, various Native American groups from both South & North America protesting they own region, then we will have all the religious groups/sects that are minorities in one place or another protesting their situation (Shia, Sunni, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Christians, Jews, zoroastrians, all living in places where they are minorities).

I could go on add in Chinese minorities, Hong Kong, the difference separatist movements world wide, like in Spain, Canada, France, UK, etc...

Then we will have the obligatory counter protest.

The USA and it's people have to learn more about the world, you are not the only people on the planet or the only people with problems.

BLM needs to learn more about the world Black people in the USA are nowhere near in danger compared to far more other minorities in the world, sorry fix your problems internally leave the rest of us out of it.

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Police say his intoxication and mental state have placed his criminal responsibility into question. 

Here is where despite loving Japan I end up calling into question the logic is uses in criminal cases.

So if he was drunk driving his car and kills someone, being drunk is not an acceptable thing to call into question his criminal responsibility but seeing he wasn't driving now it is a factor.

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Example: company A is now under the management of a group that took control in a hostile takeover.

Company A signs a deal and gets full payment from Company B and the contract is considered done and all sides have met their obligations.

A few years go by and the original owners of company A regain control of it.

After doing some checking they realise that the previous management took payment and made the agreement with company B but used the payment for their own gains never passing on the money to the shareholders.

Now is company B responsible to make a new contract and pay again, or is it Company A responsibility to collect from the group that was managing company A at the time?

Well Company A I'd South Korea.

Company B is Japan

And the management that made the deal was basically South Korea's military.

So if South Korea doesn't like the reparation deal then they should collect what they want from their own military.

The fact the South Koreans did not pay out to their people what they were supposed to is not Japan's problem.

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@James Stowe

Please state your source!

Japan was still rebuilding from the devastation the fire bombings cause and until April 1952 under USA occupation.

Japan did not manufacturer weapons as is could barely produce the basics needed to feed the population,

Japan was only used as a staging ground, a safe port for weapons being built and shipped from the USA, a place for UN soldiers to come for R&R.

So unless you have actual facts and a reliable source, this is just more anti Japanese rumours.

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Enjoy while it lasts Japan because in just over a month she will have to chose between Japan or the USA.

Mo dual citizenship in Japan and before she turns 23 she will have to decide and now with her success, Japan's higher taxation and the fact she doesn't even live here it will be surprising if she continues to play as a Japanese, she can barely speak Japanese.

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There are laws against racial discrimination in North America but with the constant spreading of rumours, conspiracy theories, and use of China Virus, law enforcement and the courts cannot even process them in a timely manner.

Just look here, those that go on about China and China Virus, they are part of the problem.

Most cannot tell the difference between one Asian and another until they speak then most cannot tell the difference between one Asian languages and another.

This is not to say Asians all look alike most just looking at someone cannot tell a caucasian is from Europe, North America, South America, Australia, NZ, etc...

So by pushing the it is all due to China and the Chinese, they are by default pushing it is all Asians.

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Direct your comments towards the CCP - they "Engineered this virus!"

No direct your comments to the people that write stuff like the above and that use China virus instead of Covid.

You are the ones spreading false information, conspiracies, and are the reason Asians in the west are having problems and why foreigners in Japan mostly Asian ones are having more problems than usual.

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Haven't had any more problems than usual.

Sure discrimination exists in Japan anyone saying otherwise is not being honest.

But then it exists just about everywhere.

With certain groups and even county leaders going the extra step calling covid-19 the China virus Asians from all backgrounds have been having a hard time in many Western countries

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Many companies now are downsizing their offices realising they can save on rent, transportation allowance, etc...

But they are also realising that many of their workers do not have the computer skills to work from home.

About 3 years ago the Ministry of economy trade and industry found that 70% of female office staff had the needed computers skills for today's business world but less than 40% of men did.

Now the shocking thing was that even the older women had the skills at 50% but the older men was below 20% and even the younger men barely touched the 50% mark.

I all the places my wife, daughter, son and myself have worked the men just passed on any work that need anything more than email to one of the OLs.

Working from home makes that not possible and exposing these men.

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Personally I think (noticed) that many companies due to covid-19 and working from home are realising that many of their older employees (read old men) have for years not kept up and lack even the most basic computer skills.

