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Posted in: Prosecutors indict Kobe Steel for faking product quality data See in context


Executives of Japanese large Corporations may be able to avoid even arrest.

Large Corporations are protected in Japan.

Even if it is Rogue Companies.

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Posted in: Death toll in heat wave tops 30; more than 10,000 taken to hospitals See in context

"Please avoid to go out unless urgency or necessity"

"Don't play Sports"

"Dangerous Heat that threat lives"

Japanese Authorities is repeating so about This Summer Heat but,

2 years later,Japan is going to start Olympics in same season despite intense summer heat.

Tokyo 2020 has said "Athlete First".

But Their actual state is Commercialism First without Safety First.

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Posted in: Abe visits flood disaster zone; new warnings issued See in context

Japanese Abe Government has passed some problematic bills in the shade of This Disaster.

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Posted in: Court rejects suspension of Oi nuclear power plant See in context

Many Japanese Judges are still in "Safety Myth" of Nuclear Plants as before 2011.

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Posted in: Diet enacts labor reform bill amid concerns over long working hours See in context

Abe Government's new working law will legalize illegal overwork,

Management-side can use workers cheaply,

Authorities can say that "Karoshi" is no exist in Japan "legally".

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Posted in: Diet enacts labor reform bill amid concerns over long working hours See in context

in the shade of World Cup,

Japanese Abe Government make Problematic Laws one after another.

"Working Reform bill" had been made by "Labor Policy Council" that is Management side-friendly.

but Abe Government had pretended as if new bill was made for "Karoshi" bereaved families and Labors.

and Abe Government ignored opposition of bereaved families who noticed problems of new bill.

’’’Basis of the bill’ that PM Abe or Labor minister had said,it was equal to empty.

and their explanation were nothing but lie or deception.

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Posted in: Support for Abe rises, boosting chance at historic tenure See in context

Nikkei is supporter of Abe government

Nikkei,Yomiuri and Sankei have been pointed "induction" about public opinion poll.

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Posted in: Japan to halt missile attack drills after Trump-Kim summit See in context

Abe Government excessively instigated unrest against North Korea to raise support rate.

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Posted in: Pro-smoking LDP lawmaker apologizes for heckling cancer patient See in context

Typical Politician of Present Ruling Party of Japan.

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Posted in: Thousands rally against Abe gov't amid cronyism scandals See in context

Japanese Abe Government pretended to hear voices of the bereaved of "Karoshi" victims,

But,actually,They worked to defend Profit of greedy economy Group "Keidanren" merely.

and Minister K.Kato do nothing but repeat deceptive or evasive answer despite Labor Minister.

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Posted in: Ruling coalition-backed candidate wins Niigata gubernatorial election See in context

View points of many media about this election were "Yes or No against Abe Government","Yes or No against Nuclear Plants".

Actual state seemed to be unlike it.

at Niigata prefecture,

Ruling party emphasized expansion of 'Public Works',and had repeated basis-less criticism that "Opposition party's Governor will decrease public works".

that was like old Japanese election.

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Posted in: Japan moves closer to controversial labor reforms See in context

Japanese Prime Minister pretended to listen even voices of the bereaved of "Karoshi" victims to defend Profit of Greedy Economy Group "Keidanren".

and Minister Kato repeat deceptive or evasive answer only.

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Posted in: AI security cameras coming to stores in Japan See in context

Japanese Society do not consider even risk of mass surveillance yet.

Many Japanese media are pleased new technology innocently

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Posted in: Employers will become exempt from the responsibility of keeping track of employee working hours, so even if someone dies due to overwork, having the case be certified as a work-related death will be nearly impossible. The number of bereaved families who are suffering hopelessly in silence and are left destitute will only grow. See in context

Japanese Abe Government who is working for Japan's biggest and greedy economy group "Keidanren".

At First,

Abe Government had behaved as if They reflect Voice of 'National association of families considering death by overwork',and insist "New Working Revolution Law can defend workers".

But now,

Government ignored even Protest from 'National association of families considering death by overwork'.

Abe Government exploit even "Karoushi" Victims' bereaved families,and try to make"New Working Revolution Law" that legalize illegal overwork that is convenient to "Keidanren".

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Posted in: Lawyers to sue nationalists over anti-Korean school campaign See in context

Stupid harassment from Japanese Racists against anti-hate Lawyers.

They justify Racism under the name of "fairness".

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Posted in: Former aide to Abe corrects Diet remarks over cronyism See in context

His comments has been already "adjusted" with Ruling Party and Government.

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Posted in: Abe seeks support for constitutional revision See in context

Japan's referendum is out of Public Election Law.

Therefore,almost "No Regulation",

and,Even Bribery is not illegal.

New Constitution Plans is about to be made by Japanese extreme-rightists who tamper with the official documents to conceal inconvenient facts,and counterfeit convenient Data.

Interests of most Japanese at holiday week are Sports Hero or Show Biz Scandals.

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Posted in: After sexual harassment row, is Japan having a #MeToo moment? See in context

Japanese extreme-rightists who support Abe Government,

They have slandered TV station or female reporters.

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Posted in: Names of 3,607 members of WWII Unit 731 to be released See in context


Japanese Mainstream Media did not mention This News.

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Posted in: Animator, Studio Ghibli co-founder Takahata dies at 82 See in context

One of creators who underwent the war.

He had warned about present state of Japan.

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Posted in: Fukushima village radiation still above gov't target after cleanup: Greenpeace See in context

"Fukushima is under control" Prime Minister Abe said.


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Posted in: Japan's Olympians share Pyeongchang experiences with fans See in context

Japanese Society is easy to be excited,and easy to forget.

Japanese Society excitedly praise Medalists who Most Japanese did not know till last month,but lose interests soon and forget in less than a year.

it is repeated it whenever Olympics.

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Posted in: Tokyo returns with Summer Games with something new to prove See in context

"The World discover Japan by Olympics 2020"

"Japan will amaze The World by Olympics 2020"

"Japan change to Utopia by Olympics 2020"

"Japan become World's center by Olympics 2020"

"World praise Japan by Olympics 2020"

"Japan revive as "No.1" by Olympics 2020"


Japanese Society and The Establishment are obsessed with doubtful "Olympics Myth".

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Posted in: Japan wins WTO dispute against S Korea's import ban on Fukushima-related food See in context

Talking anxiety about safety of foods of North-East Japan is already Taboo and “unpatriotic” in Present Japan.

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Posted in: Cabinet support rate up to 50%; 53% back pressure on N Korea: poll See in context

Present Major Media of Japan have been occupied by Topics of Olympics.

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Posted in: Japan refutes U.S. denial about flight by helicopters over school See in context

Whenever US Troops repeat trouble,

Supporters of Abe Government spread Hate,Discrimination and False rumor against Okinawa.

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Posted in: Nobel peace laureate group urges Japan to join nuclear arms ban treaty See in context

Japanese Nationalists and Militarists still repeat worthless faultfinding against ICAN.

why first visit was Japan,

because Nagasaki and Hiroshima are Japanese City.

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Posted in: Sato still celebrating historic Indy 500 win See in context


Most Japanese don't know him and Indy 500 yet.

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Posted in: Japan refutes U.S. denial about flight by helicopters over school See in context

Japanese Abe Government call "Japan-US alliance" but,

Actual state of Japan is mere subordination to US.

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Posted in: Nobel peace laureate group urges Japan to join nuclear arms ban treaty See in context

Japanese government and Ruling Party,on the excuse of North Korea's threat,did nothing but vindicate US military policy.

Japanese nationalists and Authoritarians want Nuclear Weapon.

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