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Posted in: Fukushima village radiation still above gov't target after cleanup: Greenpeace See in context

"Fukushima is under control" Prime Minister Abe said.


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Posted in: Japan's Olympians share Pyeongchang experiences with fans See in context

Japanese Society is easy to be excited,and easy to forget.

Japanese Society excitedly praise Medalists who Most Japanese did not know till last month,but lose interests soon and forget in less than a year.

it is repeated it whenever Olympics.

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Posted in: Tokyo returns with Summer Games with something new to prove See in context

"The World discover Japan by Olympics 2020"

"Japan will amaze The World by Olympics 2020"

"Japan change to Utopia by Olympics 2020"

"Japan become World's center by Olympics 2020"

"World praise Japan by Olympics 2020"

"Japan revive as "No.1" by Olympics 2020"


Japanese Society and The Establishment are obsessed with doubtful "Olympics Myth".

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Posted in: Japan wins WTO dispute against S Korea's import ban on Fukushima-related food See in context

Talking anxiety about safety of foods of North-East Japan is already Taboo and “unpatriotic” in Present Japan.

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Posted in: Cabinet support rate up to 50%; 53% back pressure on N Korea: poll See in context

Present Major Media of Japan have been occupied by Topics of Olympics.

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Posted in: Japan refutes U.S. denial about flight by helicopters over school See in context

Whenever US Troops repeat trouble,

Supporters of Abe Government spread Hate,Discrimination and False rumor against Okinawa.

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Posted in: Nobel peace laureate group urges Japan to join nuclear arms ban treaty See in context

Japanese Nationalists and Militarists still repeat worthless faultfinding against ICAN.

why first visit was Japan,

because Nagasaki and Hiroshima are Japanese City.

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Posted in: Sato still celebrating historic Indy 500 win See in context


Most Japanese don't know him and Indy 500 yet.

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Posted in: Japan refutes U.S. denial about flight by helicopters over school See in context

Japanese Abe Government call "Japan-US alliance" but,

Actual state of Japan is mere subordination to US.

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Posted in: Nobel peace laureate group urges Japan to join nuclear arms ban treaty See in context

Japanese government and Ruling Party,on the excuse of North Korea's threat,did nothing but vindicate US military policy.

Japanese nationalists and Authoritarians want Nuclear Weapon.

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Posted in: Abe rejects S Korean call for new steps to help 'comfort women' See in context

'New President overrule former regime's decision'

it is not only South Korea but also US.

But Japanese society welcome Trump, criticize South Korea only.

Japan looks up US,and Look down on other Asian.

Despite Perpetrator side,

Japanese Nationalists and Politicians repeat :

"Japan's apology is enough anymore"

it cause anger of victim side.

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Posted in: Canoeist banned for 8 years for spiking rival's drink, causing positive drug test See in context

Japanese Olympics authorities,Politics,Mainstream Media and Ad industries are instigating excessive expectation toward Olympics 2020 everyday in Japan.

"Olympics 2020 must bring immense prosperity to Japan"

"Whole World will praise Japan"

"Japan become center of the world" etc

Such Delusion as if Olympics will change Japan to Paradise and Greedy business topics on the pretext of sports are rampant in Japanese society.

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Posted in: S Korea says it won't seek to renegotiate 'comfort women' deal with Japan See in context

Japanese Ruling Party Politicians,supporters and Racists with sexism are repeating

"Comfort woman issue is fiction"

"Comfort woman is Koreans‘ fabrication"

Those cause anger.

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Posted in: Abe hopes to win cross-party support on proposed constitutional change See in context

Japanese Racists,Revisionists,Nationalists,Authoritarians and Totalitarians want to crush Present Pacifism Constitution.

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Posted in: Japan hangs 2 inmates; first executions since July See in context


Japanese society likes death penalty.

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Posted in: Japan to spend $2 bil on land-based Aegis missile defense system See in context

No One knows that this system will be able to defend Japanese people or not.

Japan is always "good customer" for military industrial complex of US.

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Posted in: What do you like about the way Christmas is celebrated in Japan, and what don't you like about it? See in context

Christmas in Japan is mere greedy business.

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Posted in: IOC confident Tokyo 2020 venues will be ready on time See in context

Tokyo Olympics is used as pretext to waste immense Tax.

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Posted in: Nissan to resume domestic car production after scandal See in context

despite Cheating or Scandal,

Nobody is almost punished about Large Corporation in Japan.

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Posted in: Trump visit likely to boost Abe's image at home, at least for now See in context

Japanese general public is easy to forget even recent politics problem

,despite unsolved.

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Posted in: Opposition rebuffs LDP plan to reduce their time for questions in Diet See in context

after election,

Japanese Cabinet repeated "Modesty" but They are still arrogance.

Ruling Party Politicians try to use The Diet to praise Prime Minister,like dictatorship.

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Posted in: Japanese doctor slams foreign vocational trainee system See in context

Japanese Abe Government divert their eyes from Japan versions slavery.

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Posted in: Abe to launch cabinet quickly; opposition in disarray See in context

New Party of Koike caused to scatter Anti-Abe votes,and assisted LDP resultantly.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc to focus on constitution reform after election win See in context

Refugees or Sufferers of Natural disaster or Nuclear disaster say:

"Immense Tax should be used to re-construction rather than election".

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Posted in: Abe says his priorities are N Korea and aging Japan See in context

Votes to The Ruling Parties was about 30% only of all votes.

But They got about 70% seats.

Anti-Abe Government votes divided between opposition parties' candidates again.


at least during election campaign,

under the name of "political neutrality",

Japan's Mainstream Media were coward to criticism the politics.

about political issue or social issue,

Japanese general public is very forgetful or do not think it own issue.

and Voter Turnout is still low.

Japan's election has many problems.

This result let many japanese may give up stopping Authoritarianism of Abe Government,let Japanese Media become more coward.

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Posted in: Candidates make last-ditch plea to voters See in context

Japan's Major Media who lack criticism,

Japan's Government's "effort" to lower voter turnout.

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Posted in: Japan Inc wants Abe election win, but with smaller majority See in context

Arrogant business by "The Establishment" of Japan.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc heading for big election win despite voter distaste for Abe: poll See in context

After start of election campaign,

Japanese TV media have stopped to criticize Politics or Government under the name of "political neutrality".

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Posted in: Abe's ratings recover to 50% level amid North Korea security jitters See in context

Public opinion poll by Yomiuri who support Nationalistic Abe Government.

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Posted in: Abe's ratings recover to 50% level amid North Korea security jitters See in context

Japanese Abe Government denied condemnation from UN to justify problematic "Conspiracy-Law".

but,about national security,

They rely on authority of UN.

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