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Antonios_M comments

Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

Apparently, populism is spreading around the globe. As we are moving further away from WWII, people tend to underestimate where that might lead to.

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Posted in: Japanese firms wage war on 'smell harassment' See in context

Strangely though, deodorants and antiperspirants are not so popular in Japan, contrary to the West where it is almost unthinkable for a woman to go anywhere without spraying herself.

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Posted in: Father arrested for fatally stabbing 12-year-old son in Nagoya See in context

Or maybe, he's telling the truth.

Seriously??? How can you stab someone in the chest accidentally?

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Posted in: Do you think mega-sports events such as the Olympics are good for the host city’s economy and infrastructure in the long run? See in context

The correct answer is: it depends. It depends on whether the city will use this infrastructure in order to attract more tourists or improve the quality of living of its citizens or, on the opposite, let it rot or demolish. In my country, Greece, many of the sports venues were abandoned leaving behind urban ghosts. On the other hand though, the city of Athens was definitely improved due to the infrastructure that accompanied the 2004 Olympics. The rapid expansion of the subway system, the Attiki Odos - a new highway connecting the center with the new Airport, etc were undeniably beneficial to the city and helped for the rise of tourism overall.

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Posted in: How would you rate Japan's performance at the Rio Olympics so far? See in context

Japan is doing great and so far, considerably better than 2012! I am happy to see that Japan is back on the Gold Medals in Judo, as Matsumoto was the only one in the previous Olympics.

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Posted in: What are some of the best free places to visit in Japan? See in context

I think that the area around the Tokyo Imperial Palace is quite impressive and a must-see. I also love Ueno koen, especially during the Hanami season is stunning.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 18-year-old girl stabbed on train platform at Sendai station See in context

I would like to see a report with statistics but I get the feeling that stabbing cases are getting more and more frequent, unfortunately. It makes you wonder if it is due to a copycat effect...

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Posted in: Turkey fires tens of thousands in coup plotters hunt See in context

The whole western media and politicians supporting these coup terrorist, wichh shows their double standard and hypocrisy

It's one thing to arrest and punish those who attempted the coup, and another to fire thousands of teachers because you have information that they criticize you.

The way this coup involved makes me think that Erdogan knew about it and did nothing to prevent it beforehand.

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Posted in: Asian central banks, policymakers wade in to calm markets after Brexit vote See in context

Like Churchill said:

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

Undeniably, Britain shot itself In the foot with this decision. Scots rethinking their status in the UK is just the first step.

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Posted in: Missing Hokkaido boy found alive in SDF hut in forest after 6 days See in context

Great news!!! So relieved that the boy was found safe!

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Posted in: Renowned stage director Yukio Ninagawa dies at 80 See in context

RIP Ninagawa san. I had watched his Oedipus Rex work at Odeon of Herodes in Greece 12 years ago. It was superb.

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Posted in: Cool Biz fashion season begins across Japan See in context

I wonder if there are any researches done showing how much the CO2 emissions and electricity use were reduced during these 11 years due to Cool Biz.

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Posted in: M8.5 earthquake strikes near Ogasawara islands See in context

So much activity lately! Be safe everyone...

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Posted in: World's oldest man dies aged 116 See in context

Wow...just imagine what things he had seen in his life and how many changes he has been through. When the Olympics in Tokyo took place, he was already 67 years old....amazing...

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Posted in: National obsession with cleanliness bodes ill for health See in context

Indeed, washlet is very convenient and I don't think you can go back to the old "plain" toilet after using washlet.

I am a little bit skeptical about this article, even though I can see its points. Yes, on the one hand excessive cleanliness might have bad results to health regarding illnesses such as skin diseases, allergies, etc. On the other hand, though, isn't one of the (many) reasons why Japan is first in the life expectancy list (while Indonesia mentioned in the article is below the world average)? Isn't this a contradiction?

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Posted in: 7 services that don’t make sense to foreigners in Japan See in context

Actually, these kind of services (with the exception of the NHK fee) are quite nice, convenient (free tissues), and are part of Japanese uniqueness. Plus, the Japanese customers expect to be treated nicely whenever they go. They don't mind the elevator lady announcing the floor nor the "irasshaimase" greeting when they enter a sushi restaurant. It's part of their tradition and mentality. I surely don't mind the worker directing the traffic either.

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Posted in: ANA, JAL ground Dreamliner fleet after emergency landing See in context

It was about time! Too bad it took them so long though! I commented about a week ago (and received thumbs down) that no airplane should be allowed to commercial aviation after experiencing so many malfunctions. In any case, I hope that no one blames the JAL or ANA staff for "not being able to understand the manual" anymore....

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Posted in: Boeing defends Dreamliner, but safety questions remain See in context

Ground them, why take a chance with so many lives at stake.

Well said. Or at least, they should be inspected all over again and again and make sure there are no problems before they take them for commercial flights. Otherwise, Boeing must recall all of them.

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Posted in: ANA cancels Dreamliner flight due to brake glitch See in context

Well, I am surprised how easily some people excused Boeing for the malfunction. In the JAL incident they said "It's JAL's problem because they can't read the English manual" or "It's the ground staff's error". In this case, they say "It's the sub-contractors' fault".

