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This will do nothing as long as Osaifu Keitai is needed for most phones and payment systems.

Anyone without a phone bought from the big providers will still not be able to do anything

Japan wants to host the Olympics but any tourism used to using their phone to pay in most other developed countries cannot use it here.

Sure iPhone Apple pay can be made to work with some work around but seeing Android is by far the phone most used in the world this leave most users without a Japanese phone with Osaifu Keitai  out of luck.

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The police collected fines in about 81 percent of cases of parking violations committed by ordinary drivers in the country in 2019, he added

This does not surprise me.

Japanese oddity is that in the case of any violation of the road act of you pay the fine then it ends there but if you choose to contest in court and loose then you are now convicted of a criminal offense.

This is even more serious if you are not Japanese as it can affect your legal right to remain in Japan. ( This was explained to me by more than one lawyer)

Now if you do get a parking ticket, do not follow the instructions and pay it immediately at the police station, if you do that they will deduct points from your driver's licence. Wait a few days ( may take a week) a ticket will be sent to the address of the car owner this ticket can be paid online or at the post office by anyone and not demerit points. Also there is no difference in the amount of the fine.

If the fine is not paid then the car can not pass Shaken when due.

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Posted in: Biden calls Trump most irresponsible president in American history; rules out national lockdown See in context

More facts on how bad Trump has been.

Covid deaths are 10 times those fr car accidents.

Covid has surpassed Stokes by 100,000

At the present death rate covid will surpass Coronary disease in daily deaths by the end of this month and possibly in yearly total by the time covid started in the USA.

And still Trump ignores it and plays golf.

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The fact Trump is the worse President becomes clear watching interviews of nurses describing dying covid patients still refusing to believe they have covid right up to the moment they die. They keep to the belief that it is all a hoax and that Trump said it is no worse than the flu and "you get it, you get better and then your immune".

So sad.

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Posted in: Biden calls Trump most irresponsible president in American history; rules out national lockdown See in context

Trumps task force was clear, pointed and optimistic regarding the health of the nation and vaccines

Yeah and the USA is rounding the corner of 250,000 dead.

Trump has been saying rounding the corner so long he was gone around in circles at least a dozen times.

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Posted in: Tesla's release of new 'self-driving' software closely watched by U.S. regulator See in context

It is ironic or is it hypocrisy maybe it is selective paranoia but no country has been able to get a majority of their population to install a Covid-19 tracking App, many sighting privacy concerns.

But so many of these same people will have no problem with the idea if a self driving car.

I know many and have read many comments from people that are pro self driving cars but go on and on about privacy, the Covid Apps, etc...

Di people not realise that all self driving cars will be fully tracked 24/7, every turn, stop, how fast you go, etc...will be noted in the cars then uploaded to a server at some point to help guide the system.

I find the whole idea strange, people are fine with a car that will record, transmit and save all your movements but not a covid tracking App or most anything else that does the same.

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Posted in: Trump goes after 'Fauci and all these idiots' See in context

For those that keep comparing 2016 to 2020.

In 2016 people didn't know how Trump would govern, so big factor, Clinton never passed the 50% Biden has consistently been over 50% Nationally and in most swing states, Trust factor for both Clinton and Trump were below 50% in 2016, Biden trust factor is nearly twice that of Trump.

This is not 2016, the facts on the ground are not the same and the fact Trump keeps trying to insert Clinton into this election as if he is still running against her tells us even he knows this.

No it is by no means in the bags for Biden but this is not 2016 and the pollsters learned from their mistakes as has the Democrats and they are pushing the fact the National polls mean nothing it is the state ones that count under the USA undemocratic election system.

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In 1981 a great Canadian band Red Rider has a song that Today describes Trump and his supporters so perfectly.

"Lunatic Fringe" everytime I read/hear what he or they write or say that song plays in my head.

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Sweden is #28 in total deaths, by the way. and #15 per capita.

Deaths in Nordic countries,

Sweden 5,899

Denmark 674

Finland 346

Norway 277

I don't think Sweden has 20 times Norway's population but does have 20 times the deaths

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Trump and his latest sycophant doctor are now pushing herd immunity, sightings Sweden.

They and others push the false idea Sweden is not doing anything and just letting the virus run its course.

This is far from the truth.

In Sweden if someone tests positive, they have to stop work, isolate, their family have to do the same, their children must leave school and also isolate, this is adhered to very strictly and under the law, it is not a free for all do nothing and even under this system they have a far higher death rate than their neighbours.

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Posted in: Japan to join forces with U.S., Europe in regulating Big Tech firms See in context

@R. T.

I keep hearing about this "telecoms charging high prices" thing.

