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"The Iranians deny they are producing such weapons, but Israel, the U.S. and other world powers don’t believe them. Iran so far has refused to stop enriching uranium, a process that could be used to make bombs. Israel considers Iran to be its greatest threat."

Ah yes, those "other world powers", who might be ? Anyone else see how this is playing out ? Once again, its up to the Americans to do the dirty work for those "other world powers" who insist on straddling the fence.

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Posted in: Obama to world: Don't expect America to fix it all See in context

Obama is so right on this. Europeans have had more than their fair share of mucking up the world, more precisely that mess they created in the middle east after WWII. Throw in the French missteps in East asia, the whole Bosnia affair, the current chaos in former European controlled nations throughout Africa, Russia in Georgia, Asian countries like Japan, Korea, and China assaulting the US economy with their selfish export driven strategies, India, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea... all nuclear powered powder kegs... easy to see the US is the least of this planets problems. And its about time the US president said so !

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