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Battle for Mariupol draws toward close after surrender

A very one side report but at least this time they used the word "surender" and not the joke we had the other day "rescued".

Like I said I don't care what the actual situation is, what I want is unbias reporting and we haven't seen that from either side.

It has all been propaganda for all sides.

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Seems like a good result to me, and sets a standard for the Russians to follow

Yep and Russia will do exactly that.

Follow the same example by putting Ukrainian soldiers on trial and I will not be surprised if they to also "plead guilty".

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Meanwhile, the first captured Russian soldier to be put on trial by Ukraine on war-crimes charges pleaded guilty

I wonder how well his rights were followed.

Well now these poor buggers that just surendered are in for a seriously bad time as the tit for tat trials will now start!

So Ukraine got it's pound of flesh, it may just cost the a few hundred pounds of Azov battalion flesh.

Talk about a stupid move on Ukraine's part.

Not sure what these fools are thinking, Putin is obviously not stable and you go and give him a propaganda tool like this.

Now get ready for the retaliations to begin.

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Posted in: Do you think self-driving cars will eventually put millions of people out of work around the world? See in context


Today 08:04 am JST

This will be specific to location. Self driving cars will only be prevelent in cities.

You underestimate certain groups.

If we have both self driving and humans driving and accidents happen, we are going to see the demand to stop people from driving, it will not be maybe it will be 100% guaranteed this is the future if we let it.

The argument will be " the unpredictable equation is human reaction human error" "self-driving cars all communicate between eachother avoiding xyz" so logically the solution is stop humans.

So if people are still driving in the non city areas, they will not be permitted into urban areas where self-driving vehicles are.

Problem with that is we are already seeing trials of large self-driving Mac Trucks on highways in the USA, Canada and parts on Europe.

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Posted in: Do you think self-driving cars will eventually put millions of people out of work around the world? See in context


May 16 02:40 pm JST

Why would it? It will create entirely new industries and jobs

Can you explain the "new industries and jobs"?

Let's see building new cars/trucks?

Nope if anything demand will drop and the present workforce will also be replaced by automation even more!

Maintenance of these new driverless vehicles?

Again nope because all the part like the present EV cars now are modular, just pull out replace and a robotic machine can do it.

This is what I just cannot figure out and when asked no one gives a complete answer just some vague "there will be new opportunities" deflection.

The reality is self driving cars will take jobs, EV cars will take jobs, automated, production lines will take jobs, and no this time there are not the new industries to replace those jobs.

ICE cars, other industrial revolution advances created maintenance and support jobs.

We are not seeing any of this now, computer diagnosis, modular repair done by machine, etc..

So production done by machine, driving by machine, maintenance by machine, repairs mostly by machine, etc... So again what new opportunities and jobs will their be and please someone be specific.

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I called it.

The last holdouts in Mariupol surendered and Ukraine is trying to negotiate a prisoner exchange.

Only one problem, Ukraine said it was putting Captured Russia soldiers on trial just last week.

Well I called it, said it was a bad idea to announce that and now Russians are demanding the Azov battalion members be put on trial in Russia.

I said this would happen.

Next Russia will make Turkey an offer to block Finland and Sweden.

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You've lost over 30K troops and over 20 senior officers killed...and your tanks have a big problem separating their turrets when hit...

I will agree the invasion didn't go as sauce on Fries expected but if you believe the hype and propaganda from Ukraine and western media you are fooling yourself.

Just yesterday 260 Ukrainian soldiers"Rescued" From Mariupol Azov steel works.

That is the narrative from most western media.

Reality was 260 wounded Ukrainian soldiers surrendered to Russia and are POWs in a Russian hospital.

Just like here Finland and Sweden will be in NATO and the downplaying of Turkey's objections.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has expressed reservations about Finland and Sweden joining.

What a way of avoiding the reality Tayyip Erdogan literally said he wouldn't support it he didn't say "reservations" he said NO unless they do a 180° on the Kurdish issue before.

I would like unbias reporting but obviously this isn't going to happen on either side.

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Throw Turkey out of NATO if they block others.

Wow that would be funny.

Turkey is the only link to Europe getting gas from the middle East.

So kick Turkey out it becomes friendly with Russia and together they turn off all fuel to Europe.

Oh don't forget the only way out for Russia's black Sea fleet is via Turkey, no NATO no reason to block Russia's fleet.

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I wish they had explained the Turkey thing but I guess putting on a brave face for the propaganda value is important.

Turkey will not accept either unless they first reject Kurdish independence/autonomy, shut down and expel several Kurdish groups operating and supported in those countries.

