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The fact that you even categorize these people as 'marginal workers' means you have already lost them. Isn't true leadership supposed to be about realizing the potential of the people you are supposed to be leading. Suggest focus on your own shortcomings as the first step to help to get that buy in you are looking for. Interested to know how motivated the sales team at Dale Carnegie feel.

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How about little Nigeria in Roppongi?

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Today some young kids scared the crap out off me by kicking over some traffic cones outside my house. Not knowing what the noise was I went outside and saw the cones kicked over and 2 young boys running away. I shouted at them ' Hey!' and they ran away. My wife came downstairs and was very scared that I had shouted at them. 'Please next time call the police! You never know what strange people are out there and what they will come back and do!'

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When did we get so PC that we can show pictures of the offender giving victorious nazi salutes? He can only wish for publicity now and that is exactly what we give him. The debate - is he sane or insane? Its a not the issue - I absolutely don't want him in my world. Don't want to see his face again.

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It sounds obvious but if you disagree with something said in a meeting, the right thing to do is not to stand up and say you disagree. You need to quietly, behind closed doors, discuss in a very gentle way why you think there might be an alternative solution.

Wow we just created a silo. Way to go.

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McTavish, Thunderbird2

Are you sure you are supposed to be posting comments here given the doom and gloom that you must be living in there. Our thoughts are with you. Chin up.

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2 points to make

Why do countries want to host the Olympics/ World Cup etc. so much and spend so much money on bidding for these events to take place? The answer is very simple - money. Whatever the expenditure is on hosting the Olympics the return will be much greater. You can debate and be critical but seriously it will be a huge boost to the British economy.

What do people need when faced with 'doom and gloom' ? INSPIRATION! Not more of the same doom and gloom.

@davestrousers - your solution for the economic 'gloom' is to force everyone in retail to work on their public holidays?

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Yes and amazing how they forced all the people onto the streets and told them they had to celebrate.

In fact all of the £10.5m budget was been raised from individual donations and corporate sponsorships, and a "substantial" surplus has been raised which will be given to charity via the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust.

The BBC did pay for the staging of Monday's Diamond Jubliee concert at Buckingham Palace but the artists were playing for free and the BBC sold the event to over 140 countries - so revenue from that will also generate a surplus which would be given to the Diamond Jubilee Trust.

The network of 4,212 beacons will be lit around the country and the Commonwealth - all funded by local groups, such as Lions Clubs, parish councils and so on.

I do not wish to debate whether this money could or should have been spent better elsewhere but I do wish to correct the assumption that this cost billions of pounds and the 'economy' paid for it. Quite the opposite and generating interest and in turn revenue for the UK is rather a good thing when times are tight.

Enjoy your Friday night. You are also contributing your little bit so well done. ( assuming you are in the UK)

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What a miserable article. Must be fun to spend a few minutes with whoever wrote this. Many bad things happen everyday and life is tough everywhere. But even if for just a short while it is nice to see people happy, proud and enjoying themselves. Better to have that with all the hardship everyone tells us we are living in rather than not have it and still have the same hardship.

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I agree with Cleo and I think this is a very questionable article. Can we consider 'Why do English/ Americans/ Germans/ Chinese.....etc Change their Attitude when Communicating with Foreigners.?' The rules of this game don't simply apply to Japanese people and Japanese are no different from anyone else no matter how much one may disagree with their education system/ social structure and so on (smugly believeing we are somehow better and able to view and pass comment just because we are NOT Japanese and therefore much smarter). Why are we implying they are? For all the people claiming they are victimised/ excluded/ treated differently in Japan because they are not Japanese....well now you know what it feels like. I hope when you go back to your country you are able to offer a constructive view on this having understood what it is like to be in a minority.

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