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95 % of the Mamacharis in use were made in China, they are made from the lowest steel grade tubing you can use, that is why they are so heavy. Yes they are cheap that why real bicycle shops here in Japan do not even think of selling them as most of them are junk. Have you ever wondered how home centers here can sell them for sometimes less than 10,000 yen - if the home center is making a profit on these types of bicycles how much does it cost to make them - 2500 yen ?. They were built as a throw away bicycle which is my mind is unacceptable, a good bicycle can last a long time if it is built of decent components and the owner takes care of it. Ever wondered why the local Mamachari shop does not take out the rear wheel to fix a flat - look at all the crap bolted onto the rear end - chaincase, fender stays, rear rack stays, double stand and sometimes even a nexus 3 speed - they are a real pain to fix and unnecessarily heavy and rust in no time because of the poor quality parts. That is why you do not see such poor quality bicycles in most countries .

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OK , nice idea but will all the cops in Japan start fining everybody and I mean every single cyclist from the elderly who run red lights every single day to youngsters flying to work not obeying any of the road rules. Most cyclists also seem to think only having a front light is enough , when many accidents happen from drivers not seeing the cyclist from the rear because they are wearing dark clothing on a dark street etc. If the J Cops start actually fining people every day cyclists might think about their riding habits and change their ways. But hey they sure as hell better do the same to the drivers as well. I do not own a car - sold it last year because I did not need it anymore - I wear a helmet every time I get on my bike and have working front and rear lights plus I do not run lights. People in this country are always in such a hurry to get somewhere that they break the road rules to save a few seconds , lights are quite cheap compared to getting a fine and funerals are even more expensive !

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