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I was finally able to book in my town from Monday and even though the site was overloaded all day I managed to get reservations for the 1st and 2nd shots in August and September, though with the big warning message supply is not guaranteed so it may all fall apart again. My coworkers the next city over are still waiting for their vouchers but they should arrive in August. Here is to hoping we can get something.

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I'm in the 40-49 age group and, in my ward at least, that age group was the last to be able to apply

Same. We can't even apply in this city for another week yet, and my coworkers in the neighboring city still haven't got their vouchers yet.

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Still waiting up in Saitama. I finally got my vax coupon but my coworkers in neighboring Omiya are still waiting and were told they would get it end of July or August. I can't book anywhere and am on cancellation waiting lists. No idea what to do. The town office isn't allowing us to make reservations until the end of this month but even then we were told it could be the end of the year or later.

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Tested twice over the year. I am self employed and travel across Kanto to meet with several clients 6 days of the week. A few of my clients had a few positive cases (one had 3 people out of a staff of just over 100, another had 5 in a company of about 300). One case turned for the worse and he died from it. A bunch of my friends also got tested but none of them were positive.

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I partially agree with realist. I live just north of Itabashi-ku in Saitama. It is pretty rough here with Seiyu and Daiei closing down for hours at a day (we have had regular power outages here) including most local businesses. We can still get things like bread and milk but you have to be quick. If anything, toilet paper and diapers are more scarce. Conbinis are in short supply but places like Kaldi still have lots of stuff. Most anything that isn't milk or break or toilet paper, diapers or batteries is in ample supply, though.

I live right on the border between Tokyo and Saitama and have been getting a double dose of blackouts or mixed up blackout schedules some days for whatever reason/screwup (I was supposed to have a blackout 1-4 or so one day this week and got it 7-10pm). Not usually during the daytime but the late afternoons to evenings have been pretty rough without power. My family isn't as bad off as those as up north though, not by a long shot.

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correction, 1700 yen per hour, not month

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12000 is most certainly quite a few hours worth of salary for many. Around many of our clients' places, the average salaryman is 300k/month. At 22 or 23 days worked a month, that works out to only 1700 yen or so a month. The managers aren't even breaking 3000 an hour.

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Per the request of friends, I am posting my experience.

I have never had a problem getting a credit card in this country. After filing for bankruptcy last year (massive tax messups and loss of a higher paying job the previous year), I had another credit card issued to me not 3 months later (Saison card sent from Mizuho). I have never had a really high paying job, but for some reason credit card companies keep sticking credit card offers in my face (when signing up at Tipness, my company arranged for another one)

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