Well then stop using the big 3.

Other than a land line ( who really needs one anymore), there are plenty of secondary service providers for Internet and cell service that charge low prices equivalent even lower than most other developed countries.

As for

Just because the US did something doesn't mean Japan has to do the exact same thing,

100% agreed but as we can clearly see with this pandemic, these tech giants are making a fortune while small businesses close.

In the end there will only be these giants left and once that happens they can control and charge whatever they want.

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Posted in: Why blonde-haired, blue-eyed Sailor Moon is neither white nor Japanese See in context

@JJ Jetplane

There was a huge shift in anime during the 1980's and it because heavily influenced by western cultures.

I am guessing you Missed Yamato, Captain Harlock, Galaxy 999, etc.

All before the 1980s

I could name more going back into the late 60s but these 3 are very good examples.

What many do not understand is the Japanese anime readers/watchers and the Japanese culture in general actually do not like their anime to look like actual people, thus the exaggerated eyes, strange colour hair, often exaggeratedly large heads, etc...

Comics like Superman,etc... Never took off here because the looked to like real people.

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Posted in: Why blonde-haired, blue-eyed Sailor Moon is neither white nor Japanese See in context

It is an anime character with the typical exaggerated features.

If people want to as "why Asians with caucasian features?" I would start with actual living people.

Ask why all the K-pop groups and idols have extensive surgery to change their Asian features to caucasian ones.

I find the changing of actual people a far more disturbing trend than a drawing.

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Posted in: Sean Ono Lennon on remixing father's music: It was therapy See in context

A no talent wannabe.

His own music was unbearable to hear, the one with the real talent and musical sense was Julian.

Unfortunately, just like when she forbade John from seeing, mentioning or acknowledging Julian , Yoko made sure Julian would never make music again by intimidation of record companies, stations, etc...if they produced or played his music, going as far as withholding his inheritance until he agreed to give up music, because apparently she said only Sean is the rightful heir to John's Legacy.

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Posted in: Coe supports athletes' right to advocate for social or racial justice at Olympics See in context

So BLM, ok then who else?

Lets do a quick of the top of my head list.

Armenia/Turkey, Muslim/Myanmar, Hindu/Pakistan, Muslim/India, Palestinians/Israel, Sunni/Syria, Shia/Sunni/Shia/Sunni (pick any Muslim country), Ukraine/Russia, Russia/Abkhazia, Vietnam, Philippines, etc.../China, Muslim/China, South and North Korea/Japan, Native people of North and South America, LGBTQ......../and just about most countries they are not getting everything they want, Tutsi/Hutu (and vise versa depending on which country they are representing), Catalonia/Spain, Basque/Spain/France, Walloon/Flemish/Flemish/Walloon,

Do I need to go on? If so we can get into more detail by listing the individual African, Middle East, Asian, South American countries with minorities in conflict with the government.

The problem with the west and especially North America is that the vast majority are clueless of the rest of the world and think things like BLM is a big deal and the rest of the world cares.

It doesn't because for much of the world the problems Blacks, LGBTQ.....etc... Face in North America are tiny compared to the problems they face and these include finding enough food, water, etc...just to live.

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Posted in: Group protests to NHK over tweets considered prejudiced against Koreans See in context


It is based in Vancouver and Vancouver is about as representative of Canada as Quebec city (note the city not the province). Both have very unique demographics with little in common with eachother or the rest of the country.

So I take what happens in both these cities with a very large grain of salt and skepticism that it has any support in the rest of the country.

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Posted in: Group protests to NHK over tweets considered prejudiced against Koreans See in context


We don't actually know it happened because there's no corroborating evidence but diaries are usually pretty good sources of info as nobody expects them to be used as historical artifacts so are more honest. 

Not necessarily.

I have read several diaries of former Imperial Army soldiers describing the same events.

One goes on about the glorious battle and triumph, honor and cowardice if the enemy, etc...

The other tells about how the enemy fought hard, describes the things his fellow soldiers did to both combatants and civilians, all non flattering to Japan and his fellow soldiers.

The difference in the 2 is that the first was the set narrative promoted by the then government.

The second if he was caught would have probably been arrested for treason.

We have to remember the time at which these diaries were written.

Anything even considered slightly negative towards the official view was possible treason, children were encouraged to write positive things about Japan and the Japanese people and negative things about non Japanese.

This was the atmosphere of that time, so no, any diary written then was in all probability written with the expectation that the authorities may read it and the more pro Japan the diary was the better.

My children's grandfather had 2 diaries one that towed the government line and another secret he kept well hidden away from his home with no name, this was his real diary and he was a young adult and knew full well had it been found and traced back to him, it would have meant his end.

