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The Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) of the United States of America is behind the blast. Syrian Interior Minister Bassam Abdul-Majid knows this but decided not to make the information public.

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I agree with what Masahiko Goto said in the above article. Having a nuclear-powered carrier based in Yokosuka is like having a nuclear power plant built right next to our capital. If a leakage were to happen, millions of people will die. Docking USS George Washington at Yokosuka is too much risk.

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In the above picture, Prime Minister Taro Aso looks set, firm, ready and capable of leading the Liberal Democratic Party and Japan to a better future and a better tomorrow. He maybe a hawk but he is a hawk that has earn the respect and trust of the European Union and other countries. He will lead Japan to economic prosperity and growth.

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I would like to start by saying congratulations to Former Foreign Minister Taro Aso for winning the Liberal Democratic Party’s presidential election. The future of the LDP and the future of Japan rests on his hands. He has to make the necessary difficult decisions to fix the Japanese economy, bring down inflation to a manageable level and restore faith and confidence of the Japanese people towards the LDP. I have to point out here that his first action as Prime Minister must be, has to be and should be to solve the issue of the Japanese citizens kidnapped by North Korea. He has to come out with a clear solution to bring the remaining 9 Japanese citizens whom are still alive and remain captive in North Korea. Until he has done that no Japanese will vote for the LDP in the next election as this abduction issue by North Korea have cause too much pain and suffering to the families of Japanese citizens kidnapped by North Korea. Prime Minister Taro Aso, please do something and get the 9 Japanese citizens whom are still alive back to Japan.

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President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is aware of plans made by the US and Israel to launch an attack on Iran. CIA operatives working in Iran to prepare for the launch of the attack have been captured. They have been broken and have confess that they are part of a US and Israel plan to invade Iran. Knowing this President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad realize he has to prepare the Iranian military for war with the US and Iran. Iran will now make the first move to attack not because it wants a war but because it has to protect itself and it's people from the US and Israel.

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I am very very sad to have read the above news and the news that the Czech Ambassador Ivo Zdarek was killed in the blast. Ambassador Ivo Zdarek was a good man. He did not deserve to die. The people whom are truly behind what had happen in the JW Marriot Hotel in Pakistan will face whats coming to them. Maybe not today, maybe not today but one day when they least expect it, judgment will come and it will come swift and cold.

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