It is going to be interesting to see if these two countries are ready to sell their souls for NATO membership. But the other factor is if Turkey doesn't block membership will Russia through proxy help arm Kurds and help boost the independence fight this is a big concern for Turkey.

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I love these type of comments as if they are relevant.

Kyo wa heiwa dayo ne

May 17 01:31 pm JST

If your still using Facebook i suggest you quit immediately

Robert pearce

May 17 03:39 pm JST

Face what ?

Though To Robert's is the more hilarious one.

2.94 billion monthly users but you want to pretend like it doesn't exist or isn't relevant.


I don't like FB I don't have a personal account, but between FB and it's Instagram it is a very inexpensive way to connect with consumers directly, and by inexpensive I mean not a single yen.

I can post on my business Instagram new products and instantly tens of thousands potential customers see it, then anyone can purchase though instagram via FB straight to my website and they don't take a single yen.

Anyone not taking advantage of this is just ignoring a quick and easy source of potential clients especially in retail.

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Today 02:40 pm JST

China is only interested in Tesla for as long as it takes to acquire all the technology then they will forcibly take over the whole operation ignoring any Tesla owned patents.

Well isn't that how Ford, Edison/General Electric, Bell/AT&T, etc..all get their starts?

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They pick Cruise point some actors that have lost appeal as if only cruise is a survivor.

Well just of the top of my head Keanu Reeves was a big star back at the same time and is just as big today.

It seems AFP is in the business of creating news they like and not actually reporting it.

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Grasping at straws, lol.

> 99.9% + of car users will never drive in those extreme areas. Fact.


In what country?

In Northern Canada carrying extra fuel is standard as it is in many parts of the USA, in Africa, India and many other places it is a near necessity outside any major city to carry spare fuel.

I am never surprised by the fact so many here think the world is USA EU and Japan.

ou will not be buying any new combustion engine cars from many makers after 2025-2030. Hard to accept for some, but they need to deal with it.

Yeah I am waiting for that, and am willing to bet it will be delayed until at least 2050 if not later.

The USA isn't even ready, Canada won't, Russia forget it, Africa India, Most of Asia will not have the infrastructure in place by then.

Oh maybe Japanese, USA and EU makers will stopp but I bet China and India will be supplying ICE still.

I personally am waiting for my plug in hybrid preferably hydrogen fuel cell.

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Stuck in snow'

I like how they used "British" data and old 2015 data to make their point.

Reality in actually places that have real snow storms and cold in the minus 20~40 C° like Canada have found very different results.

Just in 2019 in Montreal Quebec a major storm took the lives of people stuck on the highway.

Those that were rescued returned later to get their cars.

Many needed to get a boost to start, some needed gasoline as they ran out while waiting for rescue.

But the electric cars that ran out of power had only on choice, to be towed to a charging station.

Unlike hybrids or traditional ICE cars that can just get a few litres of fuel start and drive to the nearest station.

Electric cars need hours of charging and available charging stations.

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It calculates that an electric car charged in St Louis, Missouri -– part of the subregion that relies the most on coal –- on average will produce 247 grams of carbon dioxide per mile, lower than the average 381 grams of a gasoline vehicle.

Just from the first part we know this is going to be one joke statement after another

Notice how Hybrid Cars are conveniently left out?

The Prius even older models do 226 gr per mile the latest models are as low as 145 gr per mile. ( Around 89gr per km).

The Nissan leaf on average 120gr per mile ( around 75gr per km ).

Under the best and cleanest electricity production the smallest Nissan leaf is 65gr per mile ( 40gr per Km) this part is totally theoretical.

The Tesla model 3 produces 145 gr per mile (91 gr per Km) this was the result by theTechnical University of Eindhoven on behalf of the Green Party in the German Bundestag,

So under less strick emissions of coal fired USA electric power production we can expect far higher CO2 emissions.

The thing about hybrid cars is they are consistent their emissions remain constant regardless of the local electric power production.

But the number one problem with electric cars is the world isn't the EU or Japan, they will never be practical in Northern Canada, Far east Russia, 90% of Africa unless you can string a load of power lines and carry a large number of spare Batteries.

I lived and worked in the far north of Canada, we had to alway top up the tank and carry spare fuel.

Oh and please no silly stuff about solar panels, at present tech it would take the most efficient solar panels measuring 2metres X 2 metres several hours of full on daylight to charge even the smallest electric car on the market today.

For those of you that don't get it.

Minus 40C° running out of power in northern Canada, Alaska or Siberian. Is a death sentence.

Same for doing the same in the deserts of The middle East, North Africa even Mongolia.

EV is only good for city and very well developed areas.