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Posted in: Group protests to NHK over tweets considered prejudiced against Koreans See in context

Koreans complain about everything regarding Japan but at the same time having been in Japan for 30 years, NHK is notorious for producing/broadcasting programs that far to often portray foreigners as bad, evil, villains, etc...

If their are and foreign characters in an NHK program, chances are they will be the bad guy.

I remember the most blatant when NHK had a program based after the war during occupation, with the occupation soldiers going are doing all sorts of unspeakable act, it was so bad no English speakers would take the roles and all the American soldiers spoke with heavy eastern European accents.

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Posted in: After mixed messages from White House, Trump said to be improving but next 48 hours 'critical' See in context

This administration does nothing but lie.

Tye doctor said Trump was 72 hours into treatment, that would put his treatment starting 24 hours before he was supposedly diagnosed with Covid-19. He later tried backtracking by playing on words by saying Trump was diagnosed by an Accurate test 48 hours ago.

That means the quick test showed positive 72 hours before started treatment but Trump went on to his fund raiser and meeting people without mask until the 2nd accurate test also came back positive.

Imagine these rich donors paying $250,000 each to meet him, if they get sick and Trump knowing went to meet them with covid-19, the White House may be facing some serious legal issues.

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Posted in: Tokyo schoolboy assumes other boy’s identity for 6 months; attends classes at top high school See in context


Not really, but he can tell people he went to Kaisei, take some photos wearing the uniform, maybe fool a few future employers

First flaw in this theory: employer ask for diploma so will any university and it would be in A-kun's name.

B-Kun did this to make his parents believe he was going to Kaisei, or maybe his parents wanted to tell other parents he was going there.

Second flaw: His parents would have to be in on it and paying the tuition that would be sent to the address if A-kun in A-kun's parents name. So then if so A-kun's parents would also have to be in on it.

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Posted in: Aichi man arrested for stealing ¥70,000 in toy money left in safe as 'bait' See in context


I am guessing you either haven't been in Japan long or have no Japanese family,

Japan is still a very cash based society, ATMs are not everywhere like in central Tokyo and convenience store ATM charge a user fee each time.

So traditionally people kept a fair amount of cash on hand.

Today elderly living alone or without younger family members to take them places go once or perhaps twice a month to the bank to get money for the month.

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Posted in: Tokyo schoolboy assumes other boy’s identity for 6 months; attends classes at top high school See in context

@Bugle Boy of Company B

A: Anyone that had children in Japan or attended school knows that All Junior High schools have photo ID. When applying to take high school exams the applicant supplies a photo both application photo and Junior high school ID name and photo must match.


If what you say was true then all B-kun would have done is attend the exam then A-kun would have attended the High school and not sent B-kun while he attended another high school.


Read the article again, there is no benefit for B-kun as any diploma would have been in A-kun's name.

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Posted in: Japan health workers snub COVID-19 database as Suga seeks to digitize gov't See in context

The solution is simple, create a National healthcare payment system that only functions if done electronically.

So every doctor, hospital, dentist, etc.. will be forced to update to the paperless billing,

Then make this system and integrated part of the billing system if the doctor or hospital does not fill in at least Covid yes or no then no payment regardless if covid related or not

If covid no then the billing system move on, if covid yes then they have to fill in Her-sys before they can complete billing and payment request.

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Posted in: When filmmakers make movies about real people or historical events, how much artistic liberty do you think it is OK for them to take? See in context

In today's society where youth get much of their information from movies, YouTube etc...

We should be worried,

In many cases it gives a very wrong view of history.

A WW2 movie showing Black and White soldiers fighting alongside each other sometimes even in the same unit ( and yes this has been done) give the idea that such things happened and they didn't, the USA military was fully segregated.

The movie Argo makes it seem that Americans (USA) were the ones on the ground, when in reality no Americans were there, only Canadians.

U-571 makes it seem like the USA captured the enigma machine and now many Americans think that.

When in reality it was the British that did even befor the USA entered the war.

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Posted in: Number of suicides among Japanese jumps in August See in context


Is it that they don't listen or is it because they populations are so unhealthy.

I point this fact from more than a dozen studies. Over 70% of seriously ill covid patients were obese/seriously overweight.

With most western countries have obesity rates nearing and even surpassing 30% that put a lot in the high risk category. (Japan obesity is 5%)

The main thing keeping western nations life expectancy up are prescription medication.

Even the CBC tried to play that in an article recently touting the success of these medications in extending life.

The west is not practicing preventative measures anymore all they do is wait for a new medication or vaccine.

Ask why Covid-19 did not hit countries like Japan South Korea, Taiwan as hard, it isn't just masks or hygiene it is a generally healthier population.

