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After the 2nd world war, the two powers that led the West were UK and USA. With the rise of the EU and the creation of the Euro, in parallel with the Growth of China and India, the USA and the UK have been losing influence and economic power. From the EU's point of view, the times we live in are of transformation due to the redistribution of wealth at a Global level.

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If Tik Tok is global Internet player, and if by being Chinese is a problem in an important market, why not move the Head Quarter of the company to Canada or the EU? The ownership would be maintained and the questions with India or USA would have a different approach. It´s an opinion.

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Was the aircraft a Dreamliner or the usual 767-300?

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Hi! I'm Portuguese so I'm also a long nose person. That's a right. It's a fact that we "Latinos" and "Pallid Faces" have longer noses that "Orientals". I'm very happy with that! And when the persons are not racists they mix and usually come up with the most beautiful looking people. I think we have to have a better sense of humor. Have a great life, enjoy.

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