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Posted in: NHK chief apologizes in Diet for 'comfort women' comments See in context

Come on Japan, what's happening to your country? We all understand you want to be strong, but please dont loose your mind again like before.

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Posted in: Banzai! See in context

Banzai is so yesterday. Try saying "Bonsai! Bonsai!" . Now the words match the pose.

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Posted in: Koizumi backs Hosokawa for Tokyo governor, targeting Abe's nuclear policy See in context

Japan obviously have no resources to generate the electricity it needs. So if not nuclear, then what? Has anyone looked at Japan's import deficit recently? Is Koizumi thinking bunny and butterflies can power Japan?

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Posted in: Japan lacks decommissioning experts for Fukushima See in context

I guess zakuza are no nuclear experts after all. Who will TEPCO turn to next!?

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Posted in: Japan gives OK to S Korea's expanded air defense zone See in context

Japan "OKs" Korea's air defense? Really? I think Korea's plan is OK without Japan's approval. Might be a 2nd language thing here.

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Posted in: Japan warns of unpredictable events over China's new air zone See in context

Some in China wants war. These same people have all their sons, wives, mistresses and wealth hiding in the US. If they want war so much, bring their sons home and put them on the front lines.

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Posted in: Japan slashes greenhouse-gas reduction goal target See in context

how exactly is Japan going to accomplish this while all nuclear plants sit idle while oil plants burn around the clock?

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Posted in: With week to go, iPhone fans start queuing in Japan See in context

Come on folks, why the stupid loyalty with the iPhones. Those phones have fallen so much behind the curve it's getting ridiculous. Do Japanese iSheeps even realize that Apple is now forcing DoCoMo to sell 40% of its phones as iPhones? This means better phones will not be promoted as well just so that DoCoMo can hit its iPhone targets and commitments to Apple. Wake up people. apple is an arrogant and powerful company like the Heike was back in the day.

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Posted in: Woman found strangled to death in Kanazawa hotel room See in context

Ah difficult case, J Cop says suicide must be reason.

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Posted in: China: 2020 Olympic success will depend on how Japan faces its history See in context

China and Korea will always hate no matter what Japan does. It's a fact. Hate has become a prime motivator to keep its own citizens looking away at their own countries problems. China and Korea continues to bash the WWII Japan that no longer exist. Today's Japan is very different, however as this continues we will beging to see militarization of Japan again.

it is human nature to hate, to have a "us versus them" mentality. We say we hate war, yet in the end we crave it.

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Posted in: Miyazaki's new film sounds a warning for Japan See in context

War is human nature. Sometimes even if you try to avoid it, it finds you regardless. If China is preparing itself for war then Japan must also prepare itself. The only way out if for each country to reflect upon the price of war. Miyazaki does exactly this and he should be honored. It is also up to China and Korea to go through the same self evaluation. If China and Korea do not seek reason themselves, then regardless of what Japan does, war will become reality.

Old men with nothing to lose start wars, young man with everything to lose pays with their lives.

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Posted in: TEPCO discloses extent of radioactive tritium leak into ocean See in context

Whatever the Japanese Govt says, x 100.

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Posted in: Elementary school principal resigns after responding to knife threat with a heavy smack See in context

Unfortunately the leaking of liberal western culture into Japan resulted in this. If this was older Japan, those students would have gotten a lot worse and NO ONE would have said anything.

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Posted in: Packed pool See in context

Tokyo style!

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Posted in: Aso retracts Nazi remarks amid criticism See in context

Oh yes...proof nobility does not always bare the smartest fruit from the tree.

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Posted in: Japan scrambles jets after Chinese plane flies by southern islands See in context

Old men start wars, young men die in wars.

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Posted in: iPhone sales stalling as rivals gain: survey See in context

Blackberry 10 has been astounding? Have they not followed Blackberry earning recently? The company is dead. z10 is not moving. FACT. Where do they find these "analysts"?

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Posted in: Toyota heir takes center stage in drive to shed 'boring' tag See in context

I bow before this man. A licensed race car driver? An automobile company CEO that loves cars (instead of beans and golden parachutes)? American car companies can use someone like that.

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Posted in: Summers in Japan becoming intolerable See in context

1000 years!? Wow, didn't know they had thermometers back then.

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Posted in: Paramount announces plans for 'Terminator' trilogy See in context

Hasta La Vista, new movie ideas.

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Posted in: Suga stunned at Hatoyama's Senkaku remarks on Hong Kong TV See in context

Stunned that what Hatoyama said is 100%??? He's not implying China is right, but just reflecting what every Chinese person is thinking. What's so shocking about that?

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Posted in: Apple slumps below $400 after analyst's comments See in context

Jobs didn't invent anything? What a foolish remark. He had the vision and insight to bet on products that would change the world. People that talk out of their ass makes this world a worse place.

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Posted in: Hashimoto, Ishihara to stay on as Japan Restoration Party leaders See in context

Time for a makeover Hashimoto-san. Follow 3 simple steps for instant redemption. Step #1 Talk about Senkaku and how China plans to take over Japan. Step #2 bash China. Step #3 Talk about your love for Japan and cry in from of cameras.

Wala...politicians do have 9 lives.

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Posted in: Sam Taylor-Johnson to direct '50 Shades' movie See in context


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Posted in: Abe's wife says she is anti-nuclear See in context

riiiiiiight, because Japanese women married into royalty are allowed to speak their own minds in public. Nice try.

However what's absolutely amazing is most of the Japanese population will believe it even though everyone knows it's just tatemae. It's interesting concept of self deception. Like men visting kyabakura thinking those young women really think they all are sugoi.

Really interesting country.

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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested after exposing himself in video rental shop See in context

One man's stress, another woman's mental scar.

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Posted in: Hollande tells Japanese business leaders eurozone crisis is over See in context

Hollande thinks he's talking to China.

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Posted in: Middle-aged males suffering from epidemic of wife-induced disease See in context

hilarious! Stop complaining and get yourself a mistress like all other Japanese men.

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Posted in: Abe outlines reform strategy; pledges to raise incomes by 3% See in context

Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. I don't envy his job.

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Posted in: Hashimoto cancels trip to U.S. See in context


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