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Posted in: Abe's office may have illegally spent millions of yen on parties See in context

"Abe's office may have illegally spent millions of yen on parties"

Politicians helping themselves to the public trough...who would have thought. /s

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Posted in: Hokkaido woman arrested for poking holes in 13 expensive melons with finger See in context

Infantile behavior, what a waste.

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Posted in: Japan's ramen shops struggle to stay open as COVID hammers small firms See in context

It's almost as if the government here should come up with a way to easily help small businesses...

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Posted in: JAL test-flies drone to carry relief goods in mountainous area See in context

@R. T.

"waste of time and money."

Tell that to someone who needs food, supplies or medicine in a disaster area.

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Posted in: Twitter's new 'fleets' will disappear after 24 hours See in context

"Twitter's new 'fleets' will disappear after 24 hours"

Disappear from your view, permanently stored on a server somewhere...

"Because they disappear from view after a day, fleets helped people feel more comfortable sharing personal and casual thoughts, opinions, and feelings."

False sense of security, more data to gather and harvest when your guard is down.

Use social media responsibly, guys.

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Posted in: Japanese police hide at shrine to catch a thief…who stole ¥665 See in context

I believe I saw something about this a few days ago on NHK after work.

The manpower thrown into this little operation was nothing short of embarrassing; they swarmed on the guy! I asked my wife how much the guy had made, she didn't have a number for me. Can't believe it was

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Posted in: Biden takes Arizona; Trump refuses to concede See in context

That's the funny thing, he is most likely not going to concede.

He's going to cause as many problems as he can.

He's going to file all those flimsy lawsuits in the hopes something manages to stick.

And finally, he's going to pardon as many of his friends as he can and do as much damage as he can on the way out.

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Posted in: Anxious nation awaits Election Day See in context


"you can’t imagine or accept the idea of Trump winning"

If he won fair and square, then sure, I guess I would have to accept that outcome.

What I wholeheartedly believe is this: He's not going to win fair and square.

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Posted in: Survey finds only 23% of vehicles stop for pedestrians at crosswalks See in context

23%...generous indeed.

I've gotten into the (very dangerous, I'll admit) mindset of using the crosswalk when I should have a chance to reasonably do so. You will stop your car, I'm sorry that you have to follow the rules of the road.

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Posted in: Trump pitches 'back to normal' as Biden warns of tough days See in context

@Mr. Noidall

"With Joe’s physical and mental decline, I think Trump is the man to continue the fight against coronavirus."

Yeah, the guy who destroyed Trump in both debates is in "physical and mental decline".

"He’s already said if president he would do exactly as Trump has been doing to combat the virus."

No sources to cite, but my common sense tells me this isn't true.

"I’ll still go with Trump."

From all your previous comments, you've made this abundantly clear. On that point, anyone "undecided" at this point is just a Trump supporter who's too cowardly to say it out loud.

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Posted in: Can Trump call in troops to quell Election Day unrest? See in context


"another 10 million fraudulent mail-in votes"

Cite some sources, please.

"if his election win is found to be legit."

Mighty big "if". Trump screaming at the top of his lungs that he won doesn't make it a win.

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Posted in: Suga says plan to release Fukushima water coming soon See in context

"More than nine years after the disaster, the government still hasn't made clear what it will do with the water at the plant, though a release into the ocean has been largely speculated on in recent years."

Ha, "speculated".

This government knows exactly what it's going to do with this water, they're just waiting for enough heads to be turned. One way or another, like it or not, it's going in the Pacific.

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Posted in: Japanese KitKats are shrinking; Nestlé says previous size may have been too large for customers See in context

"Japanese KitKats are shrinking; Nestlé says previous size may have been too large for customers"

What a flimsy justification. Just come out and say that we're getting less for the same price.

6 words to cover any and all of this baloney: "Price goes up, quality goes down".

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Posted in: We should not be discriminated against because we're women. There's no excuse. I want St. Marianna University to admit the injustice and apologize thoroughly. See in context

"became known that the medical schools illegally rigged test scores to disadvantage female applicants."

I'd like to think something like this would be seriously investigated and more than a few people named, shamed, and punished. But then I remember where I am...

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Posted in: Landlords in U.S. are getting squeezed between tenants and lenders See in context

The flow of the money to the top can't stop! Won't someone think of the lenders??

/heavy S

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. start talks on cost of hosting American troops See in context


"Trump understands leverage."

Okay, here goes:

"Trump has criticized the alliance as one-sided, saying in June 2019 that "if Japan is attacked, we will fight World War III...but if we're attacked, Japan doesn't have to help us at all. They can watch it on a Sony television.""

Trump doesn't understand anything. Not Article 9, not the SOFA, not the alliance, not the price tag or who pays what.

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Posted in: COVID-19 relief pushes U.S. budget deficit to a record $3.1 tril See in context

3.1 trillion dollars, eh? And just how much of that did the American people receive?

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Posted in: Japan to exempt business travelers, returnees from 14-day quarantine See in context

If that's going to be the approach, why bother quarantining anyone?

