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Posted in: Japan to pay $3.1 bil to relocate U.S. Marines from Okinawa See in context

If I recall history correctly, the U.S. Does not occupy Japan they are here to help protect this country per the post WWII agreement. Further more the economy gets about 28% of it's profit from the U.S. Troops not tourism. Also one more point every time a base is moved the country does suffer harsh economic problems because of the lack of money coming into the communities. Just ask the people of PR when the U.S. Closed 3 of the 4 bases located there because the local government did not want them there. PR was thrown into economic crisis that they still have not recovered from almost 25 years later. Those people wish that the bases would come back. Also if the U.S. Wanted the island of Okinawa they would have never returned it to the Japanese post WWII.

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