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Aoi Azuuri comments

Posted in: Death penalty sought again in retrial of 88-year-old man acquitted of 1966 murders See in context

Japanese shameful prosecutors are so "bullish" attitude against general citizen as even persistently sought death penalty despite fabricating evidences, but so timid to ruling party politicians who had repeated unjust fundraising as don't even arrest most of LDP plutocrats.

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Posted in: Japan still wrestling with legacy of graft-stained Olympics See in context

Not only Olympics, big events including Expo held at Japan are mere pretext for plutocracy that government and ruling party LDP profit pro-LDP corporations with vast taxpayers money and get contribution from them.

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Posted in: Japan passes revised law allowing joint child custody for divorced parents for first time See in context

who rushed to pass Japan version defective "joint custody" are far-right crowds espousing prewar totalitarianism such as selfish and corrupted LDP government or religious cult who cling to patriarchy and supporting LDP, they and their laws always dislike human rights.

This revised law will deteriorate situation as same as other LDP politics.

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Posted in: Japan protests after China, Russia call released Fukushima water 'contaminated' See in context

Corrupted LDP government with plutocracy and religious cults protests dictatorship states.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. move ahead in co-developing hypersonic weapons interceptor as regional threats grow See in context

Japanese general public seem to have no even recognition that own country expands relation with the war by ruling class.

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Posted in: Around 68,000 elderly die alone in Japan annually: police See in context

This serious issue is not even considered at present Japanese society where ageism is rampant.

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Posted in: Tokyo police raid political group over election campaign obstruction See in context

police raid minor political group but they don't raid largest political group LDP despite suspicion of innumerable violation about election or fundraising.

frustration or anger against such power is spreading.

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Posted in: Nuclear waste disposal site survey to go ahead in Saga town See in context

In the first place, Japan's declining area where depend on nuclear plants subsidies are difficult to escape from its situation no matter how risk.

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Posted in: Japan's real wages fall in March for record 24th month See in context

on the other hand, large corporations' profit are largest ever.

wealth distribution in Japan is clearly failed.

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. that Biden's 'xenophobia' comment is regrettable See in context

pro-LDP religious cults dislike foreign labours and LDP obeying them, harassments or human rights violation or violence that foreign trainees had been suffered, Immigration bureau staff disrespecting even the lives, capital governor trivializing massacre based on discrimination,

There are still xenophobia at everywhere of society or authorities or power of Japan.

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Posted in: Japan left to rethink COVID grants as telework facilities empty out See in context

Japanese authorities fabricate optimistic but deceptive social atmosphere as if Covid19 was ended by drastically decreasing announcement about Covid19 on the excuse of virus downgrading last May, made pretext that can discontinue grants.

On the other hand, Japan's domestic Covid19 deaths at medical organization per year are increasing year by year, during also this "Golden Week", many medical workers are reporting increase of Covid19 patients through SNS.

But, Japan's press freedom index 70th major media report nothing about Covid19 cases and deaths, it spread misleading as if Covid19 ended toward society, it causes cases surge, and increase deaths including my acquaintance's family.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for speeding up debate on revising Constitution See in context

Recent Japan's far-right parties such as LDP or Ishin or NDP shift the blame of their incompetent and negligence onto constitution, intend to destroy many historical lessons to expand power or satisfy themselves politically.

But selfish they just prioritize to benefit large corporations or arms industries than helping citizen facing difficulties.

what Japan's PM should speed up is reconstruction of Noto peninsula where quake hit or solving poverty or improving public health, not trampling on historical lesson.

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Posted in: Brazil's Lula invites Kishida to eat his country's beef See in context

Japan's PM enjoys trip with taxpayers money and tastes beef.

On the other hand, sufferers at Noto peninsula still lack even enough drinking water despite by indifference of LDP Kishida government despite 4 months passed from quake hit.

Press freedom index 70th, Japanese major media don't even criticize negligence of government.

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Posted in: Defense chiefs from U.S., Australia, Japan and Philippines vow to deepen cooperation See in context

Present Japanese LDP government can do properly is nothing. from Covid19 measures, "my number" insurance card, economy policy, energy policy, weak yen inflation, poverty, social security, reconstruction of disaster to fundraising scandals of themselves, their everything are misstep or defect.

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Posted in: White House downplays Biden calling Japan xenophobic country See in context

causes of Japan's economic woe are not only xenophobia, but it's not wrong that Japanese society has xenophobia.

Religious cult groups who support ruling party LDP dislike foreign labour or migrant, foreign "technical trainees" had been suffered many harassment or even violence, Far-right groups repeat hate speech march at street, police officer guard such them, its police officer's questioning have also xenophobic trend, immigration bureaus are still hotbed of human rights violation.