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Posted in: Rescue mission under way at Azovstal steelworks in Ukraine as hundreds evacuated See in context

OK so after reading several other more reliable news services.

They were not "rescued" they surendered to Russia, taken to a Russian controled hospital in a Russian controled city.

I mean this is where we are now publishing Ukrainian propaganda as news.

All those that previously believed all the reports by this same news service of all the destroyed tanks, dead Russian soldiers, etc... maybe you should rethink what news to believe.

At this point the propaganda war on both sides is pumping out more and more unbelievable junk

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Posted in: Rescue mission under way at Azovstal steelworks in Ukraine as hundreds evacuated See in context

Interesting "propaganda" article.

And it is 100% propaganda.

Now because I say that doesn't mean I suppose Russia it means exactly what I said it is not news it is a propaganda piece.

I have to go read The Guardian and other "news" organisations to learn that the:

Ukrainian authorities said a rescue mission to extract the last defenders of the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol was under way on Tuesday, after hundreds of soldiers were evacuated in an earlier operation.

Wasn't any rescue mission, it was an agreement between Russia and Ukraine to remove the wounded and a certain number of troops.

Then the rest of this article is just more of "the brave Ukrainian" blah blah blah.

Please find a more accurate news source less bias on one or the other side.

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Posted in: Court finds COVID restrictions for Tokyo restaurant chain illegal See in context

Wow! Big damages. So, I had to award that damage amount and I paid 110 yen, will I get change back? Too funny!

This is very common in Japan.

Larger corporations with money often sue the government for as little as ¥1.

It is the win they want and to embarrass the government but taking "tax payer's" money ( which is what government money is) is seen as stealing from the public, actually suing for a large amount ends up turning the public against the company.

Unlike most western countries, the Japanese public understand that large payouts comes from their taxes, while in the west everyone goes "good for them I hope they get all the money they are asking" "make the government pay" but in reality it is you and I that end up paying it doesn't hurt the government or any government official only the tax payers.

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Kyo wa heiwa dayo ne

Today 12:43 pm JST

Please read again and please go look up what I am talking about.

In 2015 ( after the 2014 coup) the Ukrainian government passed a series of laws regarding the Soviet Union, including criminalization of many former Soviet symbols, retroactively calling past Soviet actions illegal and also declaring OUN UPA ( Ultra Nationalist Ukrainian organization that participated in ethnic cleansing ) national heroes and criminalizing even mentioning the massacres they did or participated in.

Yes the the USSR collapsed in 91 but only after 2015 did Ukraine pass laws and go all far right on that period. All expect declaring the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine as also illegal, they included land transferred to other parts of the Soviet Union and transferred to Poland as being done "illegally" by the USSR but Crimea they are fine with.

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Some of Ukraine's continuing issues contributing to its poverty are government corruption, Russian aggression (specifically Russia's illegal seizure of Crimea in 2014), and weak infrastructure."

Now again we have the non logic.

In 2015 Ukraine passed laws, declared the USSR an occupying forces and calling everything it did illegal.

Ooh wait everything except the transfer of Crimea from Russia to Ukraine that part they decided was valid.

Considering Crimea was never part of Ukraine until the Soviet administrative transfer it is quite funny.

Ukraine and it's supporters:

"We condem the Soviet Union and everything it did" "except if it benefits us".

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Ukraine is regarded as the " breadbasket " of the word and along with all of it's other resources should be wealthy.

I do wish this would stop.

Maybe 100 years ago or even 50, 60 years ago but it hasn't been in decades.

China, India, Russia, the USA, Canada, even France all out produce Ukraine's grain production and even out export grain.

Canada alone exports more than the total grain production of Ukraine.

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faces an economic crisis due to Russia's invasion.

Really just because of the invasion.

Then why was it listed as the poorest country in Europe ( even below Albania, Georgia, etc ...) Long before the invasion and listed as the most corrupt.

Japan will never see it's money again

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Today 06:54 am JST

since many bars stayed open late during the pandemic, I had assumed that the 8pm cutoff was semi-voluntary.

You know what they say about "assume".

The information was well publicised.

In theory if they didn't close they were subjected to fines.

But enforcement was sporadic and depended on people reporting.

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Posted in: Ukrainian singer Karol in Japan, says her country will rebuild See in context

What does WWII have to do with the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Reading the article would help

She paid tribute to the victims of the Aug. 6, 1945, atomic bombing of the city and saw “a great calamity” at its peace museum and felt strongly that nobody should face the threat of nuclear weapons again.

She also said she was inspired by the people's resilience and effort to rebuild from the ruins of the atomic attack.