Guys, when you buy something - say a brand new TV or a car - and there seems to be a problem with it from the first day you use it, would you really accept as an excuse the "I am sorry, some parts of it were made abroad by the sub-contractors and it's not our fault. If we had made it all by ourselves, it would have been ok". Well, I bet you won't and you would demand to take it back and either fix it or give you a new one. That's what Boeing should do. All 787s must be recalled immediately before there is a worse accident and Boeing must provide the airline carriers with new ones or give them back their money. And no, the "But the airplanes are too expensive to be recalled and Boeing might have financial difficulties to do so" is not an excuse either. We are talking about human lives that are endangered here.

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Posted in: Second JAL 787 incident in 2 days raises questions about Dreamliner See in context

That's JAL's duty. It doesn't surprise me that both incidents involve JAL.

I hope you changed your mind now that ANA had also problems with the Dreamliner. Or they also "can't read the manual"?

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Posted in: Mt Fuji may erupt by 2015, says Ryukyu University professor See in context

So, apparently, we also have to worry about a Fuji eruption in addition to another massive earthquake close to Tokyo.... Mother nature, please, spare us. I don't even want to imagine the possibility of any of these two catastrophes occurring. Following the 2011, we all reached a point when we thought "ok the worst is over". Unfortunately, we must always be prepared for the worse. I hope that the J-gov conducts a plan for an emergency like a Fuji eruption or a Kanto earthquake and let us hope that it won't have to use it.

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Posted in: Second JAL 787 incident in 2 days raises questions about Dreamliner See in context

It was Boeing's responsibility to make sure that everything works perfectly. The purchase of these aircrafts was a major risk by JAL - which only recently managed to overcome its financial difficulties and get a surplus - and Boeing must make sure that there are no malfunctions.

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Posted in: Happy New Year See in context

Happy New Year to all the Japantoday community!!! Wish you all the best!

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Posted in: 87-year-old man robbed of Y5 mil he carried everywhere See in context

What is going on in this country???

I still remember when Japan used to be one of the safest countries in the world... During my first trip in Japan, I had forgotten my expensive camera on a bench and I still found it there, 2 hours later. Many people were passing by but nobody though to take it for himself. At that time, I thought to myself that Japan is full of law abiding citizens... Unfortunately, Japan is changing into a typical western country. This is really sad.

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Posted in: Serial tree killer on the loose in 5 prefectures See in context


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Posted in: World's longest bullet train service begins in China See in context

I don't think that the problem with the Chinese bullet train is the technology - since the know-how is imported from Europe and Japan - but rather the fact that the Chinese government deliberately prioritized the rapid expansion of their rail network at the expense of safety thinking that nothing could go wrong....but it did. In any case, I think Foxie is right. Rail accidents occur everywhere and even in countries where safety is number one priority.

The Japanese example, on the other hand, is a peculiar and unique case (the only country in which almost its entire economic infrastructure is depended on rail networks). Just think how much trouble the delays of trains and shinkansen cause when a typhoon passes by. Will China ever manage to catch up Japan? Hmm...difficult but not impossible. Difficult because the Japanese have developed an entire mentality around their transportation system and everything works around them - small houses closer to train stations are way more expensive than big houses away from stations, shopping centers and small "downtowns" are developed around stations in the middle of nowhere, commuting with car is usually a big no, etc. This is not something that can be imitated easily, being a social phenomenon. On the other hand, not impossible...because nothing is impossible with the Chinese. Only time can tell.

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Posted in: Iron sheets fall from truck, killing 2 in car See in context

Another horrible accident involving negligence of truck driver and his freight company. I think it is time for more strict regulations and trucks with dangerous materials on them must be inspected very carefully before traveling. It might be impossible to prevent hit-and-run accidents like the one in Fukuoka, but at least you can prevent accidents of loose cargo.

RIP people...

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Posted in: 8 tips for getting a seat on Japan’s crowded trains See in context

Car no.4 often has fewer passengers, because the number symbolizes death.

I don't know about Car no.4, but I have often noticed that the last Car usually gets less commuters on it, because in many cases it is the most distant from the exits/escalator. But this is not always the case.

In any case, I prefer standing up than having to fight over a seat. Not to mention that you will get those "suspicious/angry" stares from middle aged women if you get a seat and they don't. And of course, you must always offer your seat to the ones who need it, contrary to most Japanese who prefer to pretend they are sleeping or play with their keitai.

And yes, many Japanese commuters prefer standing up than siting next to a foreigner and this is one of the most annoying feelings than anyone can get in Japan. Especially when another seat gets empty and they prefer to sit next to a perverted-looking-creepy-and-drunk-old-man than you, a foreigner in armani suits. (and I am only half joking here)

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Posted in: Japanese man, 115, becomes world's oldest person See in context

He lives with his son’s family.

Wow, wouldn't it be fascinating if you were in your late 80's, early 90's and still had one of your parents alive?

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Posted in: Remains of 6th-century man in armor found at 'Pompeii of Japan' See in context

Interesting. I have never heard of this "Pompeii of Japan" and I would love to visit it.

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