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Posted in: Woman jumps to her death at Shin-Koiwa Station; 5th suicide there since July See in context

With all due respect Steve. I’m aware of various mental illnesses and their cause. However, one doesn’t wake up in the morning, happy and full of live and on the way to work, while waiting for a train decides, maybe it’s not all that good after all. There is no accidental suicide. It’s always long thought thru. I’m simply saying if family is more involved in the lives of their close ones, perhaps that will somewhat eliminate the amount of incidents. And if by implementing some type of punishment will partially cure the ignorance why not try it?

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Posted in: Woman jumps to her death at Shin-Koiwa Station; 5th suicide there since July See in context

I’m surprised no one here is talking about how unconsidered this women is to others around her. Whatever caused her to end this life is her business, RIP, but why do it in public? Go home, take a pill. I don’t get it. Why do others deserves to have that image in their head, why do they need to suffer? Since it’s so popular in Japan to jump in front of the train I think there should be a law. If one commits suicide in public, relatives should pay a large fine.

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Posted in: Evacuees visit homes in Fukushima no-go zone See in context

How are they allowed to bring stuff back. Shouldn't it be radioactive?

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Posted in: U.S. to expand military presence in Australia to counter China See in context

Yes, America is bankrupt and the way things are going will become a second world country. Yes US of A has no business expanding their military influence into Australia. What really tick me off that the comments here that reflect that general direction and marked as BAD. Wake up who ever you are, from what ever part of this otherwise wonderful planet. I leave in USA, I see, and hear, and know that decision to be ridiculous.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 56 injured in Nevada air show crash See in context

I almost went to that show!

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Posted in: 10-year-old boy survives fall from 8th floor of apartment building See in context

I wonder what went through his head in those few seconds of fall. Wow, what a rush. Makes me noshes just thinking about it. This kid has a story to tell, for sure. @BlueWitch, Agreed

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Posted in: WikiLeaks site crashes in apparent cyberattack See in context

We all know who is responsible for that attack on WikiLeaks. Washington of course, lead by socialist president of naïve and powerless, mister Obama. When the white house is drowning with lies and deception and US media sell out like a cheap hooker, WikiLeaks saying the truth? Oh no Obama administration cant have that!

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Posted in: China bans songs by Lady Gaga, Backstreet Boys See in context

Lady who?

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Posted in: Worker crushed to death by slab of concrete at constructon site at Ebisu Station See in context

Cant get the picture out of my head and always in slow motion. RIP

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Posted in: Russian supply ship for space station crashes See in context

Russians had payed by crashing the ship!

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Posted in: Libyan rebels offer $2 mil bounty for Gadhafi See in context

What?!!! Rebels have 2 mil? I thought they where struggling? Why ask for UN’s and US help then? Why citizens are dying of poverty when they have 2 mil to through around. Lying bastards.

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Posted in: Asahi Group to buy New Zealand's Independent Liquor See in context

I prefer Kirin personally

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Posted in: Jihadist calls for David Letterman to be murdered See in context

Why not close down the site and arrest the developers of it. Im realy getting sick of islamic fanatics. I spit in their faces.

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Posted in: Australian girl, 4, killed by pitbull-mastiff See in context

It's never a pet and always the owner. The worst combination however is a mail man from Sudan. Very tempting for any dog.

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Posted in: 3.7 billion yen in cash recovered from earthquake-hit areas See in context

That is a great news! My deep respect goes to Japanese people.

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Posted in: Leah Dizon to make 'comeback' in TV commercials See in context

OMG JeffLee is right. Her mother is of French descent and her father is half Filipino and half Chinese.

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Posted in: Leah Dizon to make 'comeback' in TV commercials See in context

Wow, I dont I had ever seen more beautiful Japanese woman in my life! Its unfortunate I leave in USA and woun't get to see those adds. :(

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for molesting woman on train See in context

Lol, thank you Fadamor for clearing it out for me. Lol

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for public indecency in Saga restaurant parking lot See in context

They where probably loud, obnoxious and ruined his dinner. He only expressed his view about it.

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Posted in: 3,000 tropical fish die after fish tanks shattered at Tokyo store See in context

T_rex.... By having a reason to vandalize, does it make it ok?

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Posted in: Niagara Falls search for Japanese woman turns up man's body See in context

Did her took a picture?

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Posted in: Airstrike kills Taliban insurgents who downed U.S. helicopter See in context

Yes Dano2002, just a waist of peoples lifes. Yes Obama Inherited this war, but I’m getting into the depth of his reasons of continuing it for absolutely no reason but getting USA into more debt! I’m simply stating that this particular operation wasn’t well planed and while having a BQ, Obama allowed it to go on. He had to sign on it. He is to blame!

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Posted in: 859 people hospitalized; 2 deaths reported due to heatstroke nationwide See in context

Here in Arizona 40+ is an everyday event for 3-4 months. No big deal for 3.5 million that leave in the Valley of the Sun. Stay indoors, drink plenty of water… NO PICKING RICE grandma!

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Posted in: Airstrike kills Taliban insurgents who downed U.S. helicopter See in context

Another lie to deflate the the fact that Obama is directly resposible for deaths of those soldiers. Lies!!!

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Posted in: Obama seeks to reassure faith in U.S. credit See in context

“Markets will rise and fall, but this is the United States of America,” Obama said. “No matter what some agency may say, we’ve always been and always will be a triple-A country.”

Ha ha ha ha.... Ha ha ha ha...

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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands of kids face death from famine in East Africa See in context

How about taking example from China and regulating the ammount of children per family! Supply more condoms to Somalia and other African countries. This will never end and do they care?!

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Posted in: Deadly copter crash highlights role of U.S. special forces See in context

“We will press on and we will succeed,” President Barack Obama said at the White House. What?! You had been pressing and loosing! Successful looser! The leader of blind and naive. Leave and let leave.

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Posted in: U.S. credit rating cut for first time ever See in context

Cheers everyone, the world is finally waiking up from being under USA hypnoses! God's speed, as They say.

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Posted in: Obama seeks to reassure faith in U.S. credit See in context

Ha ha ha... What's new? Another set of lies from the Obama. I understand why he thinks americans could be fooled with empty speaches but come on mister president. Does he really thinks the rest of the world is full of idiots as well?

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Posted in: Police ask for public's help in 1995 triple murder case at Hachioji supermarket See in context

Ok, I'll see the movie when it comes out.

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