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Posted in: Kishida leaves for France, South America See in context

Irresponsible cabinet ministers are enjoying overseas trip with over 1.2 billion taxpayers money while they ignoring difficulties such as Noto peninsula where reconstruction is in stagnation despite 4 months from quake hit or weak yen what damages life of most people or Covid19 that spreading and increasing victim again at society.

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Posted in: Weak yen boosts tourist wallets in Japan See in context

Increasing foreign travelers in Japan is same trend from before Covid19 era, but it hasn't benefited whole society of Japan.

Weak yen only enrich handful such as travel industries or large corporations making money by export, but causing more damages or burdens to most of other people.

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Posted in: Kishida to visit France, Brazil, Paraguay during Golden Week See in context

Ruthless PM of Japan intends to enjoy overseas travel with ignoring even people facing difficulties such as expanding poverty or Noto peninsula where reconstruction is still stagnation and even drinking water supply is insufficient despite 4 months passed since quake hit.

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Posted in: 3 care facility workers arrested for assaulting intellectually disabled resident who later died See in context

This murder seem to symbolize present Japanese society where human-rights or social vulnerable are hated, unfortunately.

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Posted in: Kishida to unveil measures to protect Amazon rainforest during Brazil visit See in context

Present Kishida LDP government scatters taxpayers money like water to overseas, but they dislike to spend taxes for domestic citizen.

Poverty expanding into Japanese society, number of private food aid places for poors is now beyond number of all public schools, wages for social welfare workers are reduced, medical services for social vulnerable are restricted.

Noto peninsula's reconstruction is still in stagnation despite about 4 months after quake hit, even enough drinking water isn't yet supplied to damaged area, cruel cabinet ministry demands to sufferers even buy it themselves.

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Posted in: LDP proposes forfeiting unreported political funds in reform plan See in context

That's mere their usual way what deceive public as if they improved something. Its actuality is full of loopholes.

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Posted in: Gov't estimates Jan 1 quake cut Japan growth by ¥115 bil See in context

But, present Kishida government virtually abandons Noto peninsula as financial ministry who dislike to spend taxes wants. far-rights including part of politicians repeated remarks or "post" as if volunteers are nuisance to suffering area since January 1st, more delay reconstruction with already slow.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister Takaichi, more than 90 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Prewar Japan's militarism is never past.

Japan's SDF invite Japanese far-rightists repeatedly, young members take lectures from them who repeat warlike remarks, and begun to use the words or expressions that justify and beautify the then invasion war.

Education ministry allowed to use "new textbook" including description such as unscientific Japanese-Supremacism or beautification of Kamikaze Attack with historical revisionism.

Many prefectures and cities provide personal informations of teenagers without permission of themselves or their family to SDF.

Plural economy groups rapidly strengthen to value arms industries as same as prewar, virtually demand even abolishing pacifism constitution despite economy groups.

Recent years Japanese rulers' aiming is not only deterrent.

But, most Japanese public are crazy for famous major league baseball player.

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Posted in: Osaka expo uniforms See in context

Expo 2025 wastes resources such as workers or materials or huge taxes despite little expectation domestically and internationally, that's delaying reconstruction of Noto peninsula where has heavy damaged by quake hit about 4 months before.

Besides, methane from landfill and insufficient safety measures have caused even gus explosion already.

But, Japan's avaricious economy groups and far-right politicians still cling to holding self-satisfaction larger events while they ruin society and victimize citizen and decline country.

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Posted in: Kishida sends offering to Yasukuni Shrine for spring rite See in context

Present Japan's LDP government is supported by far-right cult religion groups who beautify prewar totalitarian regime and who justify the then invasion war including war crime, Kishida who only wants to stay on PM also rely on them as ever.

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Posted in: Corrosion found in treated radioactive water tanks at Fukushima plant See in context

Japanese public seem to misread as if dumping self-named "treated water" was only once at last August despite actually endless continuation.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to Japan says boosting arms industry ties is key to stronger security alliance See in context

He is like ambassador of military-industrial complex.

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet's support rate rises to 23.8%: poll See in context

Somehow, his US visit that US ambassador to Japan greeted PM, not president or vice president.

Japanese PM had arbitrarily promised as if Japan will participate to the war of US. Besides, he seemed to point "crisis of democracy" at US congress but his LDP regime themselves are ruining democracy of Japan during over decade.

But Japanese pro-government reporters only admired such overseas travel of Kishida as "state visit". And, 3.7 percent public turned to support government.

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Posted in: SDF begins Tomahawk missile training for FY2025 deployment See in context

Strange Japan government buy many old subsonic cruise missiles despite already hypersonic missile era or advance of missile defense system.

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Posted in: Clouds gather over Osaka World Expo See in context

too optimistic Expo 2025 project is ballooning cost endlessly, besides it has deprived many resource that should be used for reconstruction of Noto peninsula where quake hit new year's day, it's very disliked socially.

who cling to hold Expo are only some far-right parties and economy groups who want to profiteer immense budget from taxpayers money.

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