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I totally agree with your view that we shouldn't agree or love every belief other people have. respecting someones belief is not meant to do the same thing or follow the same belief. If you feel its wrong and it should be changed and there is a reason to do so. you should definitely convince that person and try to show him/her the facts and help him/her to find the right way. I believe every single person in this world has right to put his/her demands and live freely without disrespecting and causing harm to anyone. If Muslims are asking for burial sites whats the bi deal about it. why do people need to be racist and show hatred regarding this.

the incense sticks burned everyday in temples cause air pollution. the noise in mosques cause noise pollution, the lighting in churches and burning of candles is lighting on Christmas is waste of energy. there are many points which we wouldn't agree on. what I mean to say is we should be more tolerant and let people live practice their religion or belief. until and unless its causing harm to other people. being biased a racist towards someone will make things complicated and it will only spread hatred.

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great job

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Posted in: Japan lacking burial grounds for expanding Muslim population See in context

Japan is a democratic country and everyone living over here has his/her right to keep their word and ask for their right. whosoever is saying they should go back to their country for burial you must not forget that its not just workers who are living here, there is population of foreign born Muslim people who are asking for their right. whether its a permanent resident or non resident working , they pay taxes and contribute to your economy. and with those of you who will say then they should go back to their respective countries and work and die over there, surely the attitude you people have towards immigrants its gonna happen soon. they come here just because their countries are still developing and yours is developed, they come here because they need to make a living and as humans they accept that you people have humanity and you will let them earn a living for their family. they are here because Japan needs them because the population of this country is shrinking. why is your prime minister and external affairs minister begging for work force don't you think about it. there was a time when japan was full of workers from China but its declining and workers from Vietnam is increasing because they don't need to work here anymore they can earn well in their homeland. same thing is gonna happen with the people from rest of the countries. This racist and discriminating behavior towards other races or religions and lack of knowledge about the rest of the world is what makes Japan a dull and regressive country. Japan has developed economically and technologically withing a very little span of time. but unfortunately there are many people over here who still lack understanding and acceptance of different people or different culture. its just because of the people who have a great sense of understanding and knowledge which makes this country bearable for foreign workers

If burial of a dead causes pollution and is harmful for the environment. so does the cremation of dead. all those people who are against it must google or consider talking to some environmentalist and get your facts clear. or just use simple common sense to figure this out and check out how Muslims do the burial and how cremation is performed here in Japan. There are countries like Canada, New Zealand Etc where foreign people their culture and traditions are expected that's what makes those countries big. The reason why Dubai has grown so much within a little span of time is because they are tolerant and respectful towards the people from different cultural backgrounds or beliefs.

The problem with Japan is they just want those foreigners who benefit them. when it comes to problem of foreigners or any other races they just have nothing do with it. you work for them add to their economy, pay taxes help them grow their business's they are happy, as soon as you are having a trouble or demand something then you don't belong over here anymore. what about all those kids born between Muslim and Non Muslim parents are you gonna send them out of their home country too. I am a proud Muslim and I proudly say we take care of Religious or racial minorities. Islam teaches us to respect other peoples beliefs and sentiments no matter what race, color or religion they belong to.

we humans consider ourselves so wise and advanced but in reality we are nothing in front of mother nature.

corona is one big example we should learn from. tsunami in 2011 is another example. one big earthquake and bang. Japan wouldn't even exist on world map anymore. its not just with Japan it can happen with any country anyone. whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Buddhist. Instead of dividing people on the basis of caste, creed, color and religion. we should unify for peace, harmony and prosperity. instead of searching negative and different things in people we must not forget we are all humans and we belong to one race. No matter how big your empire or how much money you got in the end we all are gonna leave it here. but we can definitely join hands and make each others lives happier and convenient still we are alive. respect and love each others beliefs and thinking for good.

there's a big difference between "Being Human and Human Being" and I prefer Being Human.

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