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Posted in: Man arrested for refusing to pay bill after dining at Denny's for 12 hours See in context

Hope he didn't order the Denny-o's French Toast! Man, I was on a steady diet of Immodium and Yogurt for a week after eating that, trying to calm my stomach down!

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing father with golf club in Toyama See in context

What???? Why is it still legal to own these dangerous and lethal club weapons? Why haven't they outlawed the ownership and possession of these terrible weapons? Don't try to tell me they are also used for peaceful sporting purposes!!! They were designed for one purpose only...to hit things...and they need to be outlawed now...let's do it for the children!

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Posted in: Violent game launch canceled after Akihabara rampage; gov't discusses regulations on knives See in context

Why are the same questions asked over and over again? You can't fix this type of problem after the fact. There will always be wackos in our societies, no matter how hard we try to intervene or understand what the "causes" of their sickness are. Wackos intent on harming others will ALWAYS find something to use as a weapon...truck, knife, gun, sarin gas, poisoned curry, gravity, dish towels, baseball bats, golf clubs, etc.

The impotence of the law proved itself once again. Criminals don't care about the laws. There were already laws on the books restricting the carrying of a knife of a certain size with no "due reason". Murder and manslaughter by motor vehicle are likewise already prohibited. Did it stop him?

The problem is this. Most want to believe that laws alone will make them safe with absolutely no personal responsibility for their own protection. It's convenient to live with the illusion that one's safety is being handled by someone else. But reality shows us once again that it isn't. The fact that Japan has made non-lethal self defense tools like mace and pepper spray illegal to carry by ordinary people shows just how far into their fog of unconsciousness they actually are. Just look at how quickly the Akihabara wacko was disarmed once he was confronted with force and the threat of deadly force. It's only conjecture on my part to assume that several of his victims could have been spared their fate if someone had intervened sooner, but I have a hard time imagining otherwise.

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Posted in: Are Japanese police really as incompetent as readers on Japan Today make them out to be? See in context

When someday I read a J-head-line that says, "Japanese police change policy and will no longer be allowed to fire indiscriminate "warning shots" in the air" perhaps my answer will change to "maybe not". Calling a miss a "Warning shot" is too convenient an excuse for really needing more practice time at the range.

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Posted in: Solar-powered bra See in context

Someone get that girl a sammich!

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Posted in: Would you accept some economic burdens in order to help prevent global warming? See in context

The same exact scientists who are now proclaiming gloom and doom because of "man-made" global warming are in large part the same people who ten or so years ago were warning us of the next ice-age if we didn't do something soon!

Last year's winter was one of the coolest on record. According to several scientists, if our atmosphere is indeed warming slightly, that could lead to enormous increases in the available land mass areas hospitable to farming and agriculture.

I'm all for conservation and alternate forms of energy, especially wind and solar-hydrogen to ween us off the teat of opec and their ilk, but the "science" behind climate change is way too tainted by people with nefarious political agendas and under-the-table business tie-ins like "221,000 kilowatt-hour burning" Owl Gore has with his climate change consulting business. Carbon-credits....yeah right. I $mell a racket.

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