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Posted in: Car carrying five 13-year-old students crashes, killing one in Okayama See in context

The accident is very bad and scary. It is very dangerous. I can not believe who thirteen years old student was occurred the accident. In addition, He was killed the girl. It is very terrible, I feel sorry for her and her girl and her parents. Okayama is very safety and quiet town , I think that I want to live there when I had visited there . There's people is friendly, I didn't think that there is not occured like accident. That is too bad. The student was going to do fooling around but what the student did to her and hers person concerned is cruel. The student should apologize to the girl in the student's life. If the student like it will increase, I can not walk around there or also street. I think that people less than thirty years old should not drive car and motorcycle.

If they were not teached to drive car and motorcycle, they will 

happened accident like the case immediately. People should not drive car by eighteen years old. We must protect the rule. Teacher and local people,family has to teach to student and children about row and rule. We must not break the rule, in order to live safely. Today, people are happened like the accident in japan. We should protect children by accident, in order to go to school. We must not break the rule by eighteen years old . If we will protect the rule, we can live safety in here.

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Posted in: 6 spots to get a bird's eye view of the Shibuya scramble crossing See in context

Second picture is very beautiful! But, there is a lot of people. I thought that I was crushed by people when I went to scramble outside.

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Posted in: 4 dead, more than 300 injured after M6.1 quake hits northern Osaka region See in context

I am worry about my relative. But Iit was good not to occur big wave.

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Posted in: Beautiful mountain farmlands are yet another reason to visit rural Japan See in context

These views are very beautiful! I want to visit there ! Everyone thinks that countryside is boring spot but there is worth seeing and visiting.

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