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Posted in: Japan to consider easing travel curbs for Tokyo Olympic athletes See in context

GOJ has gone insane! They failed protecting the people, believing a monetary stimulus aid along with masks will do, and now they intend to allow the gradual influx of global travelers, regardless of the status, as in this case athletes!

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Posted in: Japan to tighten regulations on dangerous bicycle riding See in context

Law states cyclists are to ride on streets, never on sidewalks with the exceptions of parents transporting toddlers and/or children.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'Why is he anti-Japan?' See in context

It is academically confirmed the local proficiency skill known as Japanese is in fact not an official language but a terminology of borrowed words. Sadly, learning it only becomes practical here with limited degree of definitions.

That being said, if one decides to remain here then engage on useful expressions and phrases to get you by. Locals won't merit your mindset regardless on how much you know...simply because, you guessed it, we are foreigners. Just enjoy the ride and make the best of it.

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Posted in: NHK removes video on U.S. protests after online outrage about depiction of African Americans See in context are so full of yourself!

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Posted in: Temperatures soar across Japan amid concerns that face masks may cause heatstroke See in context

Some experts declared..."heat eradicates the airborne COVID-19" making the use of a mask unnecessary. Granted, keeping one with you at all times wouldn't hurt either.

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Posted in: Man, son accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan challenge U.S. extradition case See in context

MOJ...give it a rest, will ya!? For crying out loud.

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Posted in: Virus misinformation fuels panic in Asia See in context

We - are what WE process!

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Posted in: Tokyo hospital reports group infections as Japan fears 2nd virus wave See in context

I'm so livid with this "growing pain" drama - my gut says the "numbers" are way below the Elite's expectations, so...we are likely to face another wave to intensify PTSD! GOD help us all!

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Posted in: Police receive 6,452 requests for consultation over domestic violence in April See in context

Just...6,452 cases reported!? Ha!

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Posted in: Nissan to close Spain, Indonesia plants after losses See in context

Hey.. Uchida and Saikawa - there's a proverb that goes: "He who seeds evil - bears evil"

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Posted in: Abe announces lifting of state of emergency for 39 prefectures See in context

The main objective for Japan is to learn how to expect change so they can step into the right direction without experiencing growing pains. People need to have access to information to investigate different perspectives and widen their understanding to expect change.

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Posted in: Some people turn to herbal medicine for virus without proof See in context

Here's a herbal remedy pass down from generation to cure this works!


1 yellow lemon

3 aspirins

1 cup with 2/3 of water

1 tablespoon of honey


wash lemon with mild temperature water

cut lemon in four chucks (do not remove the skin)

add water (no more than 75%) into the cup

place 3 aspirins in a small zip-lock bag and grind to powder

add lemon and aspirins into the cup

stir (about 20 seconds)

place cup in a microwave for 5 minutes


take out the cup (careful, extremely hot - use gloves) 

stir again consistently (about a minute)

remove lemon chucks

add honey (it's very bitter, honey is a must!)

drink slowly while steaming (do not allow to cool down)

inhale the vapor while drinking (it opens the lungs)

do twice a day for two straight days

Done! Goodbye COVID-19

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Posted in: Abe leans toward ¥100,000 cash handout scheme See in context

It might not be the whole 100.000 may apply! (scoffing...)

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Posted in: Abe to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

Welcome to the Grand Awakening!

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Posted in: Abe's two-mask pledge met online with derision and humor See in context

Aso...familiarize yourself with "read instructions before use" it might help!

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of teenage girl See in context

Same old story, different cover.

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Posted in: Japanese ryokan, eateries use ingenuity in overcoming virus hardships See in context

Nice if they could also include and provide a stand-by medical service!

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Posted in: Olympic flame to stay a month in Fukushima; next stop unsure See in context

Just great T.O. and G.O.J....keep on depressing the good folks of Fukushima!

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Posted in: Virus infections not rampant nationwide but Japan on brink: Abe See in context

Clearly Abe is playing the dilemma game..."Darn if you do and darn if you don't" My take in all this will take one of them to be infected to then declare the state of emergency! Experts are already stating, "We are not ready if the spread continues consistently." Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the experts are warning us that many will face eminent death before being treated. Lets not forget, hospital personnel here are under-staffed. GOD help us all!

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Posted in: Tokyo's infection spike after Olympic postponement sparks questions See in context

How ironic is THAT!! Begs the question..."The truth - or - not the truth"

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Posted in: Olympic delay leaves athletes village in limbo See in context

The J-real estate selling era, as we know it, is over and done with. Dealt a bad hand?...Man-up and take the loses. This COVID-19 is a rock-solid reason for buyers to cancel and get your deposit back! Welcome to the Gran Awakening!

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Posted in: Guide to reduce virus risks issued for schools before reopening See in context

Lock-down = anticipation and = endangerment and dissemination. Do the math!

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Posted in: Postponing the Olympics: Here are some of the challenges See in context

Get over it...! GOJ has been constructing all sorts of complex, facilities, living quarters and they still remain without occupants.

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Posted in: Parents worried about impact of school shutdown See in context

Time to be real parents, no more handouts! Deal with it. On the downside, just pray these parents don't turn into abusive monsters.

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Posted in: Koike urges cooperation to avoid Tokyo lockdown See in context

As for's more like 162 confirmed cases, no recoveries and at least 3 deaths, mainly males. Good number of these are hospitalized.

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Posted in: Japan, IOC agree to postpone Tokyo Olympics for one year See in context

They obliquely kept swindling with the torch just to retain hope but at no avail. Pack it up - you're done here.

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Posted in: Gov't set to revise law allowing Abe to declare state of emergency over virus See in context

You'll be sooorryyyy!!

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Posted in: Local gov'ts urged to prepare hospitals for peak of virus infections See in context

Sorry to rain on their parade, but hospitals here (large majority of them) are under-staffed and overly-crowded. There is a high probability of perishing before reaching a medical institution - they commonly practiced to refuse patients for much minor matters, just imagine the outcome with COVID-19 knocking their doors.

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Posted in: For some Fukushima evacuees, Olympics no reason for cheer See in context

GOJ are a bunch of duplicitous characters! Deceivers at best.

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Posted in: Woman, 41-year-old son dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Repetitive yet tragic. RIP!

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