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I just got back from Japan yesterday to the states. I have been there for 3 months and had gone for months prior.

While I do understand the people saying what is the big deal she just put her hands in her pockets when I’m your culture it’s probably not a big deal.

Japan is a very organized and orderly country and there are a lot of rules that the Japanese people were raised to adhere to at a very young age.

For example in America it is extremely rude to slurp food really loudly and against the law to drink alcohol while walking on the streets. While in Japan both of those examples I gave are not that big of an issue.

Now with that established, I’d like to propose a question to the people who are saying that she shouldn’t be held to that standard, on the contrary she is the governor and was elected as such to represent the people.

She knows the rules that every Japanese must follow and the fact that the people are bringing up that she was rude to a foreigner just goes to show how disappointed they are in her.

It’s similar to when you get in an argument with someone and can’t understand their point of view.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions but, before bashing the people, step back and get a little perception... or not, it’s your life. :)

More importantly I was in Japan when it was raining and cold on Sunday and it’s messed up they didn’t give him an umbrella. {・_・}

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