These old men still rely on Fax, phone and paper can barely use email, they had been able to hide this fact by passing on any computer work to what are often younger women in the office many of whom are Haken ( contract hires from outsourcing companies).

My wife's, daughter's and others companies have many such old men but now with working from home the top management have realised exactly what has been going on.

In their companies these men were given a short period to either start using the proper systems and do things themselves or lose their jobs.

Many actually refused, using the old " the old way has worked just fine why should we change" and have either been fired or quit.

In the places I am familiar with the women that were actually doing the work often referred to as OL or secretarial work, including the Haken women have suddenly found themselves full time hires in lower management position.

In some cases not actually wanting the positions due to the responsibility but most have welcomed the sizable increase in salary.

In at least 2 of the companies I am familiar with they even promoted several women to replace the old "we don't want to change" men, despite the official policy that management must have university education which none of these women have, seems that skill and knowledge has become more important than a piece of paper issued decades ago.

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I know every place in Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, tochigi, basically most places north of my Tokyo home.

But somehow this place flew under my radar.

Just checked it out prices are reasonable especially in Tokyo and the variety of fish to catch has something for everyone.

Going to try it as soon as I can.

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Unfortunately I Started watching it long before Netflix.

Stopped because there is a right way and a wrong way to get the point the director wants across.

This was/is the wrong way.

I am by far no prude.

I am an atheist, primarily socialist, open to all ideas if they have merit.

A movie depicting the plight of sex workers does not have to have nude or explicit sex scenes to get the point across so why does this movie need to explicitly show the most provocative moves, dances, costumes, etc...

It would have shown the directors talent more if she could have achieved the same results without the scenes that will clearly be loved by pedophiles.

My personal opinion is the director may not be as talented as portrayed by many and needed these scenes because she couldn't figure out how to get the message across otherwise.

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The problem is the 40 trillion deficit.

Look up Modern Monetary Theory

A good explanation can be found on CBC:

Modern monetary theory is not the future — it's already here: Don Pittis.

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Hmmm... paying for one’s own services? The user pays, as a general principle? I am crazy, or might this actually be the answer for Japan?

Welcome to pre Victorian England.

Workhouses, debtors jails, even private fire departments run by insurance companies.

You can still find the markers on buildings across the UK these marked the building was insured by xyz company so when the fire department from company ABC showed up they do nothing because that wasn't their client, and now you know why so many major fires burnt cities like London,

Similar situations in much of Europ, North America.

As the old saying goes, if you don't learn from history you are bound to repeat it.

Problem with people today is they haven't a clue about the past and why certain things exist today or work as they do today

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Yes that could happen but why would the rich use some low income person if the purchase is cash no record, they can do that themselves already.

But with major purchases like Cars, homes, etc.. these have to be registered with the government.

Any low income person owning a car or house they clearly cannot afford and are not using or living in will set off alarm bells.

High penalties for retailers, etc...not passing the sales via the special cash register will discourage most.

In Quebec the government implemented a mandatory internet connected register system for eateries because of far to much undeclared sales, if the internet goes down longer than 10 minutes and the establishment doesn't inform the authorities they get a $10,000 fine, if they get caught not entering a sale again massive fines possibly jail. Inspectors go around testing to see if they can make no tax cash purchase without a bill/receipt, Tax revenue suddenly went way up just from that single industry.

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The following idea has been around for some time now but with today's technology it is actually possible.

Eliminate personal income tax.

(Any the rich always find ways of avoiding paying)

With the tech available a law requiring all businesses have cash registers ( similar) that are connected directly to the revenue service office. Each individual is issued a photo ID card with IC chip that contains their income status.

This will now making it possible to have a variable sales tax from 0 to whatever the highest income earners would have to pay.

It would making paying taxes far more difficult to avoid.

The concept is simple the rich spend more buy far more expensive things so will end up paying far more taxes.

The government will know exactly and receive sales tax instantly.

This electronic sales tax collection system is not new and is in use in some countries, backed up by undercover inspectors that go around making cash purchases to catch retailers and wholesalers not entering the sale.

Think about it. A lower income person is going to buy a smaller car, house, etc... The rich guy is not going to buy a cheap house or car so he gets hit with high sales tax unavoidable.

Under this system some multi millionaires may find themselves paying more taxes the first year than they have in income tax in their life up to this point.

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Thank you for proving my point.

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