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Posted in: Angels owner Arte Moreno explores selling franchise See in context

Moreno, a 76-year-old Mexican-American born in Arizona, is the only non-white controlling owner in Major League Baseball.

Japan should exercise more discretion publishing "non-white" words. I find this extremely offensive and discriminatory. You should retract.

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Posted in: Prosecutors arrest ex-member of Tokyo Olympic committee, others for bribery See in context

Most likely a slap on the wrist (charged with suspended jail-time), gets to keep all dough (money) as long as he doesn't snitch on the others.

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Posted in: Japan defense minister had help from Unification Church in elections See in context

You mean to tell us that despite many LDP members openly stating their ties with UC since 1954, Motegi has the audacity to deny any affiliation. Idiocy!

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Posted in: Japan gets 120,400 foreign visitors in June, but only 252 tourists See in context

Employed at a vocational (technical?) college, one prime course lately is Hospitality and Tourism. The moment learners view this, they will question whether their investment was worthy. Hoping for a better outcome.

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Posted in: Asian security experts say Japan vital for shoring up rules-based international order See in context

What goes around - comes around. Japan acted this way during WW II and now, its payback for China. The only difference, Japan had the capital and resources back then when China had nothing to counterpart with.

Fast-forwarding...I do, however, agree with Japan in their self-defense forces upgrade facing the world-at-large.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe in critical condition after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

O M G!! A dark day for politics in Japan and the world at large.

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Posted in: James Caan, Oscar nominee for 'The Godfather,' dies at 82 See in context

R.I.P. - aka...Santino "Sonny" Corleone!

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Posted in: Indonesia deports Japanese man accused of COVID relief fraud See in context

Fraud, embezzlement, collusion, welfare depravation...enough said to have this character jailed in Indonesia - not Japan - and suffer truly at Indonesian hands the mental pain he inflicted to many.

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Posted in: Uyghur-heritage candidate urges Japan to embrace diversity See in context

The Japanese government emboldens the forces of misogyny and racism. And that should frighten us all.

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Posted in: Kishida keen to arrange G7 leaders' meeting next year with A-bomb survivors See in context

Generally, people like to bring up your past, when your present and future appears to be better than theirs.

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Posted in: Monetary tightening not suitable at all: BOJ chief Kuroda See in context

Once comes the revolving door enigma.

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Posted in: Pharmaceutical company tests medicine vending machine in train station See in context

Tests? Insanely featherbrained of them. React instead of anticipate the dangers - totally insipid to even suggest such research.

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Posted in: Japan-born American files suit against Japan's dual nationality ban See in context

Dual citizens should carry both valid passports (U.S. and Japan) at all times when traveling to/from the U.S. The dual citizen must present the Japanese passport when going through Japanese immigration and the U.S. passport at U.S. immigration.

Forgive my ignorance...but doesn't this contradicts with the topic?

Actually, if you are born in USA, and parents are an American and a Japanese, to enter USA - must show US Passport, and Japan - must show Japanese passport. It happened to my adult kids. How convenient for both consulates to generate a profit and play the card of hypocrisy on cases such as this one.

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Posted in: No concern yet monkeypox will cause pandemic: WHO See in context

Warts, blisters, rashes, skin white spots to name a few will all be "monkeypox" related - in the end it wouldn't surprise me if cause of death says: monkeypox.

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Posted in: Eat straight out of a bag of fried rice See in context


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Posted in: Big tobacco's environmental impact is 'devastating': WHO See in context

Lets add this up...

600 million trees decapitated

200,000 hectares of production land

22 billion tons of water ration

84 million tons of CO2 emissions

7,000 toxic chemical littering

4.5 trillion butts discarded

with the equivalent of one-fifth of the global airline industry's carbon footprint. we get the picture?

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Posted in: Gov't bans intermediary body from introducing foreign trainees See in context

Verbal abuse is one thing - but when it goes physical...that's a whole different level. It is self evident that this company has, is and will not stop. These perpetrators are a mockery of justice.

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Posted in: 4 Japanese universities to apply for ¥10 tril gov't fund See in context

The condition of a saturated higher education market.

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Posted in: Businesses rattled by gov't caution to ease restrictions for foreign tourists See in context

Sorry - Japan is closed but hey look at the bright side, we'll come and visit!

And when Japanese travelers return to Japan, who is to say THEY are not infected and the cause of mayhem?!

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Posted in: Osaka's mental health discussion resonates at French Open See in context

Naomi...get a life! Stop your bickering and nagging. You did well for yourself - so move on. Enough with the drama.

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Posted in: Why are there different counters for animals and people in Japanese? See in context I question, why Japan carries three (3) writing systems to end up with the same definition.

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Posted in: N Korea fires suspected ICBM and 2 other missiles See in context

What does it take for man to know his limit?!

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Posted in: 7 from U.S. arrive in Japan for 1st test tour before tourism reopening See in context

Smoke screen!

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Posted in: Man arrested for spending mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil in COVID funds See in context

I receive 46.3 million yen...? I'd instantly question it and prevent any temptations that could lead into legal complications. Have the system take responsibility for placing me in such dire situation and have all parties involve suspended without pay and replace with more competent personnel to avoid future incidents with any member of the society.

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Posted in: Unexploded World War II bomb See in context

JGSD...respect and hats off doing what you do best - to protect and serve - job well done!

Apart from this, I don't see how this incident in Nagoya pursues nationwide interest without making public knowledge of location and process.

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Posted in: Record 54% of Japanese students not eager to study due to COVID: survey See in context

"COVID-19 has limited their interaction and the leisure activities they do together, while (restrictions such as) eating silently during lunch have taken the fun out of school life," Sato said.

This, by far, must be one of the most insane thought and condition ever manufactured by us!

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Posted in: Tokyo sees week-on-week rise in COVID cases for 4th straight day See in context

Tokyo reported...Who are you referring to?

Some infectious disease experts...What are their names?

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Posted in: WHO says 99% of world's population breathes poor-quality air See in context

And the 1% quality air location can be found...where?

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Posted in: Japan to release 15 mil barrels of oil reserves See in context

Oil is the very primary natural resource Japan lacks of (meaning zero) and depends on the most, and now...this! Eventually this will add more debt to their nation's GDP. Get ready to rack and pack people cause prices are going to insanely rise hurting those who most struggle with barely getting by.

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Posted in: 77th anniversary of U.S. air raids See in context

Over and over USG first asked, then insisted, and finally warned the Imperial Militants to cease and surrender but at no avail. All those innocent lives, yes innocent because this elite of mentally disturb military leaders at that time had brain washed the good people of Japan to the point of no return.

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