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Posted in: Number of suicides among Japanese jumps in August See in context

Well people always complain or make comments about Japan's suicide rates.

Well at least the Japanese government and news are talking about it and the increase.

In most western countries the numbers are also up some way up but it is become taboo to even mention it.

Very little in the main news if one tries to ask or comment on sites like CBC News it is immediately suppressed by their moderation.

I haven't read or seen a single major politician or leader in western countries address the situation.

Anyone that thinks that large scale social isolation isn't going to affect people is living in a fantasy.

Japan isn't so bad but imagine a single person living in places where they are locked in their homes for weeks even months, once lockdown lifted the rules, laws, etc... make it near impossible to even have a drink or dinner with a friend because they don't live together.

I am 100% in support of masks, social distancing, taking safety precautions but have things been taken to far in many Western countries?

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Posted in: Complaints overwhelm red-tape hotline hours after launch See in context

I went to try and fix a problem with national pension.

The woman had to excuse herself several times to go use the computer print out the information come back then again go back make the corrections print again return look it over together, then repeat the process over and over again until it was correct.

The amount of print outs was horrifying.

Why is it I can go to Docomo and the service person can access everything on their computer infront of me make all the changes and only printout the final results but the government is still stuck in the 1980s?

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Posted in: As sports embraces activism, what should Tokyo Olympics permit? See in context

As sports embraces activism, what should Tokyo Olympics permit

The title should be: As USA sports embraces activism, what should Tokyo Olympics permit.

The article goes on and on quoting mostly Americans.

The USA is not the world but thinks it is.

Sorry to break the news to Americans most of the world doesn't care about your Petty problems.

BLM has no idea about the rest of the world and thinks things are so bad in the use.

Seriously have any of them ever read international news.

Full on ethnic wars, ethic cleansing, religious wars, territorial conflicts,

Can people even start to imagine what the Olympics would be like.

Do people think it will just be BLM?

Seriously, Ukraine protesting Russia, North and South Korea protesting Japan, Sunni and Shia protesting eachother, India protesting China, other protesting China over Hong Kong the uighur people, etc... China protesting all it's neighbours due to territorial disputes, and I could go on for several days listing all the groups, countries, regions that would all use the Olympics as a platform for their own causes.

Wake up to reality and stop staring at your own navels.

Every region of the world has some major conflict, historical injustice, ethnic, religious, etc... problems.

This wouldn't be opening a can of worms it would be opening a barrel of radioactive waste.

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Posted in: As sports embraces activism, what should Tokyo Olympics permit? See in context

OK lets end this.

Naomi stated to Japan she intended to keep her Japanese citizenship and relinquish her USA one.

Now I cannot find any information as to whether she actually went through all the steps and did it.

Regardless even if she did (and I doubt it) as an athlete and having a father that is a USA citizen she can easily get a visa to train in the USA.

Now even if she did go through all the steps the USA has a one time chance to request reinstatement of citizenship, as far as I understand it was once in a life time and only to those born citizens.

So basically as long as her father remains a USA citizen, she can reclaim her citizenship st any time.

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Posted in: As sports embraces activism, what should Tokyo Olympics permit? See in context

Here is how international politics infects.

In Canada blacks are less than 3% of the population, Asian 15%, Native American 5%.

But because blacks in Canada have the backing and financial clout provided by the USA BLM, they demand far more than their number.

Any attempt by any other group like the Native population to have a voice and to get even a fraction of what BLM has been able to get from the government, schools, etc.. is drowned out by the far louder BLM and their backers.

Native American in both countries are far more in need far worse treated but because the USA has far more blacks the Canadian BLM uses that to get all the attention.

As my great grandfather (Innu) said: Black people in North America had it far better than his people (Innu), sure they were slaves but they also were emancipated. Unlike his people who were hunted to near extinction, placed in reservations, children forcibly removed from their parents and placed in "Indian Residential Schools" where many were beaten, starved and died in anonymity.

To this day native Americans live in far worse conditions than any Black person, are far more likely to be incarcerated, far more likely to not finish high school, far less likely to hot to university,etc...than Blacks but lets not go there it counters everything BLM is pushing and that is not acceptable.

If Naomi is really all about Justice and equality, then she should move to Japan and actually live here, then she should take up the cause of discrimination here but that could mean actually being Japanese and possibly losing her lucrative sponsorships.

But then her father came from Haiti and made a good living in the USA despite all the complaints but wait Haiti is a black country that was independent from colonial rule long before, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Indonesian, Malaysia, etc... So why couldn't he just live there and succeed? Oh right they just cannot get anything done, I guess that must be the fault of someone else the is not black.

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