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Argus Tuft comments

Posted in: Man arrested for killing 16-year-old girl in Yokohama guesthouse See in context

@Peace Out

@Argus Tuft I think you might be speaking for all people who missed the words "or something similar"?

You are talking about physically lashing out when angry.

As reasonable people exercise self-control when they are angry, my answer to your question stands.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 16-year-old girl in Yokohama guesthouse See in context

@Peace Out

None of you have ever grabbed someone by the throat or something similar, with no intent to kill?

I think I speak for all reasonable human beings when I answer your question with a 'no'.

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Posted in: Police urge vigilance against yakuza gang violence See in context


So why can't they change THAT law??

That's a really good point. It is most probably as @ HongoTAFEinmate posts in relation to the right to associate.

For what it's worth, there are other loopholes the police and even businesses use to exclude yakuza. It's why public swimming pools and onsen have the 'no tattoo' rule for example.

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Posted in: Police urge vigilance against yakuza gang violence See in context

I believe it's that the activities they engage in are illegal but that holding a membership to one of the groups is not.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic committee scraps controversial logo See in context

The reason we’re withdrawing (the logo) is because it no longer has public support.”

Did it EVER have public support ?

that link that is crazy, the judges where all his friends and he's completely ripped the logo off, this is the smoking gun for sure.

Oh there will be plenty more jobs for the boys in the months ahead.

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Posted in: Olympic organizers defend designer over logo; deny it's copied See in context

It's not that it might have been copied that's the problem. It's just damn ugly.

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Posted in: Japan's 70-year struggle against Hollywood film stereotypes See in context

It stands to reason that the portrayal of Japanese characters will change when good Japanese actors get to showcase their talents in good movies that aren't only targeting Japanese audiences.

It might help to encourage foreign studios to use Japan as a filming location as well, though from what I understand the costs involved in shooting a movie in Japan are prohibitive and the talent agencies demand a say in the casting process.

By and large the output of the Japanese movie industry comes across and amateurish and insular, but there are fantastic directors, DPs, writers and actors in Japan.

The sooner they get to produce well-made, critically acclaimed material, the better.

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Posted in: Seventy years on, few Americans regret Enola Gay's mission See in context

Regardless of which view of the events surrounding the bombings.

Using atomic weapons on humans by humans is surely the equal to the lowest point in human history to date.

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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested over murder of woman in Matsuyama See in context

Shinto clerics are called priests.

hey yeah! -- that's right ! and now that I think of it so are Sunis

huh.. maybe 'priest' means you can perform rituals ?

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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested over murder of woman in Matsuyama See in context

I don't get why they are called "monks" instead of just priests

'Priest' is christian-specific. 'monk' only pertains to a monastic lifestyle.

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Posted in: 'The Avengers' set for blockbuster return See in context

Maybe that's why I like Daredevil on Netflix, it's free to have a beginning, a middle, and a end and not just feel like a puzzle piece or a cog.

You realize 'Daredevil' is the first of four series with a shared continuity ? I counted at least two references to the other series when I was watching it.

I agree it was great but you might have the same reservations by the time 'Defenders' rolls around.

I'm looking forward to the new Avengers, it's the continuity that makes them great (in my opinion).

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Posted in: Asia throws up intriguing World Cup qualifiers See in context

Look what Australia did to ease its chances of qualification; it moved from the Oceania qualification group to the Asian qualification groups.

It's arguable that FIFA were swayed by the 31-0 game against American Samoa in 2001 to include Australia in the AFC. Which underscores the need for a preliminary round for the weaker teams in any given federation but the weaker teams still deserve a chance to play stronger teams.

Australia still qualified as a part of Oceania (2006) by beating a stronger team (Uruguay) before moving to Asia. for the following World Cup qualifiers.

What can you do? Bhutan deserves the chance to play against Japan, just as Japan deserves the chance to play against Brazil.

