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Posted in: Man says he stole 159 bicycle seats after someone took his See in context

I swear I read a story about something similar a few years ago. I don't think the guy stole the seats because it happened to him, rather It was a fetish thing... we do live in strange times that's for sure.

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Posted in: Man says he abused stepdaughter because efforts to discipline her didn't work See in context

Being abused as a child is awful. Not to make this about myself, but I remember when was abused by father and every night I'd have massive anxiety going to sleep and I'd always wet the bed by the morning. Physical punishment hurts children more than people realize. It's not just physical but mentally harmful . I feel so sorry for this little girl and what she went through. :(

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Posted in: Police claim prostitution ring let customers eat curry rice off a naked woman’s body See in context

It's unfortunate if people are forced into this line of work due to necessity. however, if women/men choose to do this for fun. who are we to stop them

just my opinion.

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