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And why is it that women MUST wear makeup to look professional? Men don't have to have makeup or their nails done to be seen as such.

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Opps! Sorry, that post above was for nandakandamanda.

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Posted in: Radioactive water overflows barriers at Fukushima plant during heavy rain See in context

The Chronic- Thank you for explaining, I didn't realize that's how they're built. I was so angry that they weren't enclosed. I can't believe they've had this much trouble from enclosed tanks. Oh wait, it's TEPCO so I can...

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Posted in: Radioactive water overflows barriers at Fukushima plant during heavy rain See in context

So only now they'll rethink their containment system? After how many leaks and mess ups? Rain water shouldn't be able to mix with the radio active water. The radio active water needs to be in tanks- enclosed tanks. I'm sure the water wasn't tested, and I doubt it will be in future.

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Posted in: Watchdog: Anti-bribery rules not being enforced globally See in context

Why does it not surprise me that Japan is in the bottom group?

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Posted in: Dolphin-killing town to open marine park See in context

Who eats the meat? If the demand (much like the demand for whale) is dwindling then why kill so many? Just because they can? I will never understand this. This, as well as Japan's whaling practice needs to end. I agree with cleo, yet another reason I don't eat meat.

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Posted in: U.S. anti-smoking battle moves outdoors with more bans See in context

SimondB, the difference is that you cannot catch 'second hand obesity' by being near an obese person. They are only killing themselves instead of themselves and everyone around them.

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How is it that the general public doesn't care about these issues when problems like this are almost daily? Why are there so few people protesting nuclear power and TEPCO?

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Posted in: 3 unacquainted men arrested for molesting schoolgirl on train See in context

I also agree with tmarie. Society allows this, to an extent, because it's 'expected' of men to not be able to control themselves. 'Boys will be boys' is ridiculous, wrong, and is only an excuse for this type of behavior and more. I also agree with ham21- make a list.

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Posted in: Scientists power mobile phone using urine See in context

This is a wonderful development, even if it sounds odd and there are plenty of entertaining jokes. Even if this does not pan out for small batteries, this would still be a very useful technology.

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Posted in: Men’s bras appear to be on the rise in Japan See in context

I'm normally all for people doing whatever they like...but I cannot understand this. I personally have stopped wearing these evil things. Some women need them, like my poor sister, but there are many of us that don't. I just don't understand how a man with no chest wants to wear a bra, when women all over the world who have fairly sizable chests don't. I agree with as_the_crow_flies, this was always the first thing I took off when getting home. I don't understand how anyone who didn't actually need the support would want to wear one. And to add more to what as_the_crow_flies said about research about the merits of bras, many women find that they actually have firmer and more lifted breasts after they stop wearing bras. We have muscles there just like men, we just don't use them much because we wear bras. Once your muscles get used to holding up your natural weight, things shape up. Bras make very little sense for most women. And no sense for men.

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