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Posted in: Kim slams North Korea pandemic response; deploys army See in context

Army to distribute medicine? Sinds when did they have medicine for covid? I wouldn't be surprise if the army was send there to actually forcefully contain it at all cost.

Yes in NK they have such a thing.

It needs the army to administer it using an AK47 at the first sign of covid symptoms.

Once this "treatment" is "administered" it is followed by a disinfection process using large ovens.

At least that is what I can guess will be the method.

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

So, the plan is basically to run around with a briefcase heavy with 46 Mio JPY (plus whatever amount he owned before that). He won't go very far.

He took weeks to transfer the fund in ¥600,000 increments.

I guess he was making sure the different bitcoins he was getting couldn't be traced at all.

Yeah he is 24 he is skilled at scamming the system.


It turned out he wasn’t living there long anyway, having only moved to Abu in October of 2020 through their Vacant House Bank program. These types of programs help owners of vacant homes in rural areas rent them out, while also attracting younger people to repopulate these areas through tax breaks.

Well that is one way, but according to the Japanese news the city was actually paying part of his rent under their version of the vacant house system.

What is the statute of limitation on collecting debt in Japan, 5 years?

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Wait a minute....

51.16 - 46.30 = 4.86 (mil)

The amount of 4.86 million yen for the legal fees is expensive and quite unusual for the case of this kind. Are the town officials incapable of handling (public) money? No wonder they are continuing to get ripped-off

Really? So what does a "case of this kind " cost?

My sister's 2 months long fight with her ex-husband during divorce cost well over ¥ 2 million and that wasn't even complicated, my friend's divorce and business battle with his ex-wife cost ¥ 6 million and only took 3 months.

I imagine this involving banks, city, private individuals and a lot of private individual's information.

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Ok to take a little pressure off the banks.

I did some searching.

It seems the banks wanted to ends floppy disk use by this year.

It is the bank of Japan and many local governments that have refused.

Tokyo prefecture government was ending the use by December 2021 but again bank of Japan refuses so Tokyo must still retain some use of floppy disks.

Now the banks hope to end the use by 2026 but again that depends on the bank of Japan and local governments, if they refuse then it drags on.

Banks are charging these local governments and the bank of Japan ¥50,000 yen surcharge a month to retain floppy disk use by the banks.

So every month that town is paying the Bank at least ¥50,000 just to keep using floppy disks, the bank is fine to end the use but the government won't.

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context


Today 08:51 am JST

So how much does it cost to buy a new identity from the Yaks?

@Lindsay. The 20thC floppy disk was fine. The 21stC online payment was bodged.

If they'd faxed it, it would have been fine. Impossible to miss the extra entries then.

If they live full time in the 21st century then this wouldn't have happened because they would have followed the correct procedures in online banking best practice, which they were clearly not doing because even when I was working mainframe compliance/security way back in the very early 2000s floppy disks were no longer used/acceptable and a security risk not to mention unreliable.

Seriously are there any other developed countries still using floppy disk?

The answer is no!

And as far as I can figure out banks planned on ending floppy disks in 2021 but the Japanese government including the bank or Japan and many local governmens refused as they want a more "Secure" storage method than proposed by the banks so now the plan is 2026 to end floppy disk use.

for the Bank of Japan and government departments, floppy disks are not eliminated. Even if banks charge US$500 a month, the staff of Japanese government departments must use floppy disks to store key information for reliability and safety.

Which is crazy seeing of all the available technology the floppy disk is probably the most unreliable most prone to data loss a degradation!

Heck a read/write cd or dvd is more reliable.

The mind boggles when it comes to the Japanese government and banks.

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

The town compiled a list of all the applicants for the money and put all of their account information on a floppy disk to send to the bank in order to execute the transfers. Before you go scoffing at them for using such storage tech, that part actually went off without a hitch.

Yes I will scoff at this because of the following and I cannot understand why the reporter didn't figure it out!

The problem was that in tandem with the floppy disk, the town’s transfer order was also sent to the bank online

the bank mistook it for a sort of proxy that all the money should go to first and then be filtered into the proper accounts.

So the problem is the floppy disk and the fact the bank employees are living in the technological past that when the more modern part is brought up, they have no idea how it works and mess it up.

But I have a problem with the "official" version here.

If the

bank mistook it for a sort of proxy

then isn't that the bank's error and the bank is responsible to return the funds?

If I give my bank the correct information and they put in the incorrect information, it is their responsibility.

But I suspect that the online information was also incorrect and the bank was incorrect both at the same time, which leads me to believe neither the city nor the bank understand modern technology.

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