There should be more European, South American and African teams going to the finals, and less second rate Asian teams.

African teams -sure. Europe and South America are pretty well represented, if we make more spots available to UEFA and CONMEBOL - yeah it might be more fun to watch on TV but how are the smaller and weaker countries ever going to get better or get more interested in football ?

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Posted in: 'Daredevil' brings Marvel comic punch to Netflix See in context

In 2003, it was made into a motion picture so dismal that Ben Affleck, cast in the starring role, later called it “the only movie I actually regret.”

Wow! and he made 'Reindeer Games' !

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Posted in: Mother jumps from roof while holding 17-day-old baby See in context

Another incident of this happening ? Truly miserable news.

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Posted in: Saitama police set up Japan's first all-female forensics team See in context

One of the few career paths open to female police at a senior level are in the areas of domestic violence and sex crime. It would be nice if it were otherwise but it's not.


Yes, its going to be a great idea. Right up until they mess up. Then when they do and its all over the news and the consensus becomes "women are incompetent" or worse, those that cheered will wonder how this happened.

It's not likely that this all-female forensic unit will be responsible for getting a case to trial. In the event that they 'mess up' why would you assume that their part in an investigation would be so significant that it merits media attention ?

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Posted in: 19 vehicles vandalized in Kuki See in context

I would guess it's pretty easy to vandalize 19 cars in a short space of time in some of those gigantic mansion parking lots.

@Akula and @Kobe White Bar Owner

Saitama does pop up rather a lot, doesn't it?

I am certain that if you compared the frequency with which it seems to occur to other locations you would find that it is no more or no less common than say Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba or Osaka.

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Posted in: Saitama police set up Japan's first all-female forensics team See in context


"more than 500 sex crimes had been reported in Saitama Prefecture each year since 2013."


Imagine how much higher the rate is in Tokyo or Osaka!

Good on the Saitama police for taking the reporting of sex crimes seriously.

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Posted in: Lawmakers to submit casino legalisation bill by the end of March See in context

Gaming companies such as Las Vegas Sands Corp and MGM Resorts International have been hoping Japan will unlock a casino market that brokerage CLSA estimated could generate annual revenue of $40 billion.

hope all you like - It'll go to Sega-Sammy or one of the other big Pachinko companies

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Posted in: Japan hires Halilhodzic as new national soccer coach See in context

@Japan Yesterday

Why doesn't the JFA hire locally?

They certainly should.

Hidetoshi Nakata's gotta have some free time on his hands these days.

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Posted in: 'Birdman' wins Best Picture; Moore, Redmayne get acting honors See in context


"Birdman" is a rubbish, pretentious movie.

I could not agree with you more man.

Not a lot of love for 'Gone Girl' huh?

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Posted in: Private detective arrested over murder of his girlfriend See in context


What exactly does it take to be a "private detective" in Japan, anybody know?

Not a whole hell of a lot - It's pretty much just a paper test, and it seems like there isn't much by way of screening. It looks to be a shady, shady business.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 8-hour siege in Tokyo condo See in context

Ito was a former employee of a private detective agency

Someone's -really- got to take a serious look at this private investigations racket in Japan. It's dodgy as ****

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Posted in: Japan Football Association fires coach Aguirre See in context

wait - so he signed on for 4 years @ 300 000 000 yen per year ? so they have to pay him out of that contract (since the JFA terminated it). Jesus, hats an expensive mistake.

How about a Japanese manager next time ? say.. Hidetoshi Nakata. He might be able to teach them to be a bit more goal hungry on the ball.

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Posted in: 'Aussies out' -- Asian Cup hosts hit by shock AFC revolt See in context


they only joined Asia to get in to the world cup

In fact they qualified in 2006 through Oceania by beating the lowest placed South American team (Uruguay).

from the article:

Australia joined the AFC in 2006 and its teams have enjoyed success, qualifying for two straight World Cups

While they did join the AFC in 2006 they had already qualified for the 2006 World Cup so I can see where you might be confused.

