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Posted in: Feminist scholar calls Japan's gender problem 'human disaster' See in context

The inherited social system is that developed after the war, which assumed a sole male bread winner in each family and the entire system was designed based on that assumption. Economically that system has been unsustainable for a while since most jobs don't pay enough to support a family these days (which in turn feeds into Japan's demographic crisis).

I agree that this is an issue...but it is not clear the issue is a Q of gender...and it rather seems more of a Q of capital not providing returns to labor. A housewife could be supported just fine with today's GDP, the wages just need to rise.

If you derive a significant amount of your self worth or social positioning based on your ability to make other moms do menial and pointless PTA work, then women with successful careers are a threat because A) they don't have time for your BS and don't recognize your authority, and B) they are obviously doing better in life than you, which also undermines your position through the force of example.

This seems like something a sexist would write, looking at it. Just calling it as I see it.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs plan to legally ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

I mean, if it’s just a measured form of discipline as you claim you should be fine with other parents, teachers, coaches etc swatting, smacking or spanking your kids right? Or are you the only ones who are allowed to hit your kids??

I am annoyed by this hypocrisy myself, but I answer it straightforwardly: others should indeed be allowed to spank as needed.

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Posted in: Abandoned boy reflects Japan's attitude on discipline, abuse See in context

I agree, John-San.

In this discussion, I understand the discomfort of going soft on abuse...

But in the US, I must agree with some of the other posters that things are less than ideal. And it is certainly harder for parents with the severe restrictions on corporal punishment in most of the United States, and the behavior of CPS in this regard.

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