"With the 14-day quarantine policy a significant stumbling block for overseas business travel, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, placing importance on restarting economic activity, has pushed for the exemptions to move forward."

Here it is, folks. In the end, it's all about the money.

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Posted in: Japan seeks to boost catch limits of prized bluefin tuna See in context

"Japan seeks to boost catch limits of prized bluefin tuna"

Last I checked, Japan already consumes a crazy amount of the entire world's catch...and now they want to boost it. How much longer will it be before the stocks can't recover due to over-fishing?

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Posted in: Trump stirs controversy over COVID-19 death toll, halting aid package talks until after election See in context


"He has beaten the virus in mere days, to the chagrin of many...."

Possibly...with the help of our tax dollars affording the best possible healthcare in the world for him (you know, that thing that's too expensive to extend to all Americans).

I'd like to see how bad he's gasping for air and needing help the second he's out of the public eye...

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Posted in: Japanese actress Suzu Hirose infected with coronavirus See in context

Here's to hoping you pull through with a speedy recovery, Hirose-san.

Have they started the contact tracing?

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Posted in: Trump returns to White House See in context

"saying that despite his illness the nation should not be afraid of the virus"

"has killed more than 210,000 Americans."

This winter is going to prove interesting, to say the least.

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Posted in: What implications do you think U.S. President Donald Trump testing positive for the coronavirus will have on the Nov 3 election? See in context

@Aly Rustom

"Depends on what happens to him. If he dies, it will be big"

I've heard/seen that people should watch his Twitter activity. If he goes quiet, something's wrong. On that note, this guy's also has access to the best medical on the planet.

If he gets better, the worry is that he's going to go all in on "It's not a big deal, flu-like, those who died are weak."

But if he doesn't pull through, well...I'm starting to see his supporters talk about what they're going to do to the Dems/liberals if he doesn't make it...

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Posted in: Comments by Trump's doctor on symptoms, care spark confusion See in context

"Trump said in the video that he had “learned a lot” about the virus getting it himself.

“I learned it by really going to school,” he said. “This is the real school, this isn’t the ‘let’s read the books’ school. And I get it and I understand it. And it’s a very interesting thing.”"

But wait, there shouldn't be much to learn. I thought this "Chinese-made Democratic hoax" that would drop from 15 Americans infected to 0 "very soon", like 6 months ago. heavy /s

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Posted in: Around the world, freedom is in retreat and tyranny is on the rise under cover of COVID-19. Do you agree? See in context

"Around the world, freedom is in retreat and tyranny is on the rise under cover of COVID-19."

Tyranny didn't need it, but it certainly is helping.

All good people have to do is stand there and do nothing...

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Posted in: Woman sues Tokyo company after having to work 48 days in a row with limited bathroom breaks See in context

This lady really needs to find her spine and reattach it. Other than that, I hope she gets the compensation she's looking for.

"One could argue that that’s an unfair demotion"

Time to start looking for another job.

"At one point she says she worked for 48 days in a row"

That's a day shy of 7 solid weeks. There are few occupations that require this, TV isn't one of them.

"still required to handle many of her previous position’s assignments, usually after already putting in a full day in her new general affairs role."

You meet this with a solid "no". A demotion while doing your old're putting in a lot of free work, there.

"as limiting the amount of times she was allowed to get up and go to the bathroom."

I don't know the law here, but this sounds like it's against the law.

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Posted in: Speaking positively about marijuana online leads to arrest of Japanese man and woman See in context

It's funny because it seems like a fat joint is exactly what this entire country needs. But god forbid anyone kick back and chill out.

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Posted in: U.S. virus death toll set to pass 200,000; Trump sees no need for regret See in context

"U.S. virus death toll set to pass 200,000; Trump sees no need for regret"

"It is what it is."

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Posted in: More middle-aged men made homeless by coronavirus See in context

"****His wife, with their 5-year-old daughter, moved in with her parents. Yoshida moved into his car.

Why couldnt his wife make a little space for her husband there as vows sadly have become meaningless, if things are worse or you have sickness your spouse will often bail on you..................what a world we exist in...."


I completely agree, but we're not getting the whole story. Maybe he didn't want to "lose face" by moving in with the in-laws, maybe he and the in-laws don't get along, maybe there were some conditions of stay there he couldn't meet or didn't agree to.

Being homeless, I can't imagine. "Surviving on water", not knowing where your next meal is coming from and knowing that you desperately need a bath and some clean clothes, terrible.

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Posted in: Do you think public trust in vaccine safety is growing or falling based on what you have read or heard over the past few weeks? See in context

It looks to me like it's falling with all the false claims, false starts and the rushing to get one developed.

It's not what people want to hear, but you can't rush this kind of stuff. The only way to develop a safe, effective, reliable vaccine is to wait for the researchers to do their jobs and for the trials to complete.

Until then, as anyone who can be taken seriously up to this point has repeatedly said, masks, distancing, hand washing.

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