COVID-19 INFORMATION What you need to know about the coronavirus if you are living in Japan or planning a visit.

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Posted in: Tokyo's infection spike after Olympic postponement sparks questions See in context

How ironic is THAT!! Begs the question..."The truth - or - not the truth"

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Posted in: Olympic delay leaves athletes village in limbo See in context

The J-real estate selling era, as we know it, is over and done with. Dealt a bad hand?...Man-up and take the loses. This COVID-19 is a rock-solid reason for buyers to cancel and get your deposit back! Welcome to the Gran Awakening!

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Posted in: Guide to reduce virus risks issued for schools before reopening See in context

Lock-down = anticipation and = endangerment and dissemination. Do the math!

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Posted in: Postponing the Olympics: Here are some of the challenges See in context

Get over it...! GOJ has been constructing all sorts of complex, facilities, living quarters and they still remain without occupants.

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Posted in: Parents worried about impact of school shutdown See in context

Time to be real parents, no more handouts! Deal with it. On the downside, just pray these parents don't turn into abusive monsters.

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Posted in: Koike urges cooperation to avoid Tokyo lockdown See in context

As for's more like 162 confirmed cases, no recoveries and at least 3 deaths, mainly males. Good number of these are hospitalized.

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Posted in: Japan, IOC agree to postpone Tokyo Olympics for one year See in context

They obliquely kept swindling with the torch just to retain hope but at no avail. Pack it up - you're done here.

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Posted in: Gov't set to revise law allowing Abe to declare state of emergency over virus See in context

You'll be sooorryyyy!!

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Posted in: Local gov'ts urged to prepare hospitals for peak of virus infections See in context

Sorry to rain on their parade, but hospitals here (large majority of them) are under-staffed and overly-crowded. There is a high probability of perishing before reaching a medical institution - they commonly practiced to refuse patients for much minor matters, just imagine the outcome with COVID-19 knocking their doors.

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Posted in: For some Fukushima evacuees, Olympics no reason for cheer See in context

GOJ are a bunch of duplicitous characters! Deceivers at best.

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Posted in: Woman, 41-year-old son dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Repetitive yet tragic. RIP!

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 2-month-old twin sons See in context

And...where is mom in all this? Likely the bread earner. As for the father character...early stages of hikikomori...30 year old and unemployed? Sure sounds complex. Glad to learn the young ones are doing well.

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Posted in: Olympic torch relay to start as scheduled on March 26 See in context

What a circus show...glad to know it's free - no tickets required.

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Posted in: Japanese deputy justice minister tells Lebanon Ghosn should stand trial in Japan See in context

Hahahaha...You want what?...and should do what?...hahahaha!

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Posted in: Ministry of Justice's human rights bureau offers free counseling services to foreign residents See in context

What an absurd article. MOJ can't handle their own matters and they believe in understanding westerners...and our concerns? Just a smoke screen!

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Posted in: Abe's abrupt call to close schools triggers confusion See in context

No surprise here as well. Always react instead of anticipate...useless!

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Posted in: IOC senior member: 3 months to decide fate of Tokyo Olympics See in context

Throw in the's over. No vaccine in sight to save the day! And so many words - enough said.

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Posted in: 'Where's Abe?' critics ask, as coronavirus spreads in Japan See in context

Thanks a whole lot Mr. Abe. What a piece of work you are. For a nation that excels in R & D and more so in the medical industry this sure shows how counterproductive Japan turned out to be. What happened to you Japan? You can kiss the 2020 T.O. will at least take 1/2 a year to a year for a vaccine to become publicly available.

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Posted in: Japan needs foster care rather than institutions: UK experts See in context

I see so many couples lavishing their pets with ineffable love, and can't help wondering how wonderful it will be if they could register as a foster parent...the orphans will thank you for it.

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Posted in: Gov't panel, responding to criticism, says cruise ship not designed to be hospital See in context

As much as I detest stating this...Brace yourselves its going to be a rough bumpy ride all courtesy of your friendly GOJ. IOC...its time to consider throwing in the towel. To everyone here and out there - keep safe and salubrious!

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Posted in: Rockets fired from Gaza after Israel kills Palestinian on border See in context

May peace reign in these regions. No more bloodshed between them please!

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Posted in: Coronavirus infection cases spread further in Japan See in context

I was once told long ago at my kids kindergarten that in order to kill hand bacteria you are to wash with soap, loather for 10 seconds at least (sing a silent happy birthday song should amount to 10 seconds) and rinse thoroughly well. I have to admit, it works.

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Posted in: NPO raises alarm over possible pardons of sex offenders See in context

Can't tell for the rest of you out there, but THIS is inconceivable. Abe is insane to legislate such condition as a public servant. One of his sole duties is to protect the very young from predators. He can select other options to pardon but not this! These sexual offenders must be exposed to all social medias and platforms - to never again exercise nor practice at any job related with children ever again! And for them insalubrious politicians - rack, pack and sack them too! Its a mental sickness and since Japan has no countermeasures of adequate rehabilitation much less policies lacking severe punishment to the full extent of the law!

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Posted in: Americans from virus-hit cruise ship head home by chartered plane See in context

Quarantine countermeasures: The upside...once home its always good to have family and friends next door ready to back you up rather than remain isolated all lonesome in foreign soil. The downside...just hope good Uncle Sam (U.S.) is going to pick up the tab. Can't stand the idea of smacking the expenses to innocent passengers. Welcome home!!

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Posted in: Robot bartender starts work at Tokyo pub See in context

An option, but never replacement. Call in sick, running late, on holiday...I think so. Personal and social behavioral skill - I think not. But wouldn't mind having one at home.

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Posted in: 88-year-old ex-bureaucrat indicted without arrest over fatal car accident See in context

A classic exemplary when you have clout in can literally get away with murder and a free pass from jail - Insane!

My heart, thoughts and prayers goes out to the family members and friends of Matsunaga-san. May they both RIP in heaven.

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Posted in: No. of court interpreters falls in Japan despite increase in foreign defendants See in context


#1 It is time consuming, stressful, and demoralizing with low pay.

Your assessment is outstanding. I had my doubts and this nails the coffin. Can't wrap around why these circuit courts, knowing the vital necessity these translators play, are hesitant to justify the wage standards. Someone will soon pressure them in return by simply using scarcity and demand least defray the same pay-rate for the screening/hearing and you got yourselves a deal.  Win-win situation!

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Posted in: Japan speeds up new virus measures; infected carriers to be barred entry See in context

When it pours! People emptied-out mask and sanitizer shelves from most stores. Talk about panic...!

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Posted in: 3 Japanese returnees from Wuhan test positive for new coronavirus See in context

The number count affected could be way over 250,000, at least. This plaque occurred during the Chinese New Year festival where a few millions dropped in Wuhan to celebrate with love ones, and "they" returned a day or within 24 hours before the outbreak came to light. Not to alarm anyone, but I'm afraid there's more to come on this. Just pray this is contained before the Olympics make there way through. Uff, what a mess that will be!

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Posted in: JR turning to AI to combat problems with snow See in context

"A.I." to measure and assess infrastructure weather patters? You have GOT to be kidding me! This is a disaster waiting to take place once a virus or power surge of great magnitude occurs. Then what...?! With the velocity these transport devices generate, JR railway firms will imply is wasn't human error and, therefore, the lost and casualty count is justifiable. Don't know about you guys, but that ends my joy ride on bullet trains!

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