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Posted in: Public pressure forces gov't to consider phasing out nuclear power See in context

If the Japanese people don't want nuclear power the issue should be closed. Nobody can guarantee that there won't be another nuclear incident. Personally, my family's safety comes above any economic factors. Daylight savings time would help with the summer demands for electricity.

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Posted in: Noda tells protesters he'd like to phase out nuclear power See in context

There's a movie (not so good) named Billy Jack goes to Washington that deals with the issue of nuclear reactors and fault lines that shows how one man can stand up and make a difference.

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Posted in: U.S. destroyer collides with Japanese-owned tanker at entrance to Gulf See in context

I thought the smaller boat was always to blame. I'm surprised they didn't fire on the tanker.

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Posted in: Facebook growth clouded by dubious accounts See in context

Who will I play with online if I delete my dog's account?

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Posted in: Teacher held over alleged assault of 14-year-old girl See in context

Thank goodness the father had some restraint. If it was my daughter I'm afraid the guy wouldn't need a trial, I would (if a dash to my Embassy didn't pan out).

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Posted in: Hundreds of stingrays spotted swimming upstream in Chiba river See in context

Did last year's earthquake cause any shifts in currents? I always assumed unusual migrations are due to temperature and oxygen level changes, but I'm not a biologist ( nor do I play one on TV).

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Posted in: Firm told workers at Fukushima plant to lie about radiation dose See in context

Subcontracting a nuclear job is ridiculous. Even janitors need to be trained. They might be the last person standing.

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Posted in: Warner Bros cancels Batman premiere in Japan after shooting See in context

When's the apple tv release?

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Posted in: Semi-trailer travels 1.2 kilometers along highway without driver See in context

Export-I don't disagree with the IQ tests, but don't set the bar too high, i need my Cheerios.

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Posted in: Schoolgirl speared in head by javelin at Hiroshima university See in context

That's a story for the grandkids if the doctors are right. I'm a bit surprised that they can predict the IC stay with a head injury like that.

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Posted in: 99 requests for emergency help in 5 months due to 'law-evading herb' use in Tokyo See in context

Wonder how many calls for help they got from people sniffing markers or inhaling glue fumes.

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Posted in: Rodney King, key figure in 1992 LA riots, found dead in swimming pool See in context

He died a hero in my book. A few choice words from him at the time could have made things alot worse, and after the beating he took it would have been hard to blame him.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga concussed during concert in NZ See in context

She was taught some act-right.

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Posted in: Lawmakers push gov't to get tough on Senkakus dispute See in context

Those are British islands. Hands off Japan and China.

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Posted in: High school teacher arrested for taking videos up students' skirts See in context

Maybe changing the school uniforms would help?

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Posted in: 'Otaku' men find themselves much sought after See in context

I watch Simpson and Futrama reruns when I'm drunk and bored. Do I qualify?

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Posted in: Corn stolen from Yamanashi farms for 2nd time in a week See in context

Farms must be small to notice 250 cobs of corn stolen. No wonder the prices are outrageous in Japan.

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Posted in: Experts discuss evacuation plan in the event of Mt Fuji eruption See in context

Clearly the end is near. Depending on your faith, it's either time to repent or time to start having fun.

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Posted in: Noda says Oi reactors must be restarted to protect economy, people's livelihoods See in context

How about going to an insurance company and asking them to quote a price on business interruption insurance assuming the reactors stay offline. If the premium is small, leave them off and roll the dice.

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Posted in: Deep in debt, Noda rolls the dice See in context

2020-It almost sounds like you believe that. The corporate tax breaks aren't going to create any jobs, just profits. This is tinkle down economics at it's worst ( there's a sponge at the bottom to suck up the excess urine).

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Posted in: Deep in debt, Noda rolls the dice See in context

Why don't they repeal the lower corporate tax rates that went in this year before they ask the people to suffer?

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Posted in: Norika Fujiwara splits up with boyfriend See in context

Why did I read this story? I'm so confused. Is this news?

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Posted in: Justin Bieber suffers concussion in Paris See in context

Fadamore-I assumed the concussion was because he was drunk( or stoned), but I shouldn't have jumped to that. He is a hard working young man trying to deal with what life has given him, and his is perfect. WZ -WW in L).

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Posted in: 2 arrested for forcing 14-year-old girl to swim naked in pond See in context

One or both of the dads need to teach the guy some good old act-right. 22-14 is predator behavior in my opinion ( except in cultures with arranged marriages). I know when I was 14 I hated the older guys coming to the party for a one nighter with girls I had loved since kindergarten.

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Posted in: Rapper says suspects in Irish woman's death not part of her entourage See in context

Whatever the story turns out to be, I hope the girls parents find peace and justice.

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Posted in: Former comedian arrested for uploading child pornography See in context

From prior posts, I am still not clear who is considered a child in this country. I'm a bit understanding of the arguement in the US of 17 or 18, who can tell, but under 10? Really? Hope the guy gets time. If he doesn't, it's another black eye for Japan. In the US, I think 20 to life would be reasonable for this crime. Death if it was my daughter (and I had access).

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Posted in: Man arrested for growing hemp in Fukuoka apartment See in context

Nessie- I'm in total agreement. Two or three plants in your closet is personal use. 50 plants in your apartment is a factory. Nobody could function smoking that much product alone.

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Posted in: Yen hits multi-month highs against euro, dollar See in context

Japan, please accept our humble invitation to become the 51st State. We will change our currencies to the Yellar and manipulate the markets for the next 20 years, after which we can part ways and revalue our original currencies again.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber suffers concussion in Paris See in context

Sounds like he's going old school. Assaulting the papparazzi, falling down on stage. Pukin on the fans is next?

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Posted in: Softbank unveils world's first smartphone with radiation detector See in context

I look forward to the eventual square meter grid mapping out Tokyo's hotspots. Hope there is some control around the process to make it believable, or at least that the false negatives the jgov creates are offset by the false positives from the anti-nuke crowd.

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