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Posted in: Japan to make more plutonium despite big stockpile See in context

Potential Armageddon

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Posted in: Ishihara says support for Tokyo's Olympic bid will grow See in context

I am sick reading news about this crazy Ishihara and Hashimoto. Fascist Japan is showing their real face with less power. I am sorry for the innocent Japanese that are unable to complain overtly about radiation and poisoning and public money misuse and inefficient rebuilding of earthquake areas.

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Posted in: Norika Fujiwara splits up with boyfriend See in context

Pukey2, you are right. Japanese women in Hong Kong are totally changed. They do not look like kawaii fake girls but adult women with strong will and intelligence dressing really with better taste. I love professional Japanese women that have decided to emigrate and follow a career. Hong Kong is one of their paradise. Not many Japanese male and female professionals I know are eager to come back to Japan. I am sorry for the pro Japanese and Chinese hater without knowing what life in Hong Kong looks like. But Hong Kong is the best place in Asia for stock market and it is more and more powerful after Japan radiation and economic crisis. For Westerners our place in Asia. We are more welcome than in Japan. Even immigration is effective and you do not feel lost in translation or "unwelcomed guest" like in Japan. I also guess that Noriko cannot beat Hong Kong and Chinese movie stars. The level of tarento in Hong Kong surpasses Japan. But for me South Korean actors and movies are the best in Asia.

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Posted in: Norika Fujiwara splits up with boyfriend See in context

Yes, Hong Kong is really better! I have lived for 8 years in Tokyo and it is overrated. It is not me that tells this but international reports and many expats including Japanese having formerly lived in Japan. A-san is very lucky. He will find a better lady here.

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Posted in: Norika Fujiwara splits up with boyfriend See in context

A-san is very lucky. Hong Kong rocks! It is better than Tokyo.. In Hong Kong there are really beauties and youngest tallest top model Asian women ready to go out with him. If a woman does not follow you she does not deserve you. From July they dated and she is not ready to travel abroad in a good place. Probably she was not very interested in him but only good dates in expensive Tokyo restaurants and hotels.

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Posted in: Gov't releases 40-year Fukushima nuclear plant cleanup plan See in context

I highly fear cesium and strontium spread by Fukushima and entering the food chain. They deposit in bones for 40 years and can trigger bone cancer and leukemia. That's the ugly truth. Poor kids in Japan!

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Posted in: HSBC offloads Japan business to Credit Suisse See in context

They prefer to expand in blooming South American countries and mainland China. Money is there.

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Posted in: China says Christian Bale should feel embarrassed See in context

Something that surprised me a lot is that I could talk straightforwardly about politics and the Chinese system with the mainstream Chinese. Do you think that they are happy with their system? They pray for better changes and improvements. I have found many people with critical thinking coming from different social backgrounds. How many of you have had such conversation with Japanese people? I only had with two Japanese after a decade. But they were politicians and had lived abroad. But I guess they do not behave like that with fellow Japanese.

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Posted in: China says Christian Bale should feel embarrassed See in context

@Elbuda Mexicano Do you really think that Americans have freedom? Or Japanese have it? My amazing experiences in China is that most people there don't really care about our systems, foreign countries and our ways of lives. Each time I travel to therefor long periods I see more and more smiling Chinese people and are becoming more and more capitalistic like Japanese a decade ago. Foreign brand shopping malls are giant than in Japan and they can buy better products and live better. It was not like that five years ago. China is developing really quickly. Yes, there are big social differences but the people seem to be happy to perform their social role. This has been the most interesting discovery. So I understand why foreign countries want to crush this and provoke turmoil. I have never seen so devoted working people in the world than Chinese. (Japanese make as if they work as I have experienced it for more than a decade... ) But is America, Japan or all the EU perfect? In particular America and Japan respect human rights? Have everybody the same opportunities? No system in the world is perfect.

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Posted in: Japanese brewers targeting overseas drinkers See in context

Japanese beers are my last choice. Is water and all ingredients safe with radiation? I prefer drinking any beer than Japanese. I loved them in the past when I lived in Japan but I prefer now drinking safe products. FYI in Hong Kong all Japanese beers are in total sales. They costed before March 11th 12 HKD or even 15HKD and now only 8 HKD and in packs still cheaper! Cheaper than Tsing Tao. It is very weird. Japanese products stalls in international supermarkets are also shrinking. Yesterday I attended a talk were the safety director in Hong Kong assured Hong Kong citizens about total control in safe food. He referred about food safety regarding products from mainland China and radiated products from Japan but was evasive about the Japanese banned products. They are but he did not want to provide the accurate data... Censorship maybe because many Hong Konger companies have enriched until the recent past with Japanese imports. Kyo tsukete for those people living in Japan... Be careful with what you eat and drink

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Posted in: Japan beats France on three-star restaurants, Michelin says See in context

Have these restaurants been assessed by their radiation free food?

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Posted in: French oyster farmers return favor to Japan See in context

Will they be safe eatable oysters? After Fukushima, all the mislabellings of food and inaccurate Japanese safety reports, I am not eating nor using any product from Japan that can be assimilated by my body.

