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One more thing I forgot to mention about BMW’s security flaw.

We can update BMW Software by entering vehicle’s VIN on the BMW’s Update website.

Emter VIN, save it to the USB stick, plug it into the center armrest (or glovebox) and go to the settings to complete it. As easy as it can be, right?

Well, once I decided to uninstall the update (roll back to the previous version) to see if the problem I was having released to the update or my iPhone getting too old

The problem wasn’t related to the update so I decided to install the update software again, but I couldn’t find the USB stick I have saved it before. So going to BMW update website and entering VIN, gave me something like Congratulations! You have the latest software available for your vehicle.

So, I went to the dealer to update my software (the problem (at least that I found and bothered me the most, was older version showed you password in plain text [recently typed words or something like that], while the newest version excluded the password you have preciously typed and showed only email addresses that you have typed), but since I have already updated my software and then system registered my vehicle as having the latest version, neither one, dealer, calling customers service and so on could update my vehicle

Goung to settings and clicking the update BMW service/date is useless since it should then system and show that my vehicle needs to be updated.

so, finally I ended up spending weekly trying different VINs similar to my vehicle year and options on then website until I finally found the same update I have downloaded before.

Callled customer service and explained them the security risk (showing previously typed passwords in plain text)). The thanked me but they didn’t fix that security problem. In general, I really love BMW customer service, but many things I wish they could take more seriously..

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Posted in: Nagoya man driving stolen Lexus RX steals Lexus LX See in context


The problem with the BMW GPS Tracking is that it can be easily deactivated with a few clicks i(Settings-GPS Tracking and unchecking the “check-box”).

I have BMW F01 2015 and I amazed how easily it can be deactivated without even asking you for any pin code or sending you some notifications that the function was deactivated.

Whem you register for your phone to be able to use BMW Connected/My BMW apps, you have to confirm the pin code that is sent to the vehicle before you are allowed to do anything else.

But deactivating it, just a few clicks away. When I had my car for a service, they gave me the new BMW 5 Plug In Hybrid (touch screen, 3D view and so on), of course I was excited and right away connected my iPhone, confirmed pin code and started using it right away.

The funniest part of it was that for more than a year and a half (when someone else was driving/owning it), I was able to see where they were, vehicle’s service overdue notifications and so on, until someone deleted my iPhone. Because there is no way to know who are how many phones are associated with the vehicle (the only option BMW ConnectedDrive Portal gives is to delete all the phones), so someone was wise enough to delete all of the associated connections), so what’s the point of having a GPS Tracking if anyone can easily deactivate it once the engine is running and no pin code or any notifications are sent to the current owner?

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