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Wow, the ignorance here is appalling.

As someone who wears lolita fashion on occasion, you people got the whole thing wrong. Totally wrong. It's NOT about being a dainty little show piece for men. It's NOT about trying to be a little girl again. It's NOT oppressing me, you, or anyone. As outsiders to the fashion, you all have no right to assume things about it without even knowing the facts. I see all of you voting down the comments from lolitas and people who know about the fashion thinking we're a bunch of delusional kooks. But seriously, whatever happened to the freedom to dress however we want?

Lolita may not be for everyone. Yes the name has struck controversy but the name isn't going anywhere unfortunately. Not everything with the same name has the same meanings. What pisses me off the most is all the women here going about how we're going backwards trying to be helpless male arm candy...well TO HELL WITH THAT. I wear lolita fashion because I think it's beautiful, end of story. I'm a woman, I do what I want. Isn't that really what feminism is all about? If you want to be rough and tumble, do it. If you want to wear tons of makeup, do it. You want to dress like a rococo queen? JUST DO IT.

Everyone here is completely missing the point. Kudos however to my fellow supporters of lolita fashion for speaking out. We're in the minority here, but whatever. We don't care what anyone thinks about how we dress, just leave us alone while we do so.

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