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Posted in: U.S. envoy Kennedy tweets concern over Taiji dolphin hunt See in context

YES, the world cares in fact! The world is actually devastated. so keep going to close your eyes.

Since I had to watch on the news what Japan is doing to the dolphins, I am extremely devastated. I always had the belief, that Japan is a country with a long, high developed tradition of a kind world and nature. I always believed Japan is a highly intelligent country. But obviously they have no knowledge of things the rest of the world knows for 1000s of years, even my own kindergarten-children - what kind of an animal the dolphin really is, - its capacities... - that it is a very trustful animal and that the fisheries ind Japan betray this natural trust in a very brutal and unhuman way.

I really really hope, even Japan might overthink this brutal and unhuman behavior.

Dolphins a such wonderful creatures, but everyone wants to see them happy and certainly not been captured and torn away from their family and brutally mistreated. There might be a way to enjoy those precious animals in there natural way.

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