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Posted in: More truck batteries stolen in Saitama See in context

now now Smith you know better than that

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Posted in: 50 batteries stolen from vehicles in Saitama See in context

Hardly a "strange" story, and a crime that certainly is not exclusive to Saitama Prefecture.

@Mu Staff

Some people will post just because the word 'Saitama' is in the headline. Don't feed the trolls

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Posted in: Visually impaired school girl kicked from behind in Saitama See in context


Tell me... where did this happen? Where did the dog get stabbed? I said, "this kind of crime",

I'm sure you didn't intend to omit that you posted "...this kind of crime -always- seems to happen in Saitama." So I've included it in my quote in the interests of clarity.

What you mean by 'this kind of crime' is a little unclear if you are referring to dog-stabbings, well I know of one instance. That's hardly enough to qualify "this kind of crime" "-always- seem(ing) to happen" in Saitama now is it ?

"Crime statistics per prefecture in Japan are easily found online" They can easily be fudged, too -- just ask Osaka Prefecture.

It's outrageous that you are suggesting that the entire field of statistics should be disregarded because it may be possible for results to be 'fudged' Or is it only the statistics relating to crime in Japan ? Back it up with proof.

In any case, where did I say THE MOST crime happens there? I said 'crimes like this',

You certainly did not say the most crimes happen there, in the absence of statistics that measure precisely what it is you mean by 'crimes like this' It's logical to use the statistics we do have.

and you cannot deny that some very sick things often happen in Saitama

Some very sick things happen all over the place. That's rather my point. Saitama is no different in the amount of or nature of it's reported crimes to Tokyo, Osaka, Chiba, Kanagawa or any other densely populated area. To state that it is somehow different (as you did) is in fact misinformed and therefore makes you misinformed.

I do notice that you regularly mention Saitama by name in crime articles on Japan Today but you don't make similar comments when something terrible happens somewhere else.

(just look at all the people who say, "Saitama again", and are right about it).

A group of people saying something is true does not make it a fact.

"All the people who say, "Saitama again". Would be as equally misinformed about it as you are.

In any case, next time I'll counter his "best and most beautiful in Japan" with 'ranked number seven in crime' if he is feeling uppity again,

Or you could just be pleasant and not insult the guy's home.

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Posted in: Visually impaired school girl kicked from behind in Saitama See in context


So every now and again if the topic is relevant (ex. talking about society goods and bads, or what have you) I'll ask him why this kind of crime always seems to happen in Saitama and he goes ballistic

Might that be because you are misinformed and that your assumption is offensive to him?

To state that any one particular prefecture is dangerous because it -seems- that way to you is misinformed. Crime statistics per prefecture in Japan are easily found online.I can save you a few minutes if you aren't bothered to take a look for yourself; Saitama ranks 7th.

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Posted in: Visually impaired school girl kicked from behind in Saitama See in context

It's always Saitama lately.

No it's everywhere. You would be incorrect to attribute a higher incidence of criminal activity to one particular prefecture when there isn't any. That's called confirmation bias.

For those interested in more details of this terrible story, Yahoo had a slightly more detailed report a few days ago, and most of the TV news programs ran the story last Tuesday. Kawagoe Station on a monday morning is extremely busy and there are CC TV cameras on the pedestrian overpass where this happened. Hopefully police will have enough to identify the attacker soon.

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Posted in: Australia hails success halting boatpeople See in context

They have clearly not spoken to the customs and naval officers that I have spoken to who had the gruesome task of scooping the corpses of children out of the water.”...

compared to almost daily arrivals previously under the Labor administration, with hundreds of people dying en route.


Australia also implemented a military-led operation to turn asylum-seeker boats back to countries such as Indonesia

Doesn't that beg the question: How many are dying en route now but outside of Australian territorial waters ?

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