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri gives up studying for Spanish nightlife See in context

In Catalonia, citizens are totally bilingual in Spanish (called more politically correct Castillian in the regions with co-official Hispanic Peninsular languages) and Catalan. because the educational system is. Furthermore, in Barcelona Castillian is more spoken. I know it because I have lived in Barcelona for more than 10 years and there are many laughing comments here. On the other hand, if you meet people that speak you only in Catalan knowing that you are a foreigner they are only pulling your leg. Everybody speaks and understands both languages...

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Posted in: Singles seek divine intervention in looking for a lifetime partner See in context

Poor guys! What many local women want is they work for them. I wish they find the divine and kind women but in this country I feel that there is low probability.

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Posted in: Girls of Natto Angel express their love for natto See in context

They want that people buy like mad natto as two years ago. Like the banana syndrom! I have lots of fun in Japan!

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Posted in: Nice pitch See in context

She looks totally unhealthy! She might need to exercise and eat healthily since her body is very flaccid. I prefer healthy and sporty Mediterranean thin girls with great minds than women that starve, are anorexic are not aware of having and do not know how to stay fit in any country of this world.

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino appointed ‘Overseas Safety Ambassador’ See in context

Possibly it is better they campaign that Japanese should not go abroad to avoid the dangers.

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino appointed ‘Overseas Safety Ambassador’ See in context

This country is more and more comical!!!

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Posted in: Tamogami's testimony stirs hornets' nest in Diet See in context

He has expressed his views about a group a Japanese still believes. I was no surprised though by his comments. However, I was very shocked one day when a Japanese "educated" person graduated from a very reknown high class Japanese university and one American one, angry told me something that shocked me a lot: Japanese fought in WWII to save Asians from White colonialism... Well, that day I realised that maybe that person was hypocritical with his "White friends" and how possibly some groups of Japanese view WWII. He told me even that ODA was the way to compensate Asian countries and comfort women of Japanese atrocities. What do you think about it?

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Posted in: Kyoko Hasegawa announces she is 3 months pregnant See in context

The trend fashion in Japan!! Amazing!!

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Posted in: Viggo Mortensen takes on Spanish challenge See in context

He is a great intelligent actor! I watched this movie two years ago maybe.

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Posted in: Japanese girls go sexier in their fashion styles See in context

Only because it is kawaii!!! Maybe next year if burka is in fashion most will dress like that.

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Posted in: Spurned women wreak vengeance See in context

Is that real? It looks like a script for Audition 2. He he!!!

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Posted in: Helping women get back into the workplace See in context

In Japan most women do not dream about working after 30s ideally. But marrying and being housewives and live from a husband and show off their wealth if they are lucky. The worst are the women that do nothing at this stage but only watching TV, buying the last items that magazines like mad without thinking very much as they say on media that it is fashion, going out with her friends all day or the gym, do not cook but buy food and scold husbands that they are not earning so much money for her expenses limiting their husbands. This is what I sadly often listen from some Japanese and foreign colleagues married to Japanese women.

I am not tied to a Japanese woman but a European one and luckily she is a career woman as they say in Japan. She has been able to rear our two kids and work part time in what she likes in Japan. We are following by chance what we did outside Japan. Nevertheless we get shocked when some strangers in Japan say that we are not doing the right thing... What do they know? My wife is not bored to death when our kids are at school and she is doing what she wants having her own money for what she wants. Our mothers did the same and I do not think that we were uneducated or abandoned as kids. The opposite. Regarding housework we work in teams and I cook and clean too and working together and quicker we have more free time to enjoy activities with our kids.

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Posted in: Murder in lotus land See in context

The problem is that in Japan there is a big distinction between winners and losers. This is the source of many psychological problems.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda See in context

Yesterday I was talking about a colleague about the weapons of women in this country: showing too much flesh like the mega mini skirts and the micro mini shorts showing the inner side of the pants. Is it in purpose or they are so innocent Japanese? In my homeland, despite women are in average sexy if they wore such things maybe men may end like in Japan only focusing on strategic parts and maybe becoming more perverts as naturally men are.

When I read news about chikans in this country maybe they should also expose what some women were wearing.

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Posted in: Japanese missing out on orgasms, Durex survey shows See in context

I think that this study shows reality in Japan. It is the country where marriages are sexless. I do not know if the same happens with Japanese-foreigner marriages but most of my male Japanese colleagues complain that they have no sex with their wives because they do not like it. I imagine that maybe people are very active when they want to have a lover or marry. After marriages and have a kid sex disappears. My girlfriend is foreigner and in the group of more active nationalities in this statistics so I have not this problem. But does sexless life happen to foreigner-Japanese marriages? I am just curious.

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Posted in: Poodle See in context

It is one ugly dog for me. But in Japan it is kawaii!! Only very old ladies might have this type of mascot in my homeland and not the classy ones.

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Posted in: TV announcer Ako Kawada found dead in car in apparent suicide See in context

Really sad. Rest in Peace.

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Posted in: Flasher pushes woman onto railway tracks in Tokyo See in context

People are